dolcetto_relaxing Here I am still waiting patiently for my forever home. I have grown accustomed to being around people! Still a little nervous around new people but I’m more comfortable around my Foster Mom and even willing to eat out of her hand!

But no offense to my Foster Mom I would like to be eating out of my forever family’s hand. Is that forever family you?


UPDATE: 11/14/13


I went home to my new potential Forever Home! Thank you House Rabbit Network for rescuing me and finding me my new home. =)

Update: 10/11/13

My Foster Momma thinks that maybe it would be better if I went to a bun-experienced home. Today was grooming day and I got a little freaked out and wouldn’t let her near me the rest of the day. Not even leafy treats would pacify me. So she thinks that for my new home, it should be someplace quiet where my new family needs to earn my trust and make me feel safe.

* Also – to be forewarned I do like to chew on things so it would probably be a good idea to make sure I have plenty of things to chew on so that I won’t be tempted to chew on things that I shouldn’t.

Is that new forever family with you?

Sulking in my litterbox after being groomed without my permission

Sulking in my litterbox after being groomed without my permission

Update: 10/2/13

Today my Foster Momma wanted me to interact with some kids. At first I wasn’t too happy but after awhile I decided to let the child hold me. What do you think? If you have children, I’ll tolerate them if it means I can go home to a forever home today!

Aren't I cuddly and cute!

Aren't I cuddly and cute!

My Foster Momma just found out what breed I am…I’m a Palomino Breed (originally bred for meat)!!! = O

I’m so glad I wasn’t left on the chopping block and instead living out my life waiting for my forever home! I’m really interested in my blue blanket that my Foster Mommy gave me and am very content to sleep, play, and relax on it! My Foster Mommy told me that if I like my blanky that much she’ll let me keep it when I get adopted! Thanks Foster Mom!!

Here's me playing on my blanket

Here's me playing on my blanket

Close up of my pretty golden face

Close up of my pretty golden face

Update: 10/1/2013

Ugh..too early! Is it time for a treat yet?

Ugh..too early! Is it time for a treat yet?

Update: 9/26/13

My Foster Momma decided to make a collage for me

My Foster Momma decided to make a collage of me and my new blanket

My Foster Mami managed to catch me on camera eating some lettuce. I’m a very shy bunny so I don’t usually like to eat or do much in the presence of people, but once I warm up to you I’ll slowly come out of my shell and show you some funny quirks about me. I am still having trouble going in the litterbox but don’t give up on me just yet! That just means I want extra attention from you to help me on my journey on being litterbox savy!

Watch me go "nom nom nom" on that lettuce!

Watch me go "nom nom nom" on that lettuce!

Update: 9/25/13

Hello! It’s me..Dolcette again! Just wanted to pop in and let you know I’m still waiting to be picked up by a loving, forever family!!

Look into my soulful brown eyes...

Look into my soulful brown eyes...

Need to stay pretty for a potential family!

Need to stay pretty for a potential family!

Hmm..what should I read today?

Hmm..what should I read today?

Dolcette (she responds to Duhl-shee) has been in a foster home for a few weeks now. She was involved in a legal enforcement case and for a few months had very little interaction with people during the trial. Now that the case is over Dolcette is waiting very patiently for a new Forever home that will help her forget the scary experiences that she had to go through. When her foster mom first got her from the shelter she was very frightened and was more reserved than the other bunnies. When her foster mom picked her up for the first time, Dolcette immediately dug her head into the crook of her Foster Mom’s neck as if begging to be adopted.

Modeling for the camera the very first day

Modeling for the camera the very first day

As you can see from the photo, her Foster Mom took little time to set her up for a photo shoot! Dolcette was very patient as she was brushed, dressed, and placed on the blanket for her first of many photo shoots. For the first 2 weeks she was kept in isolation from the other bunnies because she had not been looked over by a vet yet. It may have made her very depressed because she barely ate her hay and drank very very little. When the vet gave the “Okay” and said it didn’t look like she had anything contagious, her Foster Momma moved to the front with the other bunnies and gave her a bigger cage. Slowly Dolcette began to come out of her shell and she was starting to eat and drink in front of people. Her litter box habits do still need a few improvements but everyone is hoping she’ll start to get the hint.

