Look at this face. Is this not a face you could love? Is this not a face you could smother in kisses? All it takes is to say “I do!” then you and she can live happily ever after :-)

In meeting Carlotta, you find out that she is truly “La Dolce Bunny”, the sweet bunny. As at ease in your arms as she is exploring new spaces, she’s a girl for all situations. One minute she’s striking a perfect pose for the camera, the next she’s tossing her toys about and having a blast digging the towel we put down. Busy climbing steps with the ease of a mountain goat now, and later coming by and slipping her head under our hands looking for a pet!

Looks? Oh yes, she’s absolutely got those! Personality? In abundance! What this girl is missing is something only you can provide – a “forever loving home”.