Like his name implies, the big bun will run your home and run your heart! Ten pounds of love and play is what Cassius will bring to your home. He took a couple days to warm up in his foster home, but now he is ready to be part of a family! He does an amazing amount of binkies – and watching a bun his size do them is amazing. Some times he goes for heights, sometimes a cardio work out of how many he can do in a row, sometimes he tries for the mid-air pretzel! He is a binkie machine!

Like most buns, he will rest a lot of the time too. He loves to watch TV with us at night but he’s not up to sitting on the couch with us. He’s a floor bun for sure. Sometimes he sleeps under the chair, but a lot of the time, square in the middle of the floor. He’s tentative to go outside on our porch, but we’re working on that.

Here are a couple videos of him playing and resting after a nice long play time!