Hello Friends and Fans!!!!

Eskie here again! I wanted to share some photos that show how we start off each and every day. This photo was taken on a Saturday, so our
Foster Dad wasn’t in his ‘go to work’ clothes.

Every morning at 6:00 our Foster Mom comes down stairs and lets out the cat, takes out the dogs, gives Jenna her breakfast, and then and comes
to let us out of our sleeping crate.

Soon we hear our Dad’s footsteps on the stairs. MoMo and I come RUNNING from wherever we are and anxiously await his arrival on the sunporch. He comes
and sits down to chat with us and he feeds us BANANA CHIPS!!!!!! Now we know that there isn’t a bunny out there who can survive on banana chips as a
steady diet….it would be like you humans eating only chocolate…..but they really do make the best occasional treat! Mom says you need to have something
really, really special for training treats. Well, banana chips, dried blueberries (from Trader Joe’s) and raisins are the BEST! MoMo and I would do just about
ANYTHING for these treats!

When we first came to stay at our Foster Home, we were not exactly ‘interactive’ family members. We did our thing, and the rest of the family did their thing. This did not
work for Mom. She has this weird idea that everyone in the household is family, and we all need to be an active part of that family. Over the past month
we have learned that there is nothing to fear in this house. We know that the humans are a source of food and love (but mostly food….Mom calls us her
little furry pigs), that the dogs are friends (well, with the exception of Jenna…..she is probably very nice, but she is just too spastic….she jumps, she barks,
she hops, and she takes our Romaine ribs to eat, which in my opinion is just plain rude. Someone needs to teach her some manners!) And the cat just pretends that we
don’t really exist….he walks by in the morning on his way outside with his little pushed in nose very high up in the air….Last week MoMo wanted some fun, so she lunged
and growled at him as he walked past…..and…..MoMo frightened the big, brave, hunter cat! It was SOOOOO funny. I just know that Mom could hear me and MoMo
laughing….and she laughed too.

So, how did Mom and Dad and the Boy Who Lives At Home get us to be comfortable? Well, they were very, very patient. They talk to us constantly. The very gently introduce
new behaviors. When we do something good we get rewarded with minimal treats. At first when Dad would sit on the step, I would run up, grab the banana chip, and run away
where MoMo would try and steal the treat from my mouth. If Dad tried to touch us, we would run away…..FAST! Now we go up and beg for the treat. We stand up. We allow
ourselves to be patted and skritched. We ask for more. Training bunnies can be done….it just takes a little longer than training a dog. Tolerance, Time and Treats…..that about
sums it up.

Until later,
Yours in fuzziness,

MoMo is asleep, stretched out under the table, but I wasn’t tired, so I thought I would go exploring. It is AMAZING everything you can see when you get up off the floor. It isn’t warm and sunny in the chair today, and Mom has the window closed, so the smells aren’t nearly as interesting as they
have been, but I love looking outside. Mom says that when the rain stops she will use a leash and harness and take me and MoMo outside.

Did you know that you can walk a rabbit? Well, actually, the rabbit walks you. We hop where we like, and the human follows along behind. MoMo and I are pretty amazed at how easy it is to train a human! But, back to the leash… rabbits should never have a collar around our necks, but there are
special harnesses that go around our chests and front legs that are just fine to use. We also need to have an elastic leash. A leash with a collar and regular unforgiving leash would be very easy for us to get injured, break our backs or necks.

There are a couple of other precautions that NEED to be taken before you take your bunny outside… PLEASE don’t think that you will be able to walk your rabbit down the street like you would a dog! Well, that would just be SILLY!! I mean, really, just picture it! If you want a dog to walk, get a dog because we are ‘prey animals’ it is hardwired into our brains to not like wide open spaces. All of that real estate and air makes a rabbit feel very vulnerable. It is up to you, the human, to make sure that the great outdoors is as secure as possible for your rabbit. That means finding a SAFE place, a fenced in back yard would be perfect. But don’t take our leash and harness off. You would be surprised how easy it is for us to hide or to find a hole in a fence! Never, never, ever take us to a park, or near a road, where there are cars, strange dogs, or people who don’t know proper bunny behavior, all of those things can be really, really scary! My Mom takes us out to her fenced in vegetable garden (she says it is funny that she originally put in the fence to keep rabbits OUT of her veggie garden) where she lets us stretch our legs a little and nibble on the lettuce or spinach leaves. She doesn’t even let us walk to the garden, she carries us there. Mom would NEVER run the risk of letting us pull the leash out of her hand.

Once you get the proper harness and leash though, as a human, you could start something called ‘clicker training’, which is just a controlled way to give a rabbit positive reinforcement for doing a wanted behavior. Rabbits don’t like being bored. When we get bored, we tend to be naughty. Clicker training keeps our bunny minds busy. We can learn agility courses like dogs, or do ‘rabbit jumping’ which is sort of like steeple chase events for horses. There is another reason to clicker train your rabbit… it builds the bond between bunnies and their humans and it is FUN!

