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I’m Hudson, a neutered male Hot Tot.  I was caught in a car wash.  I have absolutely perfect litter box habits.  I love my salads.  I make lots of grunts of pleasure when I get my food……..AND……………..drum roll please!!!!!




DOB: 2010

Weight: 3.5#

Sunflower was adopted in 2007. She met her husbun Harold, while boarding at an HRN Volunteer’s home a year later in 2008. Within 2 weeks, it was love. Sunflower’s story was a sad beginning (http://blog.rabbitnetwork.org/?p=760) (http://blog.rabbitnetwork.org/?p=704), but obviously has had a wonderful ending with a loving adoptive family. Harold’s story was a sad one too (http://blog.rabbitnetwork.org/?cat=255), being found in a gutter, he was rescued and brought to HRN. One year later, it’s clear, they are lovebuns and in a home with humans that love them very much.
“As you know Sunflower went on vacation to Emily’s house for 2 weeks last September. Emily was a great rabbit-sitter and she had a great time. She also met Harold. They fell deeply in love and Harold ended up coming home with us! They are so cute together and love being snuggled next to each other. We moved apartments and the bathroom in our new apartment was too small for them so I bought them a new 2 level bunny condo. I was nervous about how Sunflower would be in a confined space, as she is used to being partly free range, but I guess because Harold is with her she doesn’t mind one bit! She still loves playtime and runs around and jumps on you like always.
Harold is not so energetic. He will binky occasionally but he usually moves slow and likes to relax….and eat! Sunflower had to learn she couldnt take her time with her greens anymore otherwise they would be gone!”
~Thanks to Cat for the great update on former HRN buns Sunflower & Harold!

After getting the email about submitting photos of pets to Chronicle: I found some great old photos of our guys. It’s funny I usually post about our fosterbuns, but I couldn’t resist.

Nothing keeps Chip from his greens.

The three buddies
Chip, Ginger, and Shadow are best buddies.

Sugar being cute with shaved belly
Sugar flopped out after her spay. She’s showing off her shaved tummy.

Shadow the speed bump
Shadow is the speed bump bunny.

Little Binky Girl
Sugar is our amazing binky girl.

We hope you enjoyed!

~ Erica and Andy, HRN fosterparents

Winona and Tatum got love, affection, and romp time from us for 2 weeks before a family called interested in adopting. To my surprise and delight, the family was interested in adopting both of the girls, even though they weren’t bonded to each other. I asked if they wouldn’t rather look at some of the already bonded pairs, but they were stuck on these two, having read my adoption profiles of them both. I told them that I would be happy to have them consider adopting the girls so long as they understood that bonding isn’t always an easy process. With that assurance in mind, we introduced Tatum & Winona face to face for the first time. While there was some circling and fur pulling, for the most part, the signs were positive. We quickly found that the girls got along well and were peaceful together if they were sharing snuggles in my lap. I spent time with them over the next few days beginning to bond them and hoping for the best.

This past Saturday the family came to our house bearing a gift basket for our bunnies and a beautiful set of tulips for us to plant in our garden. The 2 boys, 8 and 9 years old, got down on the ground and gently approached Tatum & Winona. Within a few minutes, both bunnies were stretched out flat soaking in the attention. The family took the girls home that day, sharing a carrier in the car to increase their growing bond by sharing the stress of the journey.

Over the past few days as they’ve been settling into their new home, I’ve received a number of emails from the family. They are all thrilled to have Winona and Tatum in their home. The buns have large adjoining pens for their homes and ultimately will be allowed to be free range once they’ve gotten comfortable in the house. The husband has taken to relaxing with Winona and a book on the couch. The 2 boys love to lay on the ground and watch both of the bunnies as they tear around and kick their heels up during romp time.

All in all, I couldn’t have asked to play host to a sweeter set of foster-rabbits. And I know that I couldn’t possibly have dreamed of a better outcome.

