Bonded Pairs & Trios

Special thanks go out to HRN volunteer, Lorna, for all her help with this blog posting!

Wow, am I having fun binkying in the playroom at my foster mom’s house! By the way, let me introduce myself, I am Taloolah and the cute black lop you see in some of the other pictures is my sister, Zia. This is the BEST when we are at play. I mean, so many fun things to do like dashing in and out of the cardboard tube, playing with all the toys strewn about, or just sitting around chewing on cardboard boxes! Somebody that was visiting called me a “mountain goat” ‘cause I have fun climbing up on couches, chairs, boxes and most anything – the name made me giggle.

My foster mom is soooo sweet. She is really patient with us. You see, unfortunately, in the past we have been moved around a lot for various reasons, so we have had to look to each other for comfort. However, gradually, we are working through our shyness issues. Little by little, we are reaching out and trusting. We are feeling a sense of empowerment, like when we began accepting papaya and carrots from my foster mom’s hands. Kudos to us! And we will tolerate being held but we are just not loving it yet. I am getting more snuggly and when my foster mom pets me, it sort of tickles so I groom myself at the same time – she thinks this is really funny :) Zia, my sister, is very gentle and loves her running time. Honestly, a home of our own would be so satisfying now with someone who is kind and gentle and who would love us for who we are.

“Ya know, I’m not crazy with the “being picked up” deal, so can I PLEASE get back down now???”

I was just wondering. Is it possible for a cute bunny to have “puppy dog eyes”? What do you think?

“Hey, Zia.” “Yeah, Taloolah?” “Maybe if we put our heads together, we can figure out how to look really cute for a picture.” “I think we just did!”

“Hay, it’s not just for breakfast anymore!”

“And, oh yes, parsley is one of my favorite food groups too!”

“C’mon folks, somebody out there must be looking for a couple of cute bunnies like us! How about calling the Hotline at 781-431-1211 or e-mailing and a human will get back to you.”

Many thanks to HRN foster mom, Lorna, for all her contributions to this blog post.

Look at these gorgeous Flemish Giant buns. They are soooo cute! Since they are still youngsters, we expect them to get quite a bit larger.

Both are very loving and remind you of puppies: everything is new and curious, and food is so important, they trip over each other getting to the bowl. McGraw was sitting in front of the fridge the other night helping himself to the huge bag of carrots. :)

They both seem to have a laid back personality, which is true of many large buns, and love attention, especially being petted. They would need a very large cage to live in, or better yet, an extra tall exercise pen to reside in (McGraw is a high jumper) or their own room.

Their litter box habits could use some improvement, but again they are young.

Faith & McGraw are hoping you will come by for a visit and decide that they are the buns for you! Please call the Hotline, 781-431-1211, to speak with an adoption counselor.

Autumn and Amber may be small, but what they lack in size, they make up for in character. This pair of ladies are sweeties! They’re a little timid at first, but really enjoy exploring…as long as they’re together. They’re very strongly bonded and rarely leave each other’s sides.


Amber is part jersey wooley, and commonly known as “Squish Face” for that adorable fur-hidden grin. We’re not sure if there’s a chin under all that fur either, but that’s OK. Her unusual appearance makes her fun to watch. Don’t be fooled by her bug eyes- even when she’s flopped out resting or chowing down on her greens, those eyes look like they’re about to jump out. She’s shedding right now (as you can see the growing patch of new fur on her back), but her new fur is growing in nicely. In the meantime, she looks extra extra funny. All her little quirks add up to one adorable bunny.


Autumn isn’t quite as unique looking as her partner, but has a gorgeous silvery coat. She’s the more explorative of the two and usually is the one to initiate adventure time. She’s a sweet girl who takes great care of Amber, grooming her often. Autumn is a little vocal at times when she doesn’t want you in messing around in her cage.


Both girls are pretty timid, but it’s really nice to see what comfort they find in each other. They would do well in a calmer home where their forever family could work on building a strong relationship. They have good litterbox habits and absolutely LOVE their hay.  They enjoy their out time a lot- Autumn binkies often and Amber occasionally joins in as well. They’re also pretty good around furniture and would probably do well free-range.


This pair may be a bit shy, but they’ll work their way into your heart before you know it. Their strong bond and unique appearance make them a joy to watch.


jasmine.jpgJasmine is a very sweet bunny that’s full of energy. She loves to lie on the couch when she’s all tuckered out.

But Jasmine has a secret! Her tummy hair never grew back after her spay. Instead she has a cool mohawk that grew just over her spay scar. It just adds to her crazy personality :-)


~Erica, HRN fostermom

“HRN is assisting a “kind hearted person” who took in 14 rabbits up in northern NH; otherwise they were slotted to be “culled”. Throughout the upcoming months, we will pull them in, spay and neuter them and put them up for adoption. In the meantime, they are being cared for and socialized (although from what I hear they are pretty friendly already) by “their savior”. They range from lionheads, a lop, satins, siamese, etc.”

Jasmine, born June 2007, is a 5lb Satin rabbit. She is fortunate to have been saved by an “angel”. Maybe you will be the angel to offer her a forever loving home.

