Last night we decided to graduate to the bathroom, instead of the bathtub. At first Eve and Dorian were too interested in exploring to be interested in each other. But luckily, our bathroom is about as small as the bathtub itself.

After some initial stomps and a bit of mounting (Dorian was doing the mounting) they started MAKING OUT behind the toilet. I guess that was so we couldn’t see them? They both enjoyed marking (with chins) the toilet. And we were just noticing how dirty our bathroom is…

Anyway, so yes, I was talking about the ‘make-out’ session. I hope this is appropriate for a blog. They groomed, at times, for upwards of 5 minutes straight. Both bunnies were relaxed! Eve was demanding most of the grooming…and Dorian was delivering. But, after doing that many times, Eve actually groomed Dorian! This was the first time we have seen her groom him.

Dorian’s mounting was not as frequent as Thursday’s session, so this is good. He still tries to groom her butt, but he is learning that she doesn’t like that.

We are very, very proud of the bunnies. Yeah!
-Rachel: HRN Member-