My Dear Blossum

My Dear Blossum


 Unfortunately Blossum passed away today . She had an old bite  injury from when she was in the trailer in NY and it festered and got infected . She received the best vet care and medicine but she was too weak to fight it off. Her babies are old enough to live without her.

After a rough start to her life, Berta has come to HRN and has become such a remarkable little bunny. She took a little time to warm up, but has become a foster favorite. Her personality has so many facets. Here are a few of them.

She can be inquisitive…

She can be friendly… (when she wants a raisin)

She can be silly…

But most of all, she just wants to relax and be pet…

She’s so comfy on our couch, she just flops right down without a care in the world… berta-relax2

Do you have a place in your home for this precious bunny?

-Andy, fosterdad

Special thanks to Janet, Berta’s previous fostermom in West Unity, NH, for her contribution to this blog!

Hi, my name is Berta. My first foster Mom named me after a wonderful man named Albert who rescued me. Albert noticed me running around his yard in the summer along with my mate. We came across the street from the rich side of town. We kept getting bored in our cages so we liked to sneak out now and then. Our owners told Albert that they were tired of trying to catch us all the time and they just didn’t want us anymore. Now we were sad, scared, and on our own. We were just trying to have a little fun since no one ever bothered with us at our home anyway. One day my mate was run over by a car, and he just wouldn’t get up to play with me again. I soon knew I was pregnant too! In a few days my babies were born. I needed help, and I didn’t know how to take care of them. Someone caught one of my babies and I don’t remember what happened to the others. I was horrified now and all alone except for Albert. He watched me every day and put carrots and food outside for me. I would let him get close to me but not too close. It was nice of Albert to let me go in to his sheds all summer; he worried about me every day. Albert wondered where he could take me if he caught me. Now it was early November and started getting cold outside at night. Albert called his Humane Society in St Albans, VT to see if they could help me. They told Albert “No, we are not taking any animals because we are at war with City Hall! We are telling everyone to bring the animals to City Hall and open the door and let them loose!” Well Albert certainly wasn’t going to do that with me. So he called his vet and asked if she knew anyone who would want me. The vet gave Albert a nice lady’s phone number from Shelburne, VT. Then things happened fast! She emailed my first foster Mom and told her all about Albert and me. Then my first foster Mom emailed Suzanne at House Rabbit Network in Massachusetts and asked her if she would take me if Albert caught me! Yippee! Suzanne said yes, so my first foster Mom sent Albert a newsletter called Rabbit Tracks, which talked about ways that Albert could try to catch me. I didn’t realize Albert could be so sneaky. So sure enough, I hopped into a wire cage that had cornstalks all over it, and BANG! The doors slammed down and I was stuck in there with bananas! Next thing I know I am in Albert’s living room in his dog’s crate and he is on the phone telling someone he caught me! So then, I went on this long journey. A lady picked me up and brought me to her house. Then her sister took me all the way to West Lebanon, NH. Help! Why are we stopping in this Burger King parking lot in the dark? Am I doomed? Don’t they eat animals in there? Oh no, here comes another car and now I am going into this one. Oh good, we are leaving Burger King and heading to West Unity now! Well, here I am at my Foster Mom’s home. Look at all these animals in this house! I like my new cage and all my friends in this rabbit room! There are even rabbits in the living room. Oh the poor guinea pigs, they have to move into the bedroom now! They won’t be able to enjoy us all thumping and chewing on the cage bars at night. I like playing in the hall! My foster Dad even puts me on the bed to hop around! They are sooooo nice to give us so much of the house. I suppose they will have to be moving into that big old barn way out back soon where the coyotes hang around. After all, it looks like we are taking over the house. That is so nice of them! Just think that in a few months I will make it to Massachusetts to see Suzanne, and finally look for my forever home. Then I can send happy pictures of me to my first foster Mom and Dad in that old barn in West Unity, so they will see how happy I am now. I’ll also send pictures to Chernobyl, my rabbit friend, who is keeper of the house there now. He still lets my foster Mom and Dad come in from the barn to use the kitchen. He will do anything for them!

