Our bunny, Beanbag gets miserable when he sheds each season. He goes through a serious shed for about 10 days during which he tends to be grumpy, hermit-like, and furious. He starts shedding around the base of his tail and it slowly migrates to the rest of his body. As he sheds, his back developes a new pattern each season of faint grey on grey watermarks. We call this his coffee-rings or crop circles and they are never the same twice. As he frantically licks himself, he looks like he wants nothing more than to have a button he can push that will make the whole coat fall all at once. *Poof*
When he’s shedding, Beanbag’s fur is everywhere. I find little tumbleweeds of it rolling gently across the floor. There are little whisps of it on every piece of clothing and in the air. Its in his food and his water. To help him get rid of the old coat as well as trying to contain the fur, we brush him daily. Before, brushing, we rub him down with a damp washcloth. This keeps the fur from ending up in the air and seems to help loosen the coat before brushing. When we brush, Beanbag leans into the brush with his eyes closed. Shed season is the only time of year when he enjoys our help in grooming, the rest of the time, he would prefer to do it himself thankyouverymuch.
Luckily, Bean has never developed a problem with ingested fur. But we have started giving him dried cranberries, pineapple, and papaya tablets as a preventative. Supposedly, the papaine enzymes in these fruits aid the digestive system in breaking down the proteins in fur. At first, Beanbag was more than happy to eat cranberries and pineapple but turned up his nose at the papaya tablets. I took to stuffing the papaya tablet into a large dried blueberry, his favorite treat, so he’d eat it. Now, he had grown accustomed to the flavor of the papaya tablets and will happily accept them without the blueberry wrapper. (Though he will still do just about anything to get a dried blueberry. They remain one of his favorite treats of all times.)