Lenny is a sweet boy who absolutely adores life.  He is a little white, jumping flash across your floor while you are watching TV, but as soon as he hears that treat bag crinkle… BOUNCE! There he is in your lap looking to share!
Lenny has FABULOUS litter habits. his cage is always immaculate. He only uses one corner of his litterbox, and uses the rest as a bed! He loves to do bunny flops and then lay there looking completely content with the world around him.

Lenny would make a fantastic bond candidate. He is very gentle and very curious of other bunnies. He is a very sweet and affectionate bun. he adores snuggle time, and will sit patiently while you groom him until your arms nearly fall off!

Lenny is such a well behaved boy that he even remains perfectly still for his nail trimming! He has fantastic manners and a great personality. The only thing this sweet bunny is missing is his forever home… Could that be you?

HRN member Robin recently had a visit with one of our new bunnies, Yoshi. Here is her experience with this handsome little guy:

“Yoshi is a love! Some bunnies are skittish when a
stranger approaches – but not Yoshi! He is sits nice
and still, happy to have someone give him some
attention and pats. I fell in love with him instantly.

He has pretty dark eyes, chubby cheeks and a cute
round body, characteristic of Netherland Dwarfs. I
believe he is a mix of dwarf and something else. His
fur is so soft and he enjoys being held, cuddled,
kissed and stroked. He acted like a happy little baby
in my arms! For a smaller bun, he sure is a brave
little one, happily tolerating my handling of him.

His sweet nature would make him a popular member of a
loving family. I have spent time with many buns – and
I must say Yoshi is one of the sweetest!”

Dale is a great example of the Holland Lop. According to, the Holland Lop is “a very sweet, affectionate animal that loves to play and hop around. The Holland Lop is a cute, delightful bunny with adorable floppy ears.” Named after his home country, Holland; this breed originated in the 1960’s.

Dale, a mellow fellow, whose cuteness quotient goes off the charts when you meet him in person, is comfortable being picked up and quite enjoys being petted. This little happy go lucky guy entertains you, and himself, as he romps about doing binkies, climbing over impediments and standing upright catching a whiff of a breeze!

As is true with most bunnies, Dale was a bit shy at first, but after a few minutes his natural curiosity kicked in and he set off to explore the area. Interestingly, as he nosed into every nook and cranny, he would only sniff around and chin objects in this path, no nibbling or chewing for this well-behaved boy!

This heartthrob may also woo you with a panoply of bunny flops. If you have not experienced this display of bunny bliss then I suggest you make an appointment to come visit this little showman!

Dale, the diminutive Red Sox fan, is looking for a new “team” that he can join up with. Do you think he could make it into your lineup and find his new “forever loving home”?

Blake, a member of the Fitchburg rescue, was just a couple of months old when he came into HRN’s care. This sweet, handsome white bun has striking pale violet eyes and a laid back nature. When passing by his cage you will notice his interest in you…. if able to speak, you would hear a request for some snuggles and playtime from this very agreeable, happy guy.

But once out and about, he’s exploring everthing, everywhere….from chinning, nibbling and tossing the toys, to climbing over and under the wooden tunnel, and occasionally he would stop by to check us out for a quick snuggle.

This young buck only has one small shortcoming… he doesn’t have a “forever loving home”…. yet! Come hang out with Blake and he just might convince YOU to change that part of his story.


Grant is also one of the Fitchburg bunnies, but being shy isn’t in his resume. He is like a whirlwind of a bun when given space to move about. He seldom lingers in any one spot for too long. He’s definitely a fun loving guy!

He loves tunnels of all sorts. One of his favorite things to do when we were with him was to run behind the cloth backdrop that was draped over the exercise pen wall. He would go back and forth and poke his nose or head out and turn around and go back to the opposite end and do the same thing. He had a blast!

This handsome guy is a Dutch mix and he has those tips of his ears that curl over ever so slightly that give him that cute little puppy-like look. He’ll sit still and thoroughly enjoy any pets you want to direct his way too!

If Dutch bunnies are the type to make your heart go pitter patter, Grant is definitely one you should consider making a permanent part of your home! With that face, how can you say no?

Special thanks to Shannon for her contributions to this posting :-)

I got a chance to see Blake for the first time in a while. When I first saw him, he was his trademark relaxed, sweet self. He was not much different that his adoption page persona. The photo absolutely captured his nature.

I am going to see him again in about a week, so expect a new picture. He is still a mellow dude, but he now is much more love and attention seeking. He knows he is a handsome devil, and that it is really best if you pet him *now*.

