Recently, we went to do a photo shoot of some more of the bunnies at one of the HRN foster homes. We had the shooting area prepped and were ready to go, now all we needed was a bunny to get started. Well, with over 25 rabbits who needed updated pictures, where do you start?

Our choice was easy. Candace was in her cage right nearby when we were asking each other this question out loud and she proceeded to do a world class bunny flop right in front of us. That sealed the deal. This girl wanted her picture taken NOW!

She didn’t disappoint us. She was cuddly and snuggly and enjoyed being held as we transported her to her “stage”. She’s not the least bit shy and was running about happily exploring everwhere. It was especially cute when she would seek us out for a snuzzle and would go into “puddle” mode while getting head to tail pets from us.

One of the settings we were using with Candace was an Easter motif. She had a blast chinning and tossing many of the props around. We’ll have to wait and see if any of her “Easter Bunny” shots make the cut for the HRN 2008 calendar. We just know it was a pleasure just watching and interacting with her.

If you would be interested in this sweetie, who enjoys attention and yearns for a forever loving home, come visit Candace and we know you’ll be charmed too!