10/1/08 UPDATE: Buggy’s leg has been saved!!! Buggy went in for her final leg surgery on Monday and came through with flying colors. After she recovers from this, she will be spayed and then available for adoption. She will hop a bit funny because of the way her leg has healed, but let me tell you, this is NOT going to slow her down. This is apparent! She has proven to be a true lovebug, in all aspects. She loves to sit on my lap on a pillow as I’m on the laptop. She will sit for LONG periods of time while being pet. She follows me everywhere and is constantly underfoot. She will make a wonderful addition and companion for someone :)

Please help pay Buggy’s veterinary bills if you can. The cost to repair and save Buggy’s leg is mounting quickly and Buggy could use your help. If you can help with her veterinary costs, please click on the link below:

8/29/08 UPDATE and NEW PICS!!!: So it’s been a little bit of a bumpy ride the past few weeks. One of the breaks in my leg is healing but upon xrays, the vet discovered that the other break had collapsed and was not healing. I was scheduled for surgery this week and possible amputation!!! WHAT?! What does that mean?! I don’t understand human talk, but I know that doesn’t sound good. Geesh! On Tuesday, the vet put me under, preparing for surgery, felt my leg and lo and behold, she said my leg felt stable. She did an xray and the bone that had collapsed is now callousing and trying to heal on it’s own. PHEW!!! So we are going to leave it alone for now, see how it does and in 4 weeks I’ll go in and have the pin removed. Hey, so I’m going to hop a bit funny and my thumper may be a bit shorter than the other, but who cares!!! My thumper will still be there. YIPEE!!!! So for now, I’m enjoying the good life… penthouse suite in the Bunny Abode, lots of greens (I don’t like flat parsley just so you know if you end up adopting me), great pellets and I now really like hay. I’m learning how to drink out of a crock too, but my foster mom still has the bottle for me just in case. I was finally taken off “cage rest” and oh my did I have fun last night! Despite my leg, I was running and hopping and binkying all over the place (well as best I could). I ran in and out of the tunnels and the willow tents and just had a blast. It’s so nice when you have a human that loves you and takes care of you properly. I know, I know, my foster mom also NEEDS to get new pics of me. I keep telling her too. I think she did last night while I was out and about. So I’d say new pics should be coming soon. Because the ones below just don’t do me justice. I look like a freaky bug-eyed bun! UGH! I promise you better pics within the week :)
LOOK!!! New Pics!!!
You can see my shaved leg in this picture.

Is this my good side?

Or is THIS my good side?
8/14/08 UPDATE: Well humans, seems like my leg is not healing properly and this pin thing in it, well, it’s moving. I don’t really feel like moving myself much, because it does hurt a little. So my foster mom is giving me this stuff to make the pain go away. I have to admit, it’s not so bad tasting. But she blocks her nose when giving it to me… must be a weird human thing. So back into the vets on Monday to see what can be done. I’ve also learned that I can talk! Yup, that’s right. If my foster mom does something that I don’t like, well I grunt at her to show my displeasure. It’s a nice little communciation thang we’ve got going! Anyway, I’ll keep you updated on my leg and stuff. Either way, I know the kind people at HRN will help me and make sure I’m okay :)
8/2/08: Hi all! My name is Buggy. Not exactly sure why, but I think it has something to do with my beautiful ruby-colored eyes that kinda bug out of my head. Geesh! What does a girl have to do to get some respect around here? My foster mom also calls me a lovebug because I hunker right down when she pets me. I love the attention.
Here’s a little bit about me and my history: I’m a plump little girl, probably about 4 lbs or so. I’m kind of a mix between a dwarf (hey! so us females fudge the truth a bit!, but my ears are small… kind of) and a himalayan. I’m just learning what hay is and it’s not that bad I guess. I overheard them saying that I should slim down a bit, so the pellets are being rationed. Not fair! What’s wrong with a full-figured body?! There’s just more to love!
I was found by an animal control officer in the road and brought immediately to the vet. I don’t really remember what happened, but my back thumper was in a lot of pain. Apparently one of the bones in my back thumper was broken right in half and it hurt! The nice vet fixed me up and now I have pins in my thumper to try and make it right. You can see my leg in the picture below. It looks a lot worse than it is. I’m not sure if it will heal properly or not, but I’m hopeful. Even if it doesn’t, that doesn’t bother me because I know I’ll still get along just fine and I know there is someone out there that won’t care if I hop a bit funny. My foster mom calls it my “flipper” because right now it just kind of sticks out to the side. But I still try to stand on my back thumps to get a better look at things. So it doesn’t hold me back too much. But let’s just say I won’t be doing any “bunny 500’s” or binkies for the time being.
I’m not available for adoption just yet, as I have to still heal, then have the pins removed, then I have to be spayed. So give me about 8 more weeks and I should be good as new! And then I can come and live you!
I’ll update more as my healing progresses (and much better photos too!). Until then… love your buns!
Buggy :)