I think he would be great for a person who wants a close relationship with a bunny or even for a person looking to find a submissive, loving bunny to bond with their existing bunny. I think he stand a good chance to bond with a spunky, playful bunny. But, with bonding, you just never know whom your bunny will choose as a mate.

When you first meet Ozzie, unlike some bunnies, he doesn’t come right to door of his cage to see you. He’ll definitely scope you out, and his sniffer will be in overdrive to see if you are bearing any treats. Once you open the cage door though, he’ll eventually come to see you and that’s when you get the chance to scratch those beautiful “helicopter” ears. This definitely helps his shyness dissipate.

We took Ozzie out for a photo shoot after a cuddle and ear scratching session and he was as snuggly as could be while bringing him outside. Once he realized he was free to run around, he became like a kid at Christmas. He wanted to check out everything, was constantly on the go and threw in a few binkies for good measure. His ears bounced every which way as he scooted about doing twirls, jumps and head tosses. He was having a grand time!

We had great fun watching him interact with some of the props we brought out. The pictures prove testament to that.

Maybe you could picture yourself taking Ozzie with you to his new, forever loving home!

Ringo is one full of fun guy. He’s a ball of energy and always seems ready to “get up and go”. He especially likes to go to his cage door and check out who has opened it to visit him. He’ll lean out as far as possible to check you out and when you move in close, he won’t run away, instead he stays put and will probably put a big “kiss” or “nose wash” on you! If you’ve never been groomed by a bunny before, once you’ve experienced it, it’s easy to understand why this is considered the ultimate sign of bunny affection.

Recently we had a chance to bring Ringo out on the deck for a romp and he had a blast. He checked out every square inch, nosing and chinning everywhere, threw in a few binkies and occasionally stopped for a camera pose. It was a pleasure to watch him enjoy himself. His quickness made him a tough photographic subject to “catch up with”, but these photos will give you an idea of his good looks and might make you think about finding a place in your life for this special guy.

“Let’s see David Beckham try this!”

“Any bunny in there?”

“Pssst, where did you hide the goodies?”

“Wait, make sure you get my good side!”

“C’mon, loosen up. Let’s binky!”

This is the bun that had Emily and I running around and laying on our stomachs looking under sheds for 5 hours. There was no way we were going home without him. I’ve named him Bear because his face looks like an adorable teddy bear. He’s doing well and a lot more friendly than we expected. He was crawling all over me on the couch. He’s quite the nudger. He has hazel eyes. You can see the cut in his ear in the picture :-( He’s very skinny and is loving the constant supply of food. Although, he insists on tossing his food around including his raisins, as you can see :-) If you’re coming to the yard sale on June 2nd, you can meet him. Check out the events page on our website for more info.

~Erica, HRN fostermom, volunteer

My wife and I foster rabbits for the House Rabbit Network (HRN). A few days ago, my wife and I took in three new foster rabbits, which were transferred from the MSPCA.

One of the new foster bunnies, Jasper, is underweight and lethargic. He’s close to a pound beneath the healthy weight for a rabbit his size, which on a bunny currently weighing 3 pounds, 6 ounces is a significant problem.

We’ve been trying to get him to eat. Yesterday, my wife noticed that he had molar spurs. These are points on a rabbit’s ever growing teeth that cut the tongue and gums. This makes it next to impossible to eat.

We’ve scheduled a dental appointment for Tuesday (The earliest they could see him) but we needed to get him eating in the mean time.

The problem is, he hasn’t even been paying much attention to liquid or mash foods. The teeth are so bad, that merely swallowing appears to be painful.

We tried syringe feeding him, but he would simply let most the food drool out.

We got some pain medication and when giving him the first dose, I got an idea.

The food syringe is rather large, but the medicine syringe is only a milliliter. I got him to take the medicine by pushing the tip of the syringe past his molars and towards his throat. This is an old trick that gets the rabbit chewing on the syringe, but renders them unable to do anything but swallow the medicine.

As an experiment, I grabbed some of the baby food carrots I’d picked up for him (The critical care is too chunky at the moment to go into the syringe) and was able to give him four milliliters of purred carrot. About an hour later, I gave him another four.

Remembering Fuzzface’s medical problems, I knew that two to three feedings of ten milliliters of Critical Care will be needed for him to start gaining ground. If I mix the Critical care with water instead of water and Pear Sauce, I should be able to get it into the smaller syringe.

The sum of all this?

I now have a way to get him to eat until the vet can trim his teeth Tuesday.

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