Well, now I am living in the Boston area with my new foster parents. They are really nice! They keep telling me how cute I am and that I will be sure to get my own forever loving home real soon. Sounds like a plan to me!

So, if you would like to meet me and see if we are compatible with each other, just give the HRN hotline a call at 781-431-1211 or E-mail them (whatever that is?) at and we can set up a “date”. See you soon! Binkies from Berta :)

4/13/08: Tanya is a lovely girl who thoroughly enjoys her playtime, in fact, if it was up to her, she would be a free-range bunny – and, her foster mom, Lorna, says that she has excellent litter box habits!

Her curiosity knows no bounds, she not only likes to explore horizontally but vertically, as well. Place a box, chair or whatever in her play area and this little “mountain goat” will navigate her way to the top of it!

Once Tanya has explored every corner of the room, and is ready to recline for a brief respite, she’ll then enjoy some pets. This sweet, gentle bunny is so pretty with her snow-white front paws and soft, luxurious salt and pepper fur.

Tanya, having been in foster care for while, yearns for a forever loving home of her own now. Come pay her a visit and you just might want to make her wish come true! Call the HRN Hotline at 781.431.1211 or email to make an appointment to come see Tanya today.

Special thanks go out to HRN volunteer & Felix’s foster Mom, Lorna, for all her help with this blog posting!

7/27/08 – I am sad to report that little Clover passed away yesterday afternoon :( Her spirit will live on as she passes The Bridge into the fields of green. She will be missed.

As rare as a four leaf clover in a field of green, so is this dainty little girl. Meet Clover.


Hi! My name is Clover. I’m a tiny, young, chinchilla colored dwarf with big, dark eyes and beautiful lashes. Just a little pip-squeek of a thing. I was part of a seizure case up in VT where the man who owned us, quickly became overwhelmed with 4-legged furries. So myself, along with some of my other friends, eventually ended up here, in the care of the House Rabbit Network.


I not much of a talker. I’m actually very quiet and love to snuggle on a towel or a soft bed in my cage (like I’m doing right now). I’m pretty shy and my needs are quite simple. This world is just so big and scary and I’m such a little thing. I’m learning that I do like greens, but I never knew what those were before I came here. I’m also learning that being pet and cuddled by a human is so very nice. I think that with a quiet, caring and loving home, my true personality will eventually shine. I’m truly hoping that, like a four-leaf clover, I will be lucky enough to find a home of my own. But only you can give me that chance. Will you? Please do. I would love to go to my very own home.

Love, Clover

This is Jasper (the orange and black bun with the striking blue eyes) and his new friend Mimi (the white dwarf bun who was one of the Plymouth Bunnies). As some of you may know, Matt and I have been working with Jasper since February to figure out a mysterious health problem. Up till now, we haven’t been able to list Jasper as adoptable because he was too skinny and couldn’t seem to keep his weight up in a normal range. Karen, the SPCA volunteer who brought Jasper to us in February, had told us that he seemed to really like having another bunny or guinea pig for company. Since he wasn’t bonded to anyone though, we didn’t want to give him a new friend until we knew that his health problems weren’t something more serious.

After months of working with Dr Kruse from VCA Wakefield, we’d ruled out most of the serious medical issues that might have been the cause. The problem was that we still needed to syringe feed Jasper at least once every 2 days to help him keep his weight up. What was wrong with this bunny?

In desperation, we finally got permission from Suzanne to try introducing Jasper to Mimi, one of the Plymouth Bunnies, to see if a little companionship might give him reason to be healthy.

I’m pleased to say that bonding is going extremely well for them. Jasper is now eating enough to keep his weight steady. We’d still like to see him gain a bit of weight, but not having to syringe feed him is a huge relief. He’s also grooming and taking much more interest in life now, he even plays sometimes. I’m looking forward to having these two adorable bunnies completely bonded, healthy, and ready to start a new life.

