2007 Adoptions

HRN member Robin recently had a visit with one of our new bunnies, Yoshi. Here is her experience with this handsome little guy:

“Yoshi is a love! Some bunnies are skittish when a
stranger approaches – but not Yoshi! He is sits nice
and still, happy to have someone give him some
attention and pats. I fell in love with him instantly.

He has pretty dark eyes, chubby cheeks and a cute
round body, characteristic of Netherland Dwarfs. I
believe he is a mix of dwarf and something else. His
fur is so soft and he enjoys being held, cuddled,
kissed and stroked. He acted like a happy little baby
in my arms! For a smaller bun, he sure is a brave
little one, happily tolerating my handling of him.

His sweet nature would make him a popular member of a
loving family. I have spent time with many buns – and
I must say Yoshi is one of the sweetest!”

When you meet Aspen, the first thing you will notice is his beautiful coat. He is a beige color with darker lines running through his fur that give it real character. He has gorgeous slate colored eyes that are always watchful for treats! For the past while, my family and I have been working to bring Aspen out of his shell. He is a very timid bunny when he is in his cage, but he is actually quite social when he is out for his play time.

The key to Aspen is not to pick him up very much. He definitely likes his feet planted firmly on the ground. Once you respect his boundaries he does fantastic with you. He will nudge and sniff and crawl all over you if you get down on his level. He is a really sweet bunny that I think would do very well as a bond mate. Do you have a bunny at home that seems a little lonely? Bring your bun to meet Aspen and see if it is a match made in bunny-heaven!

Winona and Tatum got love, affection, and romp time from us for 2 weeks before a family called interested in adopting. To my surprise and delight, the family was interested in adopting both of the girls, even though they weren’t bonded to each other. I asked if they wouldn’t rather look at some of the already bonded pairs, but they were stuck on these two, having read my adoption profiles of them both. I told them that I would be happy to have them consider adopting the girls so long as they understood that bonding isn’t always an easy process. With that assurance in mind, we introduced Tatum & Winona face to face for the first time. While there was some circling and fur pulling, for the most part, the signs were positive. We quickly found that the girls got along well and were peaceful together if they were sharing snuggles in my lap. I spent time with them over the next few days beginning to bond them and hoping for the best.

This past Saturday the family came to our house bearing a gift basket for our bunnies and a beautiful set of tulips for us to plant in our garden. The 2 boys, 8 and 9 years old, got down on the ground and gently approached Tatum & Winona. Within a few minutes, both bunnies were stretched out flat soaking in the attention. The family took the girls home that day, sharing a carrier in the car to increase their growing bond by sharing the stress of the journey.

Over the past few days as they’ve been settling into their new home, I’ve received a number of emails from the family. They are all thrilled to have Winona and Tatum in their home. The buns have large adjoining pens for their homes and ultimately will be allowed to be free range once they’ve gotten comfortable in the house. The husband has taken to relaxing with Winona and a book on the couch. The 2 boys love to lay on the ground and watch both of the bunnies as they tear around and kick their heels up during romp time.

All in all, I couldn’t have asked to play host to a sweeter set of foster-rabbits. And I know that I couldn’t possibly have dreamed of a better outcome.

After they’d been adopted, I found out from a contact at the SPCA that Winona had been wounded when she first came to their shelter. One of their own surgical interns had actually fostered Winona for a while during her recovery. To that intern, I can only offer my sincerest thanks and hope that reading this story makes you feel as satisfied by the role you played in Winona’s life as I am by mine.

Thanks for doing what you do every day and for going beyond what’s expected of your job. As you can see from this story, that single act of kindness has had far-reaching ripples.
Winona & Tatum with two of the members of their adoptive family