***Updated 2/13/10: Mocha has been adopted by a great forever family!!!***

Mocha, a sweet and funny bun, was found abandoned at a barn in December of 2009. We are not sure of his age but we think he is between 6 months and one year old.

Mocha looking cute

Mocha looking cute

Mocha disapproving of the camera

Mocha disapproving of the camera

He is very curious and active; he will beg for play time whenever we approach his cage and will poke around our home for as long as we allow.

We believe Mocha is a good candidate to bond with another rabbit; he routinely approaches our other rabbits without showing any signs of aggression.  He has plenty of energy, so if he is kept as a solo rabbit he will need lots of attention and out-of-cage play time every day.

Mocha playing with a favorite toy

Mocha playing with a favorite toy

Mocha investigates my shoe

Mocha investigates my shoe

Mocha’s litter box habits are very good and he enjoys playing with almost any toy. He is restless when being held, but he is easy to pick up and is fine being near people. He is very energetic so he rarely stays sitting with us for long, but if we sit still he will investigate us and anything else nearby! He is used to being around dogs and is a soft, gentle, lovable bun.

Mocha takes a break for petting

Mocha takes a break for petting

Mocha gets a treat

Mocha gets a treat

Can you provide Mocha with the loving forever home he needs?

UPDATE 12/2/09: Buck has been adopted as a sanctuary bun. Due to the time and effort his new mom has put into his rehabilitation, he is now able to go up and down the stairs. This is a HUGE accomplishment for Buck!
10/16/09: Buck is in his new home and has already become friends with one of the resident buns. I will be going up to see him next week and to show his new “mom” how to perform physical theraphy on him to help strengthen his body and limbs. Pics to follow….

10/8/09 UPDATE: Buck has gone to a potential forever home today. We couldn’t be happier for him!!!

8/22/09 UPDATE: While back in foster care (after his accident), Buck was bonded to another “special needs” bu,n Humphrey. Unfortunately, Humphrey just passed away. He was a lot older and had some health issues. Buck REALLY needs a home and a human friend in his time of need. Is that you?

Hi, my name is Buck. I was found in April as a stray along with a bunch of other bunnies. The kind people at HRN rescued me and the others and soon I was in a nice environment receiving regular meals and love. I was finally adopted in June as a potential friend for another bunny. I was so excited at the possibility of having a friend! An unfortunate accident occurred and I broke my back.
After being looked at by the vet, I came back into the care of HRN and got the TLC that I needed to possibly help heal my back. Amazingly, I am doing rather well now. I can’t quite hop, but I can get around. My foster mom thinks I’d be a great candidate for a cart, as my front thumpers are very strong. I can sit and hold myself up and even move around a bit. I have a great appetite and love to be pet. My only problem is umm… keeping myself clean. I could use a little bit of help in that area and it’s kind of embarrassing. Oy!
But otherwise, I’m a young, vibrant bun with lots of love to offer that one special human. I won’t let you down, I promise. Those who meet me say that I’m very sweet and I think I am too. I just want a chance at a forever home and to be loved like all the other bunnies that get adopted. Is that you?
You can view my video here and see that I really can move around even with my disability:

If you’re interested in possibly adopting me or to get more information on me, please call the Hotline at 781.431.1211 or email at
Thank you for taking the time to read my story.
Yours truly,

Update: Turner was adopted today and went to his forever home with a lovely couple that will give him  much love and endless pats!

Turner has only been with me for a short time but he’s already left quite the impression! With his soft fur and gorgeous coloring, he’s a real head Turner!!!!  (He also apologizes for his foster mom’s bad sense of humor!) Oh and don’t forget those adorable half lopped ears. They’re hard to resist and make him so easy to pet.


Turner is really outgoing and a fun bun to be around! He hasn’t been too crazy yet, but he certainly doesn’t stop moving for more than a few seconds when he’s out!