4/18/07 UPDATE: Despite all of our best efforts and the best veterinary care, Flower passed away on Monday, April 16th with those who loved her and helped her throughout this journey. Her abscess surgery had gone rather well the week before. However, upon further testing, we believe she had cancer and her abscess was also a lot worse than we originally thought. This little rabbit had gone through so much in the short 2.5 months that I shared my home with her. She was by far the sweetest, most loving rabbit I’ve ever known in the last 10 years of having house rabbits. Even though life was not kind to her in the end, she clearly loved life and those around her. “The little Flower-child” will be sorely missed by all that knew her.

3/20/07 UPDATE: Flower’s latest act is to climb, yes climb, the 30″ baby gate and “kerplop” on the other side. That’s how bad she wanted to be with me in the other room yesterday morning. I kept hearing this little scratching and then “kerplop!”. There she was, in the hall running to me as I came in. I put her back in the room and hid behind the wall, only to watch her do it again! She’ll go down the stairs, but will only go on the big stairs. Once she hits the small steps, forget it…back up she comes. She’s quite the character, this little girl.

3/3/07 UPDATE: So Flower is becoming more and more comfy at my home. Meaning someone had better adopt her quick! If you’re looking for a bun that has puppy-like qualities, she’s your girl. She follows me EVERYWHERE. I’m in the bathroom, she’s there. I’m brushing my teeth, she’s there between my legs looking up at me. She knows the sound of the “bunny cabinet” opening too. I shake the container of cranberries and the black and white streak of lighting comes to my feet, begging for her morning or nightly treat. Tonight I was lying on the floor with her, she climbs on my stomach, lays into the crook of my arm and starts grooming me (bunny kisses). She LOVES to be all over you, involved in everything you’re doing. I think she could be bonded to another bun, but I also think she’d be a perfect single bun or even a first-time bunny owner bun. Yup! A Flower truly is the Sweetest Thing!

2/11/07 UPDATE: Flower has recovered beautifully from her spay and her newest thing is to give bunny kisses. She loves to snuggle right into your arm or rest her head on your leg, while being pet. Her eyes gently close and it’s quite clear she’s in bunny heaven.

And that’s exactly what this little bun named “Flower” is…a sweet little thing. Flower was picked up as a stray in Salem, MA and HRN was called. Apparently she was skin and bones and the vet clinic that she was turned into almost euthanized her due to her poor condition. Thankfully they didn’t and nursed her back to health.

I picked her up last Tuesday and from then on, she stole my heart and that of my family’s as well. Flower is a 5 lb., black and white mini rex. The vet estimates her to be about 3 years old. She could definitely stand to gain a little more weight, which we are working on now. She had no problem settling in and making my home hers. She had a small problem with her tooth that was taken care of and was put on antibiotics. She willingly takes her meds every morning and night. In fact, as soon as she sees me coming she runs right over and basically drinks the meds from the syringe.

When she first got here, for the first few days, she would want to snuggle and be held. Now that she’s been here for over a week, she’s still okay to be held, but she’d rather lay beside me or sit on my lap. She’s so curious as to everything that is going on around her. As soon as someone new walks in the room…she’s there! Begging for pets and lovins’ and running circles around their feet. I was sitting on the floor last night and she crawls into my lap, puts her paws on my chest and starts sniffing my face all over. She has no problem on the hardwood floors either. In fact she runs from the tile to the hardwood to the rug, without a care. Her head shakes and binkies are the best! Her litter box habits are impeccable (better than my own bun) and I would have no doubt she could quite possibly be a free range bun.

I don’t know what her past was like or why someone would just let this bunny go, to fend for herself in the wild, but apparently her past is already forgotten. Flower is just about the sweetest, most personable bunny I’ve ever met. She loves everyone and so far everyone that has met her, loves her as well!