After they’d been adopted, I found out from a contact at the SPCA that Winona had been wounded when she first came to their shelter. One of their own surgical interns had actually fostered Winona for a while during her recovery. To that intern, I can only offer my sincerest thanks and hope that reading this story makes you feel as satisfied by the role you played in Winona’s life as I am by mine.

Thanks for doing what you do every day and for going beyond what’s expected of your job. As you can see from this story, that single act of kindness has had far-reaching ripples.
Winona & Tatum with two of the members of their adoptive family

Does your bunny make noises?

It is a common misconception that bunnies don’t make noises (except for the loud shriek that the only make if they think they are going to die…I have never heard that). But bunnies do make noises…at least, mine do!

I have had Eve for a long time now and she make cute noises sometimes when she is giving me kisses (very quiet) and she also makes purring noises (tooth-purr) when she happy.

However, when we adopted Dorian in March, we found out there was another level to bunny-expression. Dorian is a bit of a feisty little guy and can be a bit difficult. He has the dwarf attitude and also knows he is cute. We think he might have been a victim of bad-handling as a young-bun as he is fearful and moody sometimes. Anyway…on to the noises…

Dorian grunts often and fairly loudly! He does this when he is upset…this can be anything from not wanting to be touched to not getting a treat quickly enough (i.e. I am walking with the treat towards him and this is just not happening fast enough). He also grunts when I feed the hamster…he and Eve LOVE the hamster’s food (yes, it is harmless to rabbits in small amounts) and they both can’t imagine that I would feed the hamster first. Dorian also grunts when Eve tries to steal food from him. The cutest, though, is when I am eating something tasty like an apple and I choose not to give him a piece. He keeps grunting and then will eventually stomp. It is absolutely hilarious.

Dorian’s grunts sound like “mmrmph…”. It is a funny little noise! My husband and I have taken to using Dorian grunts ourselves to express our disatisfaction at everything from traffic problems to being late for rehearsals to being cold. We think it is pretty cool that Dorian has taught us some new vocabulary.

The funniest thing is that Dorian is very tiny…a little over 2.5 lbs! Yet, he has this huge personality and will tell you, very vocally, when he is upset.

I would love to know about other rabbits who make noises. Does your bunny grunt?

~Rachel: HRN Member/Volunteer

We usually get a lot of questions on the HRN hotline regarding rabbits being with other pets. Rabbits can get along with other animals, although we strongly encourage the interactions be supervised, with some exceptions. Rabbits often live with guinea pigs with no problems. Regarding cats and dogs, friendships can blossom between them and rabbits. So if you currently have a cat and dog, don’t be discouraged, a rabbit can be a great addition to your furry family. Here are some pictures of adopted Tumble with her new friends. Pictures are credited to Jessica Brown. Also check out this article for more information about guinea pigs: http://www.rabbitnetwork.org/articles/gpfriends.shtml


~ Erica, HRN foster and volunteer

Tammy Raabe Rao, of Rubicat Design & Photography took more pictures of our bunnies! You might remember seeing some of the pictures she took last April. She requested to see Eve and Dorian again because she likes to have images for her portfolio. You will notice all the pictures are on white or black backgrounds so Tammy can possibly use the photos for companies that need images (say, a pet food company). We didn’t mind, but we think Eve looks better on white and Dorian looks better on black. An interesting dilemna.

Tammy’s photography services (www.rubicat.com) are being donated for our Flatbread Fundraiser that will take place on November 28 (see the link on the main page of the HRN website if you want to know more about this fundraiser). So, you might just win a photoshoot with your bunny (or another pet)! She does a great job, I hope you enjoy!

Here they are!

“Hi, I am Dorian and I am a FLAT bunny!”

Eve, about to stand up!

“But, I DON’T like you” (said by both bunnies)

“Nevermind, I do like you. We are CUTE!”

-Rachel: HRN Member/Volunteer

Well, we finally got a gate for the back room. The bunnies know they’re not allowed to go in the back room, or at least that they’ll be shooed out pretty quickly. They looked mighty confused when we didn’t immediately shoo them back out the open door to the back room! Then Ben discovered that there was a gate keeping him out of the space behind the tv… and he thumped!

