UPDATE 4/11/09: ADOPTED! Mother and daughter are snuggling comfortably in the home of their forever loving family tonight :)
Brownie and Isabel are a friendly, sweet pair of bunnies that love to snuggle all the time. Even though they look nothing alike, they are mother and daughter. We rescued Isabel from a law enforcement case and she quickly had a litter of babies.

Brownie has always been attached to her mother. Being a young bun, she is very athletic and loves to dance, bounce, jump, twirl, and dash around! She comes right to the edge of the cage to check out everything that is going on!

Isabel, on the other hand, is a gentle, graceful, calm bunny that appears to glide along as she moves. She enjoys being petted, in fact, she’ll smoosch right down for LOTS of pets :) Isabel is a beautiful girl with long, soft, fluffy fur that needs to be brushed on a regular basis. Both have excellent litter box habits.

Can we ‘boogie down” with you? Give us a call at 781-431-1211 and we’ll set something up :)