In the x-pen where Jasmine was playing, we strewn about lots of toys for her to explore. Being a curious girl with a frisky nature, we knew she would be thoroughly entertained.

Abruptly, she took a break from her adventures to plop right down beside the large white shaggy stuffed dog. Completely relaxed, she stretched out with her chin on the floor – very interesting!

A little siesta with her stuffed friend, then it was my turn to be investigated. I felt like she was the mountain goat and I, the mountain. As Jasmine navigated my sneakers, legs and lap, she proceeded to “chin” me, laying claim to her recently explored territory. Have you ever been “chinned” by a bunny – it can tickle!

And, when Jasmine does a “flop”, she gives it her all. Why stop on her side when she can keep rolling onto her back, oh, so cute.

Once again, when in need of a play break, Jasmine returned to her friend, the shaggy dog, doing a semi-flop as she snuggled in close – very interesting! Perhaps, she might enjoy a companion. Could that be you, or your bunny? Come visit her and we think that just might happen!

Darcy is a very sweet rabbit. A little skittish at first, which is understandable due to the circumstances in which she came. Once you gain her trust, she will warm up to you. She likes to play with plastic balls with bells in them. She also likes to chew on paper towel tubes. She is a big fan of bananas and raisins which she got as a special treat. She loves to sleep and cuddle with her two boys.

Buckwheat is a sweet, cuddly boy. He is the big eater of the group, and the one that likes to jump the most. He loves to have his fur brushed, and behind his ears scratched. He also enjoyed the special treats of bananas and raisins. He likes to “dig” up a straw mat, now and then.

Alfalfa is also very sweet and cuddly. He is the most adventurous of the three. The first to explore the unknown, so to speak. Whenever something new is introduced, he is the first to check it out. He is the most layed back of the three. He enjoys being petted and brushed. He also enjoys the paper towel tubes and the small plastic balls with the bells in it.

Darcy, Buckwheat and Alfalfa are three very special rabbits. With lots of love and attention these three rabbits would be a great addition to anyones family. They sleep in one big ball together. The boys seem to huddle around their Mom, Darcy, as her protectors. They are a family. Sometimes you would see the three of them rolling the balls back and forth to each other in a game of catch. Alfalfa, being the most curious, would get his brother Buckwheat to follow right behind him whenever he decided on a new adventure.

If you’re looking for a trio of buns who will make your heart go pitter patter on a daily basis, why not come visit these little ones. We know they’ll steal their way into your life and make your home their forever loving home!

Special thanks to Allison for her contribution to this blog entry!


Let us introduce a pair of especially frisky buns: Riley is the mostly white English Spot mix, while Scout is the gray and white Dutch. Both are of average size and weight, but that’s where the “average” part stops and the true nature of these bunnies come to the fore!


Do you remember that song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”? Well that’s the perfect theme for these two cuties. When they get out to play, they seldom stop for a second. The run, binky, dig, chase and flop to their heart’s content. Now mind you, this happens when there is no interaction with you. Give them some attention and they will play until you say “uncle”!

If and when they finally decide to take a break from their exploring fest, they will lie down near one another in complete harmony. But don’t worry, they enjoy their “out” time too much to spend much of it lying around. Especially when there are toys to toss about and new places to “chin”.

Yes, these happy go lucky girls just about have it made, except for one big thing. A “forever loving” home! That’s where you come in. Come see the girls in person and we’re sure you will want to solve that problem ASAP.

Special thanks to Shannon for her contributions to this posting :-)

These two girls definitely make quite a twosome. Kelsie is a beautiful brown-ticked chinchilla colored lop who has that typical laid back “lop-itude” going for her. Cinder is a warm chocolate brown, up-eared bunny who is definitely full of life and personality.

Kelsie will smush down as flat as a pancake at the first pet given and stay there until your arm gets tired. Cinder will stay briefly but be off to explore and run around. They both love to play with toys and will toss them around and nibble on them, and even play hide and and seek behind things if large enough. It’s really something to see.

Often, when Cinder is off exploring, Kelsie will be like a shadow to her and follow along right behind. As soon as Cinder decides to take a break and rest, Kelsie gets right along side and goes ito full groom mode. When the grooming is done, they snuggle in together in some very cute positions.

These two bunnies definitely enjoy each other’s company, but there is one person’s company who they would enjoy even more…YOU! Especially when you tell them that you are going to be taking them to their new “forever loving” home.

Special thanks to Shannon for her contributions to this posting :-)

Poppy and Charlie are the sweetest couple. They love to run around and binky. Poppy does the best flops. Oh and they like to read…um…eat the Sunday comics. He he :-)

~Erica, Fostermom

Soot Sprite

Originally uploaded by flakingnapstich

Soot Sprite is a friendly, curious and adventurous rabbit. He and his siblings were rescued in Plymouth, MA at four weeks of age. Even then, Sprite exhibited a keen desire to explore. He’s an impressive jumper and needs a cage with a ceiling as opposed to an open pen. HIs gregarious attitude and lack of territorial behavior around new rabbits leads to the suspicion that he would be a good bonding candidate.

He’s still young and as a result his litter habits are still evolving. He still tends to leave a few stray pellets outside his litter box.

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