Granddaughter Ginny and the 5 bunnies

My grandaughter Hannah and the 5 bunnies
My grandaughter Hannah and the 5 bunnies


  Bunnies are doing very well and they are getting very social. They eat grain and fresh vegetables every day . They are tiny eating machines. I feed the littlest one Bee cat supplement by a medicine syrings.

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 Here is Blossum and her 5 bunnies picture. They are part of the 11 that HRN received from the Ulser County SPCA. Blossum(4 mos)seems shy and scared . Her fur and paws are unrined stained and she is a bit on the skinny side. The 4 week old bunnies on the other hand look in great shape .  There are so adorable and the fur is so so soft

TigerLily, along with 100+ other angora rabbits, were rescued from a situation in Canada. Through a lot of hard work and dedication by many volunteers, TigerLily and others were transported down to HRN and other rabbit rescues in CT, RI and VT. Another transport for 50-60 of the angoras is in the works for the weekend of June 5. In this transport, rescues in MA, NH, CT, NY, NJ, PA and DE will be taking the rabbits in.

6/7/10 UPDATE: So peeps, what’s cuter than 6 baby angoras? Nothing! :) All of my kids are starting to develop their own little personalities and my gosh they are growing REALLY quickly. They are FLUFF balls and it’s quite amusing to watch them now. Our foster mom weighed them yesterday and all but Maple are up to 1lb 12 oz! Maple is 1 lb 4 oz. My fur is also filling back in from my fur trim and my foster mom has been trying to brush me, but let’s just say that for now, I’m not a huge fan. Maybe because I’ve never really been brushed before. In time I might like it, but we’ll see.

Here are my babies and what their personalities are like so far:
-Maple is the sweetest bun. She’ll come over to our foster mom, she loves grooming her siblings, and is a huge cuddle bun. I wouldn’t be surprised if she were a great candidate for bonding.
-Newfie is absolutely fearless and appears to be a climber. Newfie spends a lot of time on top of the basket and has been spotted balancing on bottles and hops on and sits on one of our foster mom’s legs. Also, no fear of humans at all. Way to go Newfie!
-Molson is super curious and VERY friendly. Molson loves to come over and hang out with our foster mom when she sits in the pen with us. Definitely a head-bonker too!
-Yukon is very sweet and energetic. This morning s/he was running and binkying around the pen. So cute! :) Yes, even I can’t tell yet if they are boys or girls. Hopefully one of the humans will figure it out soon.
-In somewhat annoying, but adorable news, I can no longer tell my agouti browns apart. I know! I know! I’m their mom and even I can’t tell them apart! Eskimo and Klondike are BOTH lopsided lops, with the same ear down. Prior to the recent lopping, Klondike was definitely the most skittish of the babies, but very sweet. One them can be seen cuddling with their siblings the most often. Eskimo is another curious one, lots of digging and trying to escape :)

The kids are also becoming VERY energetic. Occasionally the foster human gives them time to run around the entire room and they will run around binkying and exploring. They are SO cute! They don’t stand still long enough for foster mom to get pictures. One of the more adorable things they do now is bun-pile right near the water bottle and of course, one of the siblings wants to drink, so they have to push the flopped babies out of the way…it’s hilarious to watch. Ahhhh the life of house buns :)

And of course I continue to be willful, yet adorable. I just got done with a couple of hours of baby-free out of pen time. I do spend most of the time flopped in a cubby of the shelves and I also REALLY like sticking one of my ears in the water bowl and keeping it there.
That’s all for now humans. Photos will be posted soon.
5/31/10 UPDATE: TigerLily here again. I thought you all might like to see how big my babies are getting and get another update on us! My foster mom says that I am getting perkier by the day. And I’ll let you in on a little secret… I am very fond of tipping the food bowls too… hehehe!!! It’s great watching her clean it up each and every time. Hey, my kids are having fun, so I might as well too! The babies are getting fuzzier and our foster mom takes everyone out a few at a time to cuddle with. This is getting my kids well acclimated to humans, so they will be great once they grow up and find their own forever families. Well that’s all for now. Enjoy the pics and I’ll write more in about another week.

The ultimate in a dead bunny baby flop!

The ultimate in a dead bunny baby flop!

5/27/10 PIC UPDATE: The babies are starting to lop! More mommy and baby pics for your enjoyment:

5/24/10 UPDATE:
Well my babies are growing faster and furrier with each passing day. Our foster mom says that she thinks the kids have doubled in size since she first got us. My babies now have names too: Klondike, Maple, Eskimo, Yukon, Newfie and Molson. I think she was trying to go for that Canadian thing. Today I got a bit of a fur cut. I was a little nervous but I sat really nice for her while she shaved me down. I had quite a few matts on my underside, so she just tidied me up a bit. I do feel a bit better and I look prettier also :)
Here is the latest video of my kids:
TigerLily’s Babies

