Henrietta was rescued in September and a few days later delivered a litter of babies.

Over the next few months the babies’ growth and development will be chronicled.

For their first 2.5 weeks of life they stayed hidden in their nest. Between 2.5 and 3 weeks old they left their nest for short periods of time to investigate their surroundings.

At 3 weeks of age they started to lap water from a shallow bowl and eat tiny amounts of crumbled food pellets. Tiny sounds of chewing could be heard from their nest as they learned to eat small amounts of alfalfa hay.

Their foster mom has started to socialize them. At first they were startled by the smell and touch of a human hand. Touching Mama first and babies second helped co-mingle the smells and they soon loved gentle stroking.

Still at only 3 weeks old they spend more and more time out of their nest and have started “jiffy-popping” around their enclosure.

They continue to nurse from Mom twice a day.

-HRN Fostermom: Cheryl-


This little guy, and all his brothers and sisters,


want to say: HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!

(PS; the boys are the Dutch and the girls are the Spotted. Convenient isn’t it?)

babies 1

Dakota and her babies are doing great. A volunteer mother and daughter pair helped move them into the space where Spot and Zeus resided (they were adopted, yah!). They are loving the new space, but boy are they getting big and are going to grow out of it real soon! They’re still feeding from mom, so we have to keep them together for a few more weeks. The babies are starting to nibble on greens and pellets. Their ears are getting so big. Juju (the grey one) looks like he’s going to topple over because his ears are so big. Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago. I have some great current ones that I’ll download soon from my camera. I also want to get some pictures up of Rose.

Rose is really enjoying her new neighbors (Dakota and crew). She jumps up on top of her hay tower and watches the little ones binkying around. Everytime I go to take a picture of Rose on top of the tower she jumps down! One day I’ll sneak up on her, hehe. Rose is such a good girl. We’ve recently found out how much she loves nose rubs. She’ll sit there until you stop and then if you do stop, she’ll look up at you with those “why the heck did you stop?!” eyes. She’s been off running around our house, but she loves her little condo. Whenever she’s done playing she just goes back into her condo and plops down. Such a sweetheart.

So I’ll get more pics up soon of everbun, but I hope this tides everyone over till then. Have a great Fourth of July!

~ Erica, HRN volunteer/fosterer


These 3 little cuties are Charlie & Claire’s litter which were being fostered by Sara. Now about 3 months old, they are currently living at Suzanne’s place while waiting to be spayed and neutered. They’re cute, personable, and active.


The babies’ eyes opened a couple of days ago. They’re moving around, but mostly they are just sleeping. They are so cute a furry right now.

Dakota is doing great. She’s quite rambunctious. She had a little bathroom problem from too much cabbage. We had to give her a bit of a bath after she decided to flop in the mess she made of the floor. How lady-like huh? Here she is wrapped up in her towel.

And here are some pics of the cutie-pies. They’ve all been named after candy: Charleston, Hershey, Tootsie, Rollo, (jelly)Bean, Juju B, Skittles, and Reeses.


~ Erica, HRN volunteer, fosterer

In my last blog entry I wrote about a stray rabbit that was found wandering around Belmont. Well yesterday morning she began to make a nest. We were hoping that maybe she had a false pregancy (a rabbit can think she is pregant). But just in case it was a real pregnancy, we gave her more hay and strips of newspaper to make a nest. At 10:30am Andy left for work and there were no babies nor hairpulling, so we were becoming more hopeful it was a false pregnancy.

At 4 pm I came home to 8 babies. Mom was lying on the other side of the cage and the babies were huddled beneath a blanket of hay and hair. Jessica, another HRN volunteer, came right over to see the newborns. We checked each one out and placed them in the basket.

Babies and proud Mom

Newborn bunnies are born hairless, deaf, and blind. They are so ugly that they’re adorable. One of the babies had the hiccups and Jessica comforted her in her hand. She named the baby “Bean” because she was jumping with every hiccup like a Mexican jumping bean.


It’s an exciting experience to witness new life coming into the world. Yet, at the same time it’s sad. There are already so many beautiful, wonderful rabbits in foster homes waiting for their forever homes. These babies will be cared for until they are old enough to be spayed/neutered. We don’t want anymore surprises. Please spay/neuter your pets. It gives the love of your life a more healthier and longer life with you.

~Erica, HRN fosterer, volunteer

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