I think we had a good bonding session last night with Eve and Dorian. We tried the bathtub again, because it was working. After some chasing, grunting and Eve escaping (she jumped out and ran all over the house) we had some good things happen.

Eve flopped on her side!! She rarely does this. I think she was submitting to him because he is definitely trying to be the dominant bunny. For the rest of the session, she was nervous, but at the same time, oddly relaxed and lay on her belly, did more side flops, etc. He also did a couple side flops!! He doesn’t like having us ‘move’ him closer to her, he would rather do it on his own. Eve, on the other hand, knows that WE are the boss, so we can move her around. Too bad she is heavier.

While Eve was laying on her stomach in her ‘flat bunny’ pose (with head and ears up, not the ‘super-flat bunny’) he came over and groomed her ears, and MARKED her ears with his chin. Yeah! I guess she belongs to him now. She was cool with that. She has gone from the agressor to letting him be dominant. I think she is learning.

The only thing she doesn’t like; he tries to groom her butt. Is this normal? He isn’t rough or anything but she doesn’t like it much. He does it a bit, then she stomps, then he runs off. He sometimes gets rough with the grooming of her back, too, and she eventually gets annoyed.

Neither of them are biters, so there have been no teeth, no injuries, nothing like that. Just a lot of stomps, grunts and heavy breathing.

They were grooming themselves close to each other and they eating greens together. They don’t like the same treats with the exception of cranberries. Dorian could care less aout Eve’s ‘hamster food obsession’ (which we theorize developed because of her jealousy of Esther, the hamster). Dorian is not *as* excited about greens either and Eve inhales them (as if we deprive her).

Strangely, Dorian doesn’t seem too excited about anything at all. He is very, uh, sulky. Kind of like Eeyore the donkey. However, he does get excited for his play time and does beautiful binkies. He can get amazing height.

All this progress has occured in the bathtub, so I don’t know what will happen if we move them elsewhere. I did notice, however, that Eve, after this bonding session, totally stopped marking the side of her x-pen (her play area, which they are both using for separate play time) that faces his cage. For the first two days, she was laying TONS of poops right there, marking where the territories are divided. Now, this has TOTALLY stopped, after this one bonding session. Could it be a fluke? I don’t think so.

We didn’t get great pictures last night…we wanted to get them cuddling. There were cuddles, but the camera noise scares them (especially Dorian) and screws up our pictures. I will try again tonight with the camera!
-Rachel: HRN Member-