We have a very special Easter-themed post from Randi this week, and we can’t thank her enough. This is an excellent post well worth reading!

There are so many rabbits out there who have been neglected, dumped, and forgotten about. And there are quite a few reasons (excuses, cough cough) for this awful occurrence, one of which is Easter. Most rescued bunnies end up in their position because people get their kids a rabbit for Easter and don’t realize the commitment that it takes. Therefore the rabbit is too difficult for them to take care of and the kids lose interest, so the poor little rabbit is dumped outside to fend for himself. Also, don’t forget that it is very easy for an un-spayed female rabbit to become pregnant, which will only add to the over-population of neglected house rabbits. So please help take the dread out of this holiday, and don’t adopt a rabbit if you aren’t serious or entirely sure.

Another problem is people choosing breeders over rescues/shelters. This is a MAJOR idea to keep in mind when deciding to get a house rabbit. I must warn you that you will become very tempted by all of the cute pictures of your favorite rabbit breeds from rabbitries. I have been in this position before, so please take it from me, that rescues are the way to go. Adopting from a rescue will save you the $200-$500 that you would’ve spent to get your rabbit spayed/neutered plus you won’t have to figure out what your bun’s personality is yourself. There are a lot of popular rabbit breeds in shelters too, but more so, you must keep personality and your connection to the rabbit in mind (which is a whole other topic). Hopefully you have an idea about why to get rabbits from rescues, and a fun-fact for when you’re on the internet looking for adoption centers is to always stay away from the words FOR SALE, BREEDERS, RAISING, RABBITRY, and SHOWING.

Now that you know the benefits of adopting rather than buying rabbits, I must ask, what is the point in buying from a breeder? If everyone stops buying from breeders and adopts instead, then breeders will eventually get the message that we’re not going to support them anymore. Then they won’t breed as much and many rabbits in shelters/rescues have a better chance of finding their forever homes, not to mention you won’t miss out on getting the rabbit(s) that you were meant to have.

So now you have seen my point of view as to why you should get your rabbit(s) from rescues/shelters, and as Easter rapidly approaches,
we have to think of the rabbits so that we remember not to put any of their lives at risk. If we all work together, hopefully this year we can reduce the size of “Easter bunnies” and rabbit breeders.

Now, please enjoy some pictures of Randi’s buns, Romeo & Juliet!
Pretty bunny
Bun in a tunnel!