Bonded Pairs & Trios

Gwyneth and Topsey
I wanted to post an update on this amazing couple. I have cared for many rabbits in my time and it is often times the ones that are a bit “difficult” in the beginning that become your greatest joys. That is certainly the case with these two. Gwyneth came to us rather urgently from a shelter who stated that she had been returned because she was a biter. They would likely have to put her to sleep if we didn’t take her. It turns out that she was adopted out to a family with a lot of small children and while sometimes rabbits live happily with a growing family, I don’t think that was the case with our Gwyneth. I wasn’t sure if she was a Lionhead or perhaps only part Lionhead because she didn’t have much of a mane. I now think someone may have cut her beautiful tuft of hair. I think that those kids were just not handling her the way that she needs to be handled. She needs to know she is safe and won’t be dropped or harmed in any way. Needless to say, she was a bit skittish. But, she hasn’t shown one ounce of aggression since they day she came to stay with us. On the contrary, she runs right up for pets and loves just to sit and let you pet her all day. She doesn’t mind being picked up. She didn’t like go out and explore much though until we introduced her to her new handsome boyfriend, Topsey.

Hello from Skippy and Noodles!  We are a bonded pair.  We are HRN ‘sanctuary’ rabbits.  What exactly IS a sanctuary rabbit you might ask…..well….it is a rabbit with a health issue that will remain for the extent of that rabbit’s life….cancer, infections, head tilt….there are numerous reasons that a rabbit would be given the sanctuary status.  The members of HRN do not believe in euthanizing rabbits just because they have health issues.  As long as there is life, there is hope.  As a sanctuary rabbit, I am incredibly grateful for the volunteers and foster homes of HRN….if I had been in a ‘regular’ shelter, I would have been dispatched over the Rainbow Bridge a long time ago!

Let me introduce myself and my bond mate.  I am Skippy….a neutered Harlequin lop….my bestest friend in the entire world is Noodles, a gorgeous spayed Dutch….of course she has gotten a little chunky in the past year or so because she eats the food that my foster mom leaves for me, but I love her, no matter what shape she is in….round is, after all, a shape!  The reason that I am in sanctuary is because I have an abcess in my right ear….and I have had to have a couple of teeth pulled….if the abcess would continue draining that would be a good thing, but unfortunately, it closes up, and that is when my troubles start.  Noodles does her best, she is amazing at grooming me and taking care of me, but still this nasty thing persists!  I know that I am probably never going to get better, but I would love to have a forever home where I could live out the rest of my numbered days with Noodles and a family who loves me.  It takes a special sort of person to adopt an animal with a pre existing condition….but I just know that there is a family out there for me and Noodles!  Could you open your heart and home to the two of us….I promise you, you will gain far more than you give….


Noodles and Skippy

sunday morning with dad

Hello Friends and Fans!!!!

Eskie here again! I wanted to share some photos that show how we start off each and every day. This photo was taken on a Saturday, so our
Foster Dad wasn’t in his ‘go to work’ clothes.

Every morning at 6:00 our Foster Mom comes down stairs and lets out the cat, takes out the dogs, gives Jenna her breakfast, and then and comes
to let us out of our sleeping crate.

Soon we hear our Dad’s footsteps on the stairs. MoMo and I come RUNNING from wherever we are and anxiously await his arrival on the sunporch. He comes
and sits down to chat with us and he feeds us BANANA CHIPS!!!!!! Now we know that there isn’t a bunny out there who can survive on banana chips as a
steady diet….it would be like you humans eating only chocolate…..but they really do make the best occasional treat! Mom says you need to have something
really, really special for training treats. Well, banana chips, dried blueberries (from Trader Joe’s) and raisins are the BEST! MoMo and I would do just about
ANYTHING for these treats!

When we first came to stay at our Foster Home, we were not exactly ‘interactive’ family members. We did our thing, and the rest of the family did their thing. This did not
work for Mom. She has this weird idea that everyone in the household is family, and we all need to be an active part of that family. Over the past month
we have learned that there is nothing to fear in this house. We know that the humans are a source of food and love (but mostly food….Mom calls us her
little furry pigs), that the dogs are friends (well, with the exception of Jenna…..she is probably very nice, but she is just too spastic….she jumps, she barks,
she hops, and she takes our Romaine ribs to eat, which in my opinion is just plain rude. Someone needs to teach her some manners!) And the cat just pretends that we
don’t really exist….he walks by in the morning on his way outside with his little pushed in nose very high up in the air….Last week MoMo wanted some fun, so she lunged
and growled at him as he walked past…..and…..MoMo frightened the big, brave, hunter cat! It was SOOOOO funny. I just know that Mom could hear me and MoMo
laughing….and she laughed too.