Look at her beautiful caramel coloring and pink ears!

Look at her beautiful caramel coloring and pink ears!

Although she is starting to eat, her Foster Momma was concerned that maybe there was something wrong internally. The vet had only done a physical and other then being a tad overweight in the under section, she did not have any other major physical signs. So she is due for another check up – this time for some blood/lab work. Her Foster Momma is crossing her fingers and hoping for the best.

*Side note* – Dolcette may make a great bonding candidate because she is always interested in the other bunnies and is always peering through her cage to see what they’re up to.

First few times Dolcette started eating in the presence of a human so her Foster Momma tried to take a picture incognito..didn't quite work

First few times Dolcette started eating in the presence of a human so her Foster Momma tried to take a picture incognito..didn't quite work


Hello, World!
I celebrated my first birthday with my foster family on June 24. Want to know what my birthday wish is? Well, it’s to find a loving forever home! I would be very happy to have a room of my own … heck, even lots of room… I can dream, right? My foster mom tells everyone that I am a good little bunny.
I can be pretty silly. I have a favorite little rug; I like to burrow in it and bob my head up and down when I’m under it. My foster mom calls me “Turtle” when I do that!
I do well as a bachelorette, but I might like a buddy — I’m just holding out for “the one” because I’m picky like that! (PS: I would be remiss if I didn’t put in a good word for my brother Xavier who shares my birthday! He lives with another HRN foster family.)

Are you thinking about adopting? Please call the HRN hotline!

UPDATE: July 24, 2013: New Photos!

Oooh, lucky me– my foster mom arranged a photo session for me today!

A minimalist background accentuates my best features :-)

A minimalist background accentuates my best features :-)


This is my exploratory mode. This is also how I look when I beg for treats, haha.


Eating al fresco– yummy, I get carrot tops from my foster mom’s neighbor this summer!


I can be pretty chill.

(Here is another blog post about me.)

Logan is a young lady bun with soft dark gray fur and a slender face. She was born in foster care in June 2012. Her parents were dumped in a cemetery to fend for themselves but were lucky to be rescued by HRN.


Logan would love to be free range, or at least have a room of her own, in her forever home. She was very glum when she lived in a cage prior to her spay. Now she has an ex-pen but is still subdued when confined day in, day out. Her playful and joyous personality really shows when she is out of her ex-pen. She does fantastic and fast binkies! Sometimes she is up for a little play chasing. She likes to explore, and she will jump on boxes and climb stairs.

Her litterbox habits are excellent. She has not shown inappropriate chewing in foster care. She likes willow balls, grass mats, hay twists, and paper to chew on. Her favorite chew toy is a wooden carrot with knobs sticking out of it. She also loves to hide and play under a small area rug.

(Can you spot the bunny in this photo? She is under the rug nibbling on a collard green!)


She really likes to feel cozy when she is resting: You will find her hiding in her cardboard tube or resting in her bed — a box with soft linens.


She is friendly. She comes right up to the pen’s edge when it’s mealtime or when she’s in the mood for a snack. She smooshes right down for petting. She would probably enjoy the company of another rabbit as she is curious but doesn’t feel threatened by the presence of another bunny.

She is tolerant to being picked up, but she gets really feisty when it’s time to clip her nails. Another grooming challenge is that she has dark nails. Her foster family can offer tips on how to handle nail clipping.

Her favorite veggies are: lettuce, bok choy, chicory, escarole, cilantro, thyme, rosemary. She also likes kale, parsley, and to a lesser extent, collard greens; these three veggies should be served occasionally and not at the same time. Her favorite treats are strawberry tops, apple slices, dried cranberries, carrots, and Oxbow timothy hay treats. Don’t bother to feed her spinach or dried banana. She will ignore those!

Logan is very sweet! Might she be the bunny for you? She lives with her foster family in Somerville. If you are considering adoption, please call the HRN hotline: 781-431-1211. She is all ears, waiting for your call!