Hi Everyone! My name is TigerLily and I am a nursing mommy bun with a litter of 6 babies, born right around May 1st.
We were part of a large scale rescue and thankfully my babies were saved as well. I am quite skinny and boney right now, but my foster mom is making sure that I have a constant supply of fresh greens, pellets, hay and fresh water. I need my strength to the nurse the babies and take care of myself as well.
I have 3 buff/blonde babies, 2 agouti brown babies and 1 black colored baby. They are already eating my greens with me, attempting to nibble on my pellets and they keep trying to get into my litter box to nibble on the hay. So eventually, our foster mom just gave them their own little box that they could get in and out of with ease. Although, they still prefer to try and scale up the sides of my box. Silly little babies. To see them finally get in and sit in the corner munching on hay, is like their own little victory! My kits constantly follow me around to try and nurse but I am having no part of it! I’ll let them nurse once or twice a day, that’s it. I’m not a 24 hour 7-11! Geesh!
Each day our foster mom lets me out of the expen to run around in the room withOUT the babies. Hey! Mom needs a break too! And goodness do I need a break with 6 babies following me, running over and around me and sharing my food. I love them dearly and they are growing each and every day. Since coming into foster care, they have already grown a bit and are now exploring every little nook and cranny of the expen. They still like to sleep a good amount, but when they are awake, they “popcorn” all around the expen. They call it “popcorning”, because they look like little kernels of popcorn popping. Okay, I have to admit, they are really cute!
As the babies grow, my foster mom will continue to update you on mine and their progress in foster care. Already, we are living the good bunny life, so I can only imagine that my babies and I will continue to thrive and learn to appreciate the loving touch of a human.
Stay tuned….

Having moved to Mass at the beginning of February we missed having animals around. We quickly discovered HRN on the web and got in contact about fostering. Before long we were taking three of Petra’s babies home with us; two boys, Io and Nyx, and one girl, Eudora.

While setting up their cage we also gave them a quick rinse in the tub, which they were surprisingly ok with. Dora was beyond brave and went as far as to put her head under the faucet.

For the first few weeks they would be let out together to explore and would often curl up together, all squishing into one basket. They’ve become very curious bunnies who aren’t scared to climb on couches or each others cages and love to eat whatever you give them.

Nyx and Io have both been neutered and are available for adoption!

One of the coolest things about raising babies is seeing the transformation from babies to adolescents. The original litter that arrived from Winchendon was 3 weeks old now they are approaching 2 months. Some of the babies’ ears have started to “lop” which has made them even more adorable. We had heard that lops were born with “normal” ears that subsequently fell downwards, but now we are witnessing it first hand.

The babies at 3 weeks. Madison is 2nd from right. Penny is on the far right.

Half lop
Madison at 5 weeks. Her ears are half-way there.

Full Lop
Madison at 7 weeks – Sporting the full lop.

Penny Lop
Penny is adorable as a lop too.

-Andy, fosterdad.

Isabel, a mother of 6 from the Winchedon rescue, gave birth to three more buns a few days ago. All are doing well. white-baby.JPGblack-baby.JPGbrown-baby.JPGisabel-with-babies.JPG
~Erica, HRN fostermom

On Sunday, March 31, we took in a litter of babies and two bonded females from an Animal Control situation in Winchendon. We’ve named the girls Isabel and Madeline (Maddy). Nobody is sure of the maternity ownership, but one thing is certain… both girls were nursing all 6 of the babies! The most likely scenario is that both Isabel and Maddy gave birth and their litters were mixed up in the whole crazy mess. They were also being fed nothing but bread and potatoes! The important thing is that they are safe now and getting healthier each day with a steady diet of hay and greens. The babies have a new lease on life now that they are in foster care and we’re ensuring that they are getting proper nutrition along with lots of love.

All of the littluns lined up in a row the day they came home. They’re about 3 weeks old.

I love Sweet Meadow hay: it’s got little clovers in it. Though I’m still getting used to eating solid foods instead of mothers’ milk.

Here’s the whole gang enjoying hay.

Isabel and Maddy are loving their new digs, but are still a little shy.

Where do you think you’re going?

Hello there!

Soot Sprite

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Soot Sprite is a friendly, curious and adventurous rabbit. He and his siblings were rescued in Plymouth, MA at four weeks of age. Even then, Sprite exhibited a keen desire to explore. He’s an impressive jumper and needs a cage with a ceiling as opposed to an open pen. HIs gregarious attitude and lack of territorial behavior around new rabbits leads to the suspicion that he would be a good bonding candidate.

He’s still young and as a result his litter habits are still evolving. He still tends to leave a few stray pellets outside his litter box.

Hank was among four baby rabbits found roaming in Plymouth. He’s known as “The Boss” in his foster home due to being the largest of his litter, and the definitive leader of the group. Boss is friendly and curious. While he can be held he’s very squirmy due to his tendency to explore his surroundings. When upset or frustrated he will sometimes take your finger in his teeth. This is not a bite by any means, but his way of politely telling you he wants some romp time.

Boss, like his siblings, tends to be very easygoing about other rabbits. He’s more curious than anything else and is expected to be a good bonding candidate. Being young his litter box habits are maturing as he still leaves a few pellets where he ought not, but this has been improving over time.

What’s behind here?

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Bunny But!

This is an old photo of either Soot Sprite or Samson. You can’t really tell from the rear view. The babies were about four or five weeks old when this was taken. Weighing in at around 11 to 13 ounces each, they now weigh 5 to 6 pounds each.

My how they grow. “Sniff”

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