And boy does he do whatever he wants! Turner seems to be quite fearless. He’s the first bun I’ve had that just immediately ran into the kitchen and wasn’t at all phased by the tile floors. He just wants to see every inch of my apartment and he’ll nudge you right out of the way to get there!


So bunny proofing will be important with him to make sure he can’t disappear on you! He doesn’t seem to be a chewer, but he is an explorer and I would expect him to get into whatever space he wants!  Here he is trying to get into the bookcase! Look at the cute bum on that bun!


Turner likes his pats and does fairly well for a bun being picked up.  His litter box habits are pretty good. He definitely likes to rearrange his cage, so you’ll have to work with him on where he wants his box!


Does Turner sound like the bun for you? If you, give to hotline a call to find out more about him!


~HRN Fostermom


Hoppel is one of the Buffalo Rescue buns. He has warmed up so much and is so happy to be in a loving environment, that he just can’t contain himself. Not only does he keep himself thoroughly entertained, but he has impeccable litter-box habits, and he settles right down for pets. Do you have room in your home for all of Hoppel’s love?
Here is a sneak-peak of his binkying ways…

-Andy, fosterdad.

Jackson is a playful little guy. He does the greatest binkies, loves his
greens and wants lots of attention. He is a little shy at the beginning
but warms up quickly. He is very friendly with other buns and would be a
great bonding candidate. His only bad attitude is cooking hay soup in
his waterbowl. He gets spoiled in foster care. However, he deserves his
own forever home. He should not have to share his time.
He has very soft and silky fur and cannot really decide if he wants to
be a lop. His ears typically stand in a 75 degree angle. Very unique. My bunny Oliver is concerned about Jackson’s charm. That’s why he
contributed the following to the blog:
I am writing to you about my fosterbrother Jackson. Bunny parents and
bunny girls out there, you do need to adopt Jackson as soon as possible.
He is such a stunning cute little guy (at least that’s what my
girlfriend Marlo says) that I am afraid he will steal my mom and Marlo
from me. Please come by my home to meet him. I will lead you to him. I
promise that you won’t be disappointed by his charm.
Thank you, Oliver.

Thanks to fostermom Corrina for writing this blog.


UPDATE: Hobbs has continued to grow and turn into an even more loveable bun. Although he’s definitely growing up, his youthful energy is still in full force and the binkies are getting even better. He’s also starting to be a super bunny-500 sprinter, though he hasn’t quite figured out his brakes yet and sometimes, quite adorably, runs full speed into things. His personality is definitely shinning through. This bun is so explorative and playful, and he cannot be stopped.  Hobbs finds his way into everything and anything that interests him. He loves playtime and thoroughly uses it to explore as much as possible.

The best change in Hobbs has been his demand for attention! He was always a friendly bun, but now we can’t have him out without him jumping on to the couch and demanding some major attention.  And with his soft fur, you can’t resist patting him as long as he wants.

Hobbs is still waiting for his forever home. So if you want a young, fun, energetic bun who demands your love, give the hotline a call and ask about Hobbs!

What’s black and white and binkies all over? Hobbs!

Hobbs is quite the growing boy. He may seem like your average adorable rabbit, but after just a few minutes with him, you’ll learn that he’s a binky maniac. Hobbs has all the energy of a rabbit his age (about 5months) and then some… and then some more! No matter what space he’s in, he finds a way to get his binky fix-whether it’s back and forth on the small shelf in his cage or in the wide open play room. I’ve even seen him binky up the side of his cage Matrix style! Physics is apparently no match for Hobbs.


Out time is obviously filled with endless binkies and sprinting around. He’s very very explorative and is always trying to get into new rooms. In his adventures, he does also enjoy exploring wires- his forever home should be thoroughly bunny-proofed.


His energy does eventually run out and Hobbs will usually seeks some table to flop out underneath and catch his breath before the next round.


Despite his seemingly endless energy, Hobbs does also enjoy smooshing down for some good pats. He’s very comfortable with people petting him. However, he really does not like heights, like most rabbits, and struggles when being carried. But with all four on the floor, he does really well with being handled. His litter box habits are great and his growing body loves food.