Simi is a sweet young girl, born on 10/15/11 from one of the moms of the Lempster Rescue. She has a beautiful chinchilla gray coloring with short fur that is super soft. She can be very shy in a new setting but once settled in, her laid-back personality comes through.


She loves to eat! She is a very good eater and gobbles up everything on her plate. She does have preferences for leafy greens; what she likes the least, she saves for last LOL Her favorites are romaine, parlsey, kale, and mesclun mix. She has a sweet tooth and loves her treats- bananas, carrots, apples, blueberries, grapes, dried cranberries. She loves to beg for them. She’s hard to resist!

She loves her playtime when she is allowed more range to run around. She is curious yet cautious: She sniffs at everything and likes to explore, and thankfully she has not gotten into any mischief!

She loves attention! When she is out and about, she often hops over to her foster family to give them a gentle nudge at the ankles and then she happily squishes down for head strokes and check rubs. If you stop, she will gently nudge you for more. She might be the perfect TV-watching companion, as long as you don’t watch anything scary.



Being a large bunny (7 lbs), she does well with an ex-pen and she likes to have a cozy space where she can rest from the hustle and bustle of family life. She is very good about chewing appropriately when provided with ample toys like apple tree or willow twigs and cardboard, among other things. Her favorite is a little garden box with sisal and corn leaf “veggies” (her foster mom bought it at She also likes to tug at a bell that hangs on her crate door.

Simi tends to leave stray poops around her ex-pen, and on occasion she will pee on the ex-pen floor when spooked; otherwise her litterbox habits are very good. She likes her litterbox in a certain spot and will let you know if she doesn’t like where you put it! Sometimes she likes to use a second litterbox.

She would do well with school-age children as her current foster family includes an 8 year old. She enjoyed the company of her siblings when they were all together, and her gentle personality makes her a good bonding candidate.


Simi is one of many rabbits in the care of volunteers of the House Rabbit Network! If you are interested to adopt, please call the HRN hotline: (781) 431-1211.

shelby2Good evening HRN fans and fellow bloggers!  I am Shelby!  Look at me and fall under my spell!

I am a hunka hunk of loving fluff!  A red eyed white Jersey Wooly…..small, only three pounds…..but packed full of love and personality!  A tiny bundle of joy who loves snuggling and ear massages.

Let’s talk about red eyed white rabbits or REW……some people think we are ‘creepy looking’!  What’s up with that???? REW rabbits have eyes that are all shades of pink to lavender….this is the result of a lack of pigment in our irises….a form of albinism…..resulting in eyes that reflect the colors of our retinas.  REW rabbits are no different than other rabbits who are pigmented….we are not more prone to disease, we are not in contact with shades from the netherworld….we are just rabbits looking for our forever homes.

More later….

Yours in hoppiness…..


Hello.  My name is Olivia.  I have been in my foster home for almost TWO years!  Believe me, it can be really hard on your ego when other buns come and go, and you are left behind.

I was in a stall in a horse barn in Rowley, MA when HRN rescued me….there were three of us, but my two brothers were adopted as a bonded pair.  For the life of me I don’t understand why I have been ignored for so long….OK, so I am a little shy……well………painfully shy to tell the truth….and I will need a really quiet home, and someone who is bunny savvy.  But, there must be someone out there that fits that description?  Right????  With lots of love and attention I just know I could break out of my shell and be an awesome addition to a family.

I am really quite beautiful, with my shiny black fur with the silver tips.  I am a Silver Fox rabbit.  Being so beautiful has made me somewhat of a Diva.  I have definite opinions on how my world should be!  Humans need to understand that! Some Humans can be so very pushy!  I need patience and understanding and time and gentle persistence to give me self confidence I so want to have.  My perfect owner would be someone who has the skill and time to socialize me. I am not so sure how I would do with other animals.  I live in a room with bunnies just on the other side of my x-pen…..I am not aggressive towards them, but I am not really interested in getting to know them better either. (more…)

sunday morning with dad

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