So, how did Mom and Dad and the Boy Who Lives At Home get us to be comfortable? Well, they were very, very patient. They talk to us constantly. The very gently introduce
new behaviors. When we do something good we get rewarded with minimal treats. At first when Dad would sit on the step, I would run up, grab the banana chip, and run away
where MoMo would try and steal the treat from my mouth. If Dad tried to touch us, we would run away…..FAST! Now we go up and beg for the treat. We stand up. We allow
ourselves to be patted and skritched. We ask for more. Training bunnies can be done….it just takes a little longer than training a dog. Tolerance, Time and Treats…..that about
sums it up.

Until later,
Yours in fuzziness,

MoMo is asleep, stretched out under the table, but I wasn’t tired, so I thought I would go exploring. It is AMAZING everything you can see when you get up off the floor. It isn’t warm and sunny in the chair today, and Mom has the window closed, so the smells aren’t nearly as interesting as they
have been, but I love looking outside. Mom says that when the rain stops she will use a leash and harness and take me and MoMo outside.

Did you know that you can walk a rabbit? Well, actually, the rabbit walks you. We hop where we like, and the human follows along behind. MoMo and I are pretty amazed at how easy it is to train a human! But, back to the leash… rabbits should never have a collar around our necks, but there are
special harnesses that go around our chests and front legs that are just fine to use. We also need to have an elastic leash. A leash with a collar and regular unforgiving leash would be very easy for us to get injured, break our backs or necks.

There are a couple of other precautions that NEED to be taken before you take your bunny outside… PLEASE don’t think that you will be able to walk your rabbit down the street like you would a dog! Well, that would just be SILLY!! I mean, really, just picture it! If you want a dog to walk, get a dog because we are ‘prey animals’ it is hardwired into our brains to not like wide open spaces. All of that real estate and air makes a rabbit feel very vulnerable. It is up to you, the human, to make sure that the great outdoors is as secure as possible for your rabbit. That means finding a SAFE place, a fenced in back yard would be perfect. But don’t take our leash and harness off. You would be surprised how easy it is for us to hide or to find a hole in a fence! Never, never, ever take us to a park, or near a road, where there are cars, strange dogs, or people who don’t know proper bunny behavior, all of those things can be really, really scary! My Mom takes us out to her fenced in vegetable garden (she says it is funny that she originally put in the fence to keep rabbits OUT of her veggie garden) where she lets us stretch our legs a little and nibble on the lettuce or spinach leaves. She doesn’t even let us walk to the garden, she carries us there. Mom would NEVER run the risk of letting us pull the leash out of her hand.

Once you get the proper harness and leash though, as a human, you could start something called ‘clicker training’, which is just a controlled way to give a rabbit positive reinforcement for doing a wanted behavior. Rabbits don’t like being bored. When we get bored, we tend to be naughty. Clicker training keeps our bunny minds busy. We can learn agility courses like dogs, or do ‘rabbit jumping’ which is sort of like steeple chase events for horses. There is another reason to clicker train your rabbit… it builds the bond between bunnies and their humans and it is FUN!

Well, I am off to explore the family room, and possibly annoy that skinny little dog… more later


Hello! Hello! My name is Eskie.

Eskie, move over, let me introduce myself….my name is MoMo!

MoMo, do you ALWAYS have to take the spotlight? Everyone ALWAYS comments on how beautiful you are. How gorgeous your ears are. What a spectacular color you are…..Do you have any idea how annoying that can be??? Especially if you are the agouti colored (read boring) sister who has one ear up and one ear down!

Fine, Eskie, YOU tell people about us! I am just going to jump up into the chair and look out the window, and enjoy the Spring weather. You are so much better at dealing with the mundane……I will just sit here in a sunbeam and be beautiful….it is, after all, what I do best!

Well, now that we have that figured out, let me introduce us. We are Eskie, and MoMo. Sisters. Born to Tiger Lily (RIP) who came to HRN with last Summer’s Great Angora Rescue from a hording situation in Canada. We are two girls from a litter of six. Our brothers Maple and Klondike have found their forever homes. MoMo and I live in a multispecies foster home, our sisters are in an all rabbit foster home outside of Boston.

Our names are ‘officially’ Eskimo and Molson… know, keeping with that whole Canada ‘thing’…..but our foster mom thought that those names weren’t ‘girly’ enough, so we became Eskie and MoMo.eskiemomo6

We just turned a year old May 1st, so we are still learning how to become interactive members of a family. We are free range bunnies who only spend time in our bed when it is night time, or when Mom leaves the house. We HATE being in our bed! We much prefer to be chillin’ under the table or chair. We have impeccable manners and wouldn’t think of messing outside of our litter box. MoMo and I LOVE our diet! We get unlimited hay, and a whole GARDEN of fruits and vegetables and herbs. We actually don’t get pellets, which is fine with us. Not ALL bunnies do! Our foster mom is something called a ‘gardener’ so she goes outside and brings in herbs and pear branches and grape vines. This morning for breakfast we had a Spring salad mix, baby bell peppers, pineapple, strawberries, and celery. For dinner we are going to have more salad mix, some kolorabi, a few carrots, a few grapes, and some Romaine.

