Okay, so we have this 46″ great dane gate in the hallway. We usually leave it unlatched since it stays mostly closed. The other day, Ben got out in the front room. We couldn’t figure out how he’d done it, and assumed we must have just left the gate too far open. Well, I was sitting on the computer, and all of a sudden, I saw Ben walk up, and pull the gate open with his teeth. Somehow, he’d figured out how. Now, he tries it constantly, just to see if its really locked or not so he can get out in the front room. Don’t ever say bunnies aren’t smart.

Cassi on the other hand… We raised the barrier in the kitchen to make it too high for her to jump over. Its now about 44″ high. Every night for the past week, about 4 am, we hear scrabble, scrabble, scrabble…. Nothing going on except Cassi trying to jump over the new too high for her to jump barrier. So don’t ever say bunnies aren’t persistent. :)

In random other news, Ben is finally adjusting to the linoleum, and not flicking it off every time he runs across it. :) Took him about 2 weeks before he stopped thumping at it!