Well, I am off to explore the family room, and possibly annoy that skinny little dog… more later


Hello! Hello! My name is Eskie.

Eskie, move over, let me introduce myself….my name is MoMo!

MoMo, do you ALWAYS have to take the spotlight? Everyone ALWAYS comments on how beautiful you are. How gorgeous your ears are. What a spectacular color you are…..Do you have any idea how annoying that can be??? Especially if you are the agouti colored (read boring) sister who has one ear up and one ear down!

Fine, Eskie, YOU tell people about us! I am just going to jump up into the chair and look out the window, and enjoy the Spring weather. You are so much better at dealing with the mundane……I will just sit here in a sunbeam and be beautiful….it is, after all, what I do best!

Well, now that we have that figured out, let me introduce us. We are Eskie, and MoMo. Sisters. Born to Tiger Lily (RIP) who came to HRN with last Summer’s Great Angora Rescue from a hording situation in Canada. We are two girls from a litter of six. Our brothers Maple and Klondike have found their forever homes. MoMo and I live in a multispecies foster home, our sisters are in an all rabbit foster home outside of Boston.

Our names are ‘officially’ Eskimo and Molson… know, keeping with that whole Canada ‘thing’…..but our foster mom thought that those names weren’t ‘girly’ enough, so we became Eskie and MoMo.eskiemomo6

We just turned a year old May 1st, so we are still learning how to become interactive members of a family. We are free range bunnies who only spend time in our bed when it is night time, or when Mom leaves the house. We HATE being in our bed! We much prefer to be chillin’ under the table or chair. We have impeccable manners and wouldn’t think of messing outside of our litter box. MoMo and I LOVE our diet! We get unlimited hay, and a whole GARDEN of fruits and vegetables and herbs. We actually don’t get pellets, which is fine with us. Not ALL bunnies do! Our foster mom is something called a ‘gardener’ so she goes outside and brings in herbs and pear branches and grape vines. This morning for breakfast we had a Spring salad mix, baby bell peppers, pineapple, strawberries, and celery. For dinner we are going to have more salad mix, some kolorabi, a few carrots, a few grapes, and some Romaine.

Our foster dad is wonderful. He is pretty new to dealing with bunnies, but he has found the way to our hearts. Every morning, when he comes downstairs to go to work, he sits on the step and gives us each a banana chip…..then he skritches our ears. We LOVE our foster dad!

Because we are Angora rabbits we need daily grooming. All of that nasty fur could cause something called ‘wool block’ if we were allowed to ingest our fur during grooming. Apparently wool block is a bad thing, and can be really bad for bunnies……so our foster mom brushes us every day. We are getting used to the brushing….it really isn’t so bad….and mom tells us how beautiful we are! Then……she uses our fur to make something called yarn…..more on that later… is time for dinner!!!

Love, Eskie (and MoMo)

Running through a tunnel in the kitchen.

Running through a tunnel in the kitchen.

Gigi has been in our home for 5 months now, and she’s kept us very entertained.  She is a well-behaved bun who enjoys her exercise time.  She digs, tunnels, throws, chews (toys only!), binkies, and runs laps around our living room.  She also has no trouble getting around on the linoleum floor in the kitchen.

Playing behind the futon.

Playing behind the futon.

Of course, when she’s worn herself out, she knows how to relax.  Gigi is a very enthusiastic dead-bunny flopper.  She enjoys leaning up against a human leg or arm, and occasionally lays across a pair of cold feet to keep them warm.  Unlike most bunnies, she enjoys being held, and will grind her teeth to ‘purr’ both on the ground or in your arms.

Flopped down in front of the cage, waiting for someone to come pet her.

Flopped down in front of the cage, waiting for someone to come pet her.

Gigi is a huge fan of her veggies, and will gobble them up faster than you can blink.  She eats plenty of hay, too, and her favorite treat is dried coriander.  She can smell it from two rooms away and will come running!

Gigi being hand-fed some of her favorite treat.

Gigi being hand-fed some of her favorite treat.

Gigi was surrended to the Animal Rescue League in Dedham when her owner could no longer take care of her and her roommates.  There was some evidence that Gigi may have been in fights with other bunnies, and she is not a good bonding candidate.  However, she loves her human foster family, and will make a wonderful pet for an experienced bunny owner.  She is a little skittish with loud noises, and she moves very fast, so we recommend she not go to a home with small children.  Whoever does bring this little lady home will not be disappointed.  She will make a wonderful companion for her forever family.

Close-up of a very relaxed bunny.  Please take her home to cuddle with you!