He’s quite the talker. :) And unfortunately, the shedder. We have “replaced” the carpet in our hallway with microplush blankets (which I highly recommend for people use anyway) from walmart. At $20 a blanket for a queen, they’re cheaper than area rugs and Oh so soft. So now our little bunnies sore hocks are going away. And amazingly, it feels better to walk on for humans! Go figure! Cassi has returned to binky city and even Ben has tried some.

Lovebug continues to grow, and soon she’ll be fixed and we’ll begin the integration. I’m looking forward to that, and I think Cassi is too, so that Cassi can have the shelf of the cage back! :)

Check here for some new pics of Ben all flopped over!
And of course, every time I check back with HRN, I fall in love with more bunnies. Ore & Velveteen look so adorable.. I’ve always wanted some mini-rexs!

-HRN Wannabe: Allan-

Well, it has been awhile since I posted, so I thought I would. Peter and I have been traveling and working out of the Boston area. Luckily, Eve and Dorian were cared by a very capable cat-lover who came every day, let them out and then felt guilty when she had to leave them! She went above and beyond the call of duty. She even picked up our CSA veggies for us and shared them with the bunnies. So, kudos to Erin, perhaps a future rabbit lover…

When we first got back from about three weeks away, Dorian seemed to not be very happy with us. If you remember, his strange personality and issues range from moody to aggressive to shy, but he can also be very loving. Erin had been working with him, the best she could, while we were gone. She wrote me an e-mail when I was away and said, “well, Dorian will approach me…and I can touch him on the nose a bit, but no real petting yet.” That is as far as she got! He is somewhat weary of strangers (except Liz O., for some reason he really likes her).

However, we soon left again, this time only for a weekend. We left the bunnies with an incapable house guest who had little familiarity with any animals. I don’t recommend this, but he was staying at our home anyway, so we figured he could handle a tad bit of bunny-sitting in exchange for a place to stay. He simply fed them, made sure they had water, etc. He did not let them out and he forgot to give them greens (yes, I feel bad). When we returned late Sunday night, Dorian miraculously turned into “sweet and cuddly bunny” (well, for him) and has been that way ever since. See, Erin was spoiling him too much!

No, seriously, they are both fine and doing well. We learned some things recently, though, so I will list them here for your personal enjoyment.

1) Eve trims her own nails. She is 5 years old now and that is how long it took me to catch her actually biting them. I always wondered why she never needed nail trims. Now, if I could just convince her to trim Dorian’s!

2) Dorian no longer needs a second litterbox when out of the cage. Yeah! We have made so much progress on this front. Dorian has not had a pee accident since mid-June. He is such a smart boy, we knew he could do it (Suzanne, aren’t you proud?)

3) Dorian is a lot smarter than we had thought. We give the bunnies problem-solving projects. We wrap up a treat in newspaper and see who gets it open first. Eve gets so impatient that she eventually gives up and runs around looking elsewhere or trying to get us to give her another treat. Dorian, on the other hand, figures out how to open the paper and get the treats out. He then starts eating the treats…Eve rushes over and tries to get the goods. Maybe Eve is actually the smart one, but Dorian has much better problem-solving abilities!

Well, that is all the bunny news from our household! What about yours?

-Rachel: HRN Member/Volunteer

That’s right! He’s now figured out how to get in and out of the cage where the water is w\o freaking himself out and scaring himself half to death! I’ve been placing him in the cage every morning and evening for a bit so that he can get the water he needs, but we’ve been uncertain that he’s gone in otherwise. The cage entrance is cardboard wrapped in tape (over a slatted door), so he hates it more than the linoleum floor!! But now, he’s all cool! And looking like he owns the place, his favorite place to lay down is in front of the gate to get in the hallway, which means… he gets to look at us indignantly every time we want to use the bathroom.
Never say bunnies don’t own the place. ;-P

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