Flower was just spayed and will be available for adoption in the upcoming weeks. This little girl will make some one or some family very lucky!

~Shannon: HRN Volunteer/Member

Matt and I were finally able to bury our sweet bunny, Fuzzface, today at Hillside Acres in Methuen. (Don’t get me started on why its taken 5 months to bury her. It makes me angry when I think about it.)

I still think about Fuzz on a regular basis. For the most part these days, the memories are nostalgic and a little bittersweet, but mostly happy. I’d been able to get some distance from my grief over the past few months. Today was really hard though, I don’t feel like I’ve lost her all over again, but I do feel freshly the sense of emptiness from her absence.

We buried Fuzz with a collection of Beanbag’s fur from his spring shedding, some fresh basil and mint from our garden, some dried blueberries, cranberries, and apple. I thought it might make her happy to be surrounded by some of her favorite things now that she finally has a place to rest. I got the chance to talk to her, I stroked her cheek and her ears one last time and told her about how Beanbag is doing alright now that he has other bunnies for company again, I told her about volunteering for the House Rabbit Network and how I would never have found my way here if it hadn’t been for her. I said the traditional mourner’s kaddish for her in Hebrew. Matt commended her spirit to God and told her that we’d be looking for her when our time comes. We both watched as they put Fuzz’s box in the ground. We each placed a shovel of dirt into the hole and stood by as the hole was filled and the grass was replaced on the surface. They put a temporary marker in the ground and gave us a set of keys to the gate so we can come visit any time we like. I’ve found a place where I can get a memorial stone made for her with a photograph of her etched into its surface. We’ll come back to visit, place the memorial stone, and plant a couple basil plants for her in a month or so.

I miss my curious little grey bunny. There’s just no way to fill the place where she fit into my heart.

Ky & Shookie are a bonded pair who have survived some rather interesting experiences. Ky was found by a park ranger in a Connecticut state park known to be infested with coyotes. The ranger along with the the local animal rescue officials were completely at a loss to explain how this friendly bun had survived for at least a few weeks in such conditions. Once he’d been brought to a shelter, he became well liked for his easy going disposition and curious nature.
Shookie was another bunny already in the custody of the Connecticut animal shelter where Ky was placed by the park rangers. Shy and retiring by nature, the shelter’s staff asked our HRN staff to consider taking Shookie out of the shelter at the same time as Ky. The shelter’s staff felt that Shookie would be happier in a foster home. Little did they know that these 2 buns were meant to meet. The two have become inseparable since their arrival at the HRN.
Shookie tends to be the quieter of the pair. Ky, outgoing and active, tends to take the lead. Both love occasional attention from their humans. When given the chance for some out time, Ky will typically explore and investigate while Shookie is contented to find a toy or two to play with interupted by occasional bouts of grooming.

Chestnut is a beautiful, active, serene bunny that’s remarkably good at communicating with humans. While she is a fairly large bunny, she doesn’t have the pudge typically associated with inactivity. She obviously enjoys time out of her cage when given the opportunity. Chestnut’s got a stunning cream & charcoal brindled Harlequin coat that photos can’t do any justice. You just have to sink your fingers into her inch and a half long, luxuriously layered fur to know that this is a bunny who knows how to take care of herself. She’s meticulous with her grooming habits and the cleanliness of her cage. While she’s willing to be held for short periods of time, she is a bit insecure about the process of being picked up.
On the other hand, she’ll happily sit beside you for a full bunny massage, grinding her teeth to show her pleasure. Chestnut likes to have space to stretch out in as well as toys and new curiosities on a regular basis to engage her active mind. She enjoys having a multi-level cage at her foster-home where she can retreat from interaction or present herself at the front of her cage for your attention and admiration.

Chestnut’s calm demeanor and laid back attitude are a great part of her charm. She’ll be happy to just kick back with you, or check out the latest toys you have to offer. Her easy-going nature makes her a pleasure to interact with and her clear communication style is unusual in a bunny of her size.

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