Close-up of a very relaxed bunny. Please take her home to cuddle with you!

Clover is a very sweet rabbit. She came into my home last week, Saturday, December 4th.
I picked her up from MSPCA. She was originally adopted about 3 years ago through HRN with her mate Chloe. The day after Thanksgiving this family dumped her off at the MSPCA. The owner didn’t want her anymore. :-( Poor Clover, she lost her mate Chloe last year and now her family dumped her. My heart went out to this little soul.

When I got her home I set up an exercise pen and put in a puppy blanket as our basement floor is unfinished and I wanted a soft floor for her.

My basement is relatively warm but I wanted her to be comfortable. My husband was in the hospital so I wasn’t able to spend too much time with her for the first couple of days. I’m sure Clover knew this was a bunny home as I’m sure she could pick up the scents from my other rabbits. I gave Clover this little cat cushion pad and she took to it immediately. She enjoys it.

As you can see by the photos taken the first image she is just sitting down on the pad. Then after about 5 days being at my house she became so relaxed she just sprawled out on the cushion. :-)
She is very cute !!

Clover likes to do head binkies and body binkies. She gets excited to see me in the morning. Not sure if it’s because she’s hungry or she just wants to see me ;-) Clover has her favorite foods she loves parsley and radiccio.

That's not my tongue, that's radicchio!!

Clover has excellent litter box habits. Since she is used to having a mate, she would do well with another rabbit. I’m sure she probably misses her friend.

Clover is very curious. I was surprised to find her up on my bench and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of her.

She looks like she wants someone to pet and kiss her! Clover is very affectionate. It’s cute, sometimes I will see her licking her bed. She likes to groom herself. Here’s a great photo of her grooming herself after she had a few veggies.

Clover is so adorable. She just wants a family to love her.
Bye for now!!

Shimmer was born in foster care… in 2007! Will anyone, anyone at all, find it in their hearts to finally give her a forever home? No animal should be born in foster care and then still be here 3 years later. So sad it breaks my heart :(
Shimmer is smart and incredibly sweet. She’s a bit shy at first and when startled, but once she knows she can trust you she’s always begging for affection (and an occasional papaya treat).
Shimmer’s litter box habits are good, but her joy in shredding every paper and cardboard in sight and then arranging the results “just so” will make her whole area look like a confetti factory has just exploded.
She’d do best in a quiet home with adults or older children who would laugh at her antics, forgive her for the mess and give her *lots* of safe play space, toys and loving attention.
Please, please, please give this special girl a home. 781.431.1211 or

UPDATE 9/4: Stella went to her forever home today!

UPDATE 8/31: Stella will be going to her forever home this holiday weekend. There, she will have two new friends, Sophie and TigerLily (TigerLily was also part of the Great Angora Rescue).

A lovely smokey grey coat of angora fur. A bit timid, yet so sweet in her in ways, she’ll melt your heart. Watching her curiously explore and learn about the things and world around her, will bring a tear to your eye. Learning to trust the gentle touch of a human hand is something she is finding she may actually like. This is Stella. Or as I like to call her, Stella my bella.
Stella was part of The Great Angora Rescue from Canada ( and came down to us during the second transport of angoras in June. Not only was she severely matted, she was also very sick with a large abscess that started from under her belly and extended up to both her shoulders. Surgery wasn’t an option since we weren’t sure if she was pregnant or not. After months of medication and TLC, she was finally healthy enough to be spayed (luckily, Stella was never pregnant, like so many of the other females during that transport). Or so we thought. Stella wasn’t out of the woods, just yet. In early August, Stella was rushed into Angell Memorial in Boston with a prolapsed uterus. Emergency surgery needed to be performed or we would have lost this beautiful girl.
After traveling more than 8 hours to her safe haven in the States, recovering from an extraordinary abscess and then a prolapsed uterus… she is truly a bunny that has shown us she is a fighter in her own right. Stella made it through emergency surgery and has since recovered beautifully and is now available for adoption. Knowing all that she’s gone through, her adopted family or humans must be very patient with her. She will need a home that is quiet, loving and willing to maintain her beautiful angora fur by brushing her and clipping her down (we can show you how or do it for you).
Stella is now in a foster home where she is getting individualized attention and we are working on her socialization as well. She is already coming out of her shell and I think it’s just a matter of time before she shows us just what an amazing bunny she is. At first she would cower and flinch at the mere touch of a hand. As soon as we entered the room, she would run into her quik-tube and hide. The first signs of her overcoming her fears happened yesterday. She started playing with her ball and wagon wheel toys and seemed to enjoy it! As I sat in the pen with her, I let her investigate me, slowly moving and speaking to her in a soft tone. Eventually she came over and licked my hand! The ultimate in bunny love! She then put her two front paws on my arm and stretched up to my face to sniff me. Yes, my heart melted. How could it not?! This is a HUGE step for a bunny like Stella who came from a life which we can only imagine, wasn’t the greatest.
As time progresses, I’m positive Stella is going to blossom into the wonderful bunny I can already see starting to emerge. If I didn’t already have two furries of my own, she would already be mine :)

