This weekend I got the chance to meet Ricochet, or Rick O’Shea as his foster-mom prefers. Rick is a sweet little boy with tons of energy and personality. While he loves to kick his heels up and run, he’s also got a lot of lap-bunny in him. As he was settling down in his new cage at Suzanne’s foster-home, he seemed rather calm and easy-going about the move. Many bunnies get stressed out by changes in their environment, but Rick didn’t seem to be phased. He spent some quality time sitting in my lap getting snuggles which he seemed to enjoy immensely. All in all, he’s a very happy and outgoing fellow with a lot to share with the world

Matt and I spent a couple hours this week volunteering by transporting Cheryl’s foster-bunnies Maxine, Travis, Picasso, & Rick O’Shea, to Suzanne’s house. Why the bun taxi, you ask? As various rabbits get adopted and find their homes, its imporant for both buns and foster-families that we keep an even balance at each home. When the bunnies rotate to a different foster-home, they might have the chance of being seen by a different group of potential adopters than they would have at their previous foster-home. This also makes sure that each foster-home has a reasonable number of bunnies for the foster-parents to care for without getting emotionally or physically exhausted by the daily needs of the rabbits. (Hey, you try cleaning, feeding, and caring for all those rabbits! Its a tough job and those who do it should be respected.) While there are always volunteers helping out at each of the foster homes, caring for these rabbits is still a 24 hour-a-day job.

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