I think ‘Dorian’ is working as a new name for Pete for now. I am a musician, so I am thinking of ‘dorian mode’ (try playing all the white keys on your piano from D to D and you get dorian mode). It seems Dorian (the rabbit) is a bit of a sulky bun…especially when he is in his cage. Well, ‘dorian mode’ is a pretty sulky mode, so I think it might just work. I am going to play some pieces for him in dorian mode on my viola da gamba soon and see if he likes it…he is going to have to get used to me practicing, after all, he is living with two musicians now…
Here’s Dorian!

We started with them in the kitchen, but I really think the x-pen area was too big. There were little scuffles. Eve was very scared and kept trying to get out. They just wanted to be at either end of the x-pen! When we tried to get them closer, it wasn’t extremely successful.

We decided to bring them into the bathtub again so we could get them to be friendly before we were done with the bonding for the evening. It is a smaller area and seems to be working better than the kitchen. After we calmed Eve down, we did a ‘forced cuddle’ which went fairly well, eventually with Dorian burying his face in Eve’s side. She wasn’t thrilled, but she put up with it.

We couldn’t take pictures in the bathtub…Dorian is really afraid of the camera, so we didn’t want to make him more nervous.

So far, Eve is mainly the agressor when there are small problems! Also, Dorian does the ‘rough grooming’ when he gets close enough to Eve. She doesn’t particularly like it.

We let them play in the same area at separate times in the living room. We are letting them play with the same toys. Dorian marks everything with his chin. Eve doesn’t seem to care that things smell weird. They are very friendly to each other through the bars of the cages, as you can see from the photo.

Will they ever be friends?
-Rachel: HRN Member-