7/19/10 UPDATE: Last week all six babies had their second furcuts. Oh boy was there fur!!! Some were very good at sitting for their trims, while others… not so much. But it was something that had to be done for their own comfort and well-being. They now look like little adults and will soon be separated by males and females. So far, they are still getting along, but the mounting just began last night and this is a sign of things to come. It will be a very sad day (I think mostly for their foster mom) when the siblings are separated, but it is a must… sighhhhh. The maleswill be neutered soon and then ready for adoption. The females will take a bit longer for their spays. TigerLily continues to be very strong willed and inquisitive, yet can be a sweetie when she wants to be. When she’s out of her pen running around she never sits still. She loves to explore and sniff and boink anything and everything. She is finally doing binkies and having a great time being a house bun!

7/12/10: Time sure flies when you’re a baby bunny and this is very true for the angora babies. They are now over 10 weeks old and no longer look like the tiny balls of fluff that could fit in my hand when I brought them home in May. TigerLily was spayed last week and she’s doing very well. I do think she is a bit lonely though and I sense, will make a great bonding candidate for her future “human slave’s” bunnies (TigerLily will be adopted and going to her forever home on 8/16). She is very inquisitive, loves to explore and uses her litter box 100%. She will make a wonderful free range bun, provided the electrical cords are protected!

The six babies, Yukon, Newfie, Eskimo, Klondike, Maple and Molson, are still very loving to each other and enjoy each other’s company. In about another month or so the boys will be neutered and ready for adoption. The girls won’t be ready for about another 2 months or so and I’m pretty sure two of them are already spoken for ;)












5/26/10 UPDATE: Annabelle is now in her TLC Foster home… possibly her forever home… stay tuned ;)

Annabelle is a sweet girl who loves to cuddle up and take naps. She’ll sit in your lap and is a very calm bunny. She likes exploring and checking things out and gets extremely excited about anything that has to do with FOOD! Annabelle is currently on a restricted diet of hay and vegetables due to possible motility issues she is battling.
She is undergoing diagnostic treatment and since her TLC fostermom is moving out of state, we are looking for another loving temporary home where she can stay. She would like to request that she have delicious hay all the time, dark leafy greens, a soft bed to sleep in, and daily run around time (as it is good for her digestion). She would also like to request some belly massage time or just some regular old snuggle time. She really enjoys being around people and will follow you around. She’s such a lovebug!
If you live in the MA/NH area and can either foster Annabelle OR adopt her, that would be wonderful. She does need a bunny experienced home however. Please contact us either via email: or phone: 781.431.1211.

(Posted on behalf of Snugs foster family)
Snuggles is a laid back bunny; she lives in our kitchen and is unfazed by the busyness; I dropped a pan once, and she didn’t flinch!
She is super friendly– she approaches the edge of her pen when we walk by. She loves cheek massages! If I could sit by her and pet her all day, she’d be content. She does well with my 6 year old daughter, who convinced me to foster Snuggles in the first place! Snuggles is sweet and I think she would make a good bondmate.
She has the most expressive ears I have ever seen on a lop! Most of the time, her ears are flopped down, but I have seen her with both ears straight up- she looks like a totally different bunny!
She gets very excited for breakfast and dinner, she practically lunges at what I’m holding, so I have to distract her by petting her head while I put down her food bowl. She enjoys a variety of veggies. If she is out in the kitchen when I open the fridge, she scoots right over, she can’t wait to eat! Naturally, she loves treats; we give her banana chips, strawberry tops, carrots, and grapes.
She tolerates being picked up, which is a good thing as I work on improving her litterbox habits. Two litterboxes is what Snugs prefers. Now that she has settled in after a few weeks, I give her the more spacious digs of an ex-pen for a few hours during the day, but I keep her in a cage overnight.
Snuggles has better mobility on flooring that has some traction; she manages on the linoleum floor but looks quite funny, bungling along. I have her ex-pen lined with grass mats and cardboard. I give her run of the carpeted hallway for short periods of time and with supervision; it’s great to see her sprint back and forth! She is also getting brave about climbing stairs. To my chagrin, she ignores the bunny chew toys and prefers carpet and shoes, so that means shoes are put out of her reach, and I redirect her when I see her going at the carpet (which is something everyone should do with bunnies if they start to chew on inappropriate things). Her favorite chew toy is a wad of plain paper with a banana chip tucked inside.
Snuggles will thrive in a loving, patient, attentive home environment. If you would like to visit her, please call the HRN hotline: 781-431-1211.

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