Hobbs is a sweet, energetic, loving bun who will make a great addition to any household. His youth makes him exciting to watch and his outgoing personality holds great potential for a strong relationship with his forever family.


Do you like soft, sweet, energetic bunnies and have a house with great running room for this binky master? Is so, give the hotline a call- Hobbs could be the fun for you!

Pierce is our new foster bun. He is such a cutie pie. He looks exactly like another Plymouth bun we had, Basil. Well we wanted to see how much they were a like so we put Pierce into my lap. He settled right in and even scratched me when I stopped, just like Basil! These Plymouth buns are awesome!





~Erica, HRN fostermom

Watson is named after the Patriots’ young tight end, Ben Watson. Although they may not share many physical attributes, both these ‘up and comers’ are poised to make their mark.

Watson, a sweetie, will absolutely steal your heart. Only five months old, this little guy has boundless energy to burn! Given the chance to be out and about, he definitely capitalizes on the opportunity! Initially, he will dash off like a blur, and then stop on a dime, thanks to those snowshoe – like rear feet. You might see him popping up on his tippy toes to scan and sniff his surrounding area to figure out where to explore next.

He will dash over to a pillow to burrow a tunnel behind it with that perfect little nose. Or he might push the toys around with his front paws. Then again, he is not opposed to giving a toy a good toss with his teeth, either! Nosing around, chinning everything, he is a delight to behold.

Of course, all that activity means that our boy Watson needs some rest too. He will gladly spend his down time near you really enjoying it, if you give him pets and snuggles. He is OK with being held and cuddled as well, but as soon as he feels rested, he will squirm away to some new adventure. Just like a little kid. This is exactly what Watson is, in bunny years, that is! And this ‘little kid’ is an orphan.

Well YOU can change THAT! Just open your heart and your loving home to this adorable boy and we know he will bring you a lifetime of happiness.

Troy, HRN’s cute little nine months old foster bunny, is very much like his namesake, Troy Brown of the New England Patriots. Unimpressive at first glance, he will change your mind once you get to know him, just like Troy Brown has done with NFL fans for the past 15 years. Quick, agile, humble and loveable, yup that’s our “Troy boys” all right!

The big difference with HRN’s Troy is that he is just at the beginning his career. He has many “seasons” left to perform his binkies and flops for his fans. He loves to hang out too, sitting with them for pets and scritches.

Like most rabbits, Troy is full of natural curiosity. He will entertain you just by watching him explore his area. Off he goes with his sniffer in full scan mode to investigate all that comes across his path. He’ll stop to chin or nose objects one minute and then be standing up on his hindquarters trying to see, smell or hear where he should go, the next.

This snuggly, cuddly guy just wants to be part of a team of his own. He’d like that “team” to be a “forever loving home” where he could spend his career entertaining his fans just like Troy Brown has. So come off the sidelines and get in the game. By making our boy Troy your #1 draft pick, you will have scored, big time!

Donny is one of the bunnies from the Fitchburg rescue. Though just seven months old, this handsome young buck is filling out nicely. While he is a mixed breed, his extraordinary markings are reminiscent of a Himalayan, yet his build is athletic like a New Zealand. And that white spot on his nose, well that’s like the cherry on a sundae, the perfect complement to the entire package!

The next great thing is that Donny has a personality and temperament that match his good looks. He was easy to pick up, and you can tell he is strong when you get him in your arms. He was a cuddle boy once he was sure he was secure there.

Once out and about our boy was off to check out EVERYTHING! He zoomed about here there and everywhere, yet still came by for an occasional pet or snuggle. He is one sociable guy!

Our boy is definitely sports oriented as you can see by some of his pictures. Want to shoot some free throws, play some touch football or shoot a game of 8-Ball? Donny’s got game!

The one thing Donny doesn’t have is a “forever loving home”. How about being a “sport” yourself and making Donny a full time member of your household?

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