Our foster dad is wonderful. He is pretty new to dealing with bunnies, but he has found the way to our hearts. Every morning, when he comes downstairs to go to work, he sits on the step and gives us each a banana chip…..then he skritches our ears. We LOVE our foster dad!

Because we are Angora rabbits we need daily grooming. All of that nasty fur could cause something called ‘wool block’ if we were allowed to ingest our fur during grooming. Apparently wool block is a bad thing, and can be really bad for bunnies……so our foster mom brushes us every day. We are getting used to the brushing….it really isn’t so bad….and mom tells us how beautiful we are! Then……she uses our fur to make something called yarn…..more on that later… is time for dinner!!!

Love, Eskie (and MoMo)

Hello! My name’s Ally. I’m one of a pair but I’ll let my other half talk for herself. In case you hadn’t noticed…I’m a rabbit. With lovely soft fur. Unlike the other rabbits on this blog, I can type. My hobbies are eating (I’m very fond of that), being petted — although I’m a little shy about it at first — and having fun. I’m still exploring the having fun bit. I like digging and exploring paper bags and my favorite place in my new foster home is our cardboard box. It gives me endless hours of joy. I’m shy and curious in turns. If I feel scared, I like to dive behind Primrose. She’ll protect me — or go first. I’m a sweet little being with a comical gene. I’m small for a lop but not a dwarf or anything. I’ll post more pictures when I get the chance so you can see just how adorable I am. Primrose and I have been through a lot together. She’s my bestest friend.

Hi! I’m a shy adventurer looking for a forever home with my friend Ally. I’m soft and furry too. They named me Primrose though I’m not sure why. Maybe I reminded them of someone they knew called Primrose. I wonder if she has whiskers as fine as mine? I’m quite curious and I like stretching out on nice cool spots on the floor. I’m braver than Ally a lot of the time but I’m still cautious — as anybunny should be in a new place. Once I settle a bit though, I’ll make myself quite at home. I enjoy tunnels of any kind and I LOVE carrots. Do look us up if you’ve got a heart and a house for some cute furry friends.

Many thanks to foster parents, Melissa & Justin, for their contributions to this blog!

These two unique buns are best of friends.

Chanel has brown ears, a brown nose, and brown feet that make it look like she is wearing shoes. Chanel is very soft with fur like a Rex and she really enjoys being pet and is very playful.

Cashmere has black ears, some black spots on her back and dark black raccoon eyes. Cashmere has big fluffy fur that she keeps very clean. Cashmere is a little shy, but once she sees Chanel getting some attention, she gets interested and hops on over.

They love to cuddle together and are constantly playing together, running together and hopping over each other.

The girls have great litterbox habits. They would like to live in a home where they can have plenty of room to run and explore and to flop down and take a nap. Their favorite foods are banana and hay. If you would like to adopt these cuddle buns, give the HRN hotline a call at 781-431-1211 to speak with an adoption counselor or E-mail us at

If House Rabbit Network was looking to start a “Bunny Olympics” gymnastics team, we think that Bert and Betty would be their respective team captains….

These two just LOVE their playtime. Once comfortable with their surroundings, all you need to do is stand back and watch. There goes Bert with an amazing bounce over a foot straight up in the air. Not to be outdone, Betty throws in one of her amazing 360 degree spins and then dashes off with a kick. These bunnies delight in binkying every which way. One is popping up while the other is gliding through the air; honestly, it’s a wonder they don’t have a mid-air collision. To watch them play so joyfully just plain makes you laugh out loud!

When Betty and Bert slow down a bit for a break, you can see they are very devoted to one another.

It is so sweet how they groom and snuggle close to one another. Their litter box habits are excellent, as well!

This adorable pair can be a bit shy but the good news is that their foster mom, Suzanne, has been working patiently with them, and they are now beginning to enjoy some pets. With some patience and lots of love, the right person or family will easily be able to make these bunnies feel safe and comfortable in their forever home.

Give the HRN hotline a call at 781-431-1211 today to set up a time to visit with Betty and Bert. They might just steal your heart!

UPDATE 4/11/09: ADOPTED! Mother and daughter are snuggling comfortably in the home of their forever loving family tonight :)
Brownie and Isabel are a friendly, sweet pair of bunnies that love to snuggle all the time. Even though they look nothing alike, they are mother and daughter. We rescued Isabel from a law enforcement case and she quickly had a litter of babies.

Brownie has always been attached to her mother. Being a young bun, she is very athletic and loves to dance, bounce, jump, twirl, and dash around! She comes right to the edge of the cage to check out everything that is going on!

Isabel, on the other hand, is a gentle, graceful, calm bunny that appears to glide along as she moves. She enjoys being petted, in fact, she’ll smoosch right down for LOTS of pets :) Isabel is a beautiful girl with long, soft, fluffy fur that needs to be brushed on a regular basis. Both have excellent litter box habits.

Can we ‘boogie down” with you? Give us a call at 781-431-1211 and we’ll set something up :)

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