Bonded Pairs & Trios

Hank was among four baby rabbits found roaming in Plymouth. He’s known as “The Boss” in his foster home due to being the largest of his litter, and the definitive leader of the group. Boss is friendly and curious. While he can be held he’s very squirmy due to his tendency to explore his surroundings. When upset or frustrated he will sometimes take your finger in his teeth. This is not a bite by any means, but his way of politely telling you he wants some romp time.

Boss, like his siblings, tends to be very easygoing about other rabbits. He’s more curious than anything else and is expected to be a good bonding candidate. Being young his litter box habits are maturing as he still leaves a few pellets where he ought not, but this has been improving over time.

What’s behind here?

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Bunny But!

This is an old photo of either Soot Sprite or Samson. You can’t really tell from the rear view. The babies were about four or five weeks old when this was taken. Weighing in at around 11 to 13 ounces each, they now weigh 5 to 6 pounds each.

My how they grow. “Sniff”

So today I spent a good number of hours giving “Bunny Tune-ups” and getting to know some of the foster buns at the various foster homes a bit more. My main reason for going was to groom Noel, a blackish-grey 2 year old angora that just came into HRN last week. She is bonded to her son, Spirit, a one year old, white with tan markings angora. This duo spent their years outside. Apparently Spirit’s fur was so badly matted when he was surrendered to ARL, they had to completely shave him down during his neuter. His former family said they never groomed him in his entire year of life. Poor little man. Now he’s starting a new year, a new life…indoors and matt-free and hopefully he and his mom will find a loving, forever home in the New Year too. They deserve it. Of course, the pair will require weekly grooming and maintenance to make sure they stay matt-free, healthy and happy.

So my day started grooming Noel. I got her brushed out and started trimming her all over to thin her coat, until I got to her backside butt area. Whoaaaa! She had a matt so thick in that area, I couldn’t determine where the fur and skin met. Throughout the day, I worked on that area, taking long breaks in between. But it got to the point where I just couldn’t do anymore with her. When it gets to be that bad, it’s a “hairy” situation and it’s best left to a vet or vet tech. Someone that knows what they’re doing. So tomorrow she’ll go to “the professionals” to be shaved in that area. Then she too will start a new year matt-free.

Spirit and Noel are a timid pair, (probably from spending their years outside with no human interaction), but already Spirit is starting to come out of his shell. Noel is still a bit apprehensive with us humans. With some time, patience and an understanding human, I’m confident they’ll both blossom into wonderful angoras.

Mabel is the outgoing, white lop with ruby eyes. She was in the pen playing when I got there. As soon as I was there, she was standing on her hind legs, front paws up on the sides of the pen, begging for pets. How could I resist? She’s awesome. Loving and outgoing. She’s going to make a great bun for someone or some family.

Okay, so my last post I made a mistake…Bogart is indeed a dark, smokey-grey colored rex. But in a dim light he does appear black. Bogart was the only bun that wanted no part of a nail clipping today. No way, no how. But he did allow me to hold him and give him some lovins’. Thanks Boggie!

Cheyenne of course IS an all black mini rex. Sweet as can be too! She was a little lady, allowing me to clip her dark black nails. When we finished, she snuggled right into me and enjoyed the attention. She’s perfectly fine being held and I think she also was content listening to me to talk to her. What a snuggle-bunny.

Desmond was a feisty boy today. He wasn’t thrilled with the nail cutting or me holding him, but he did tolerate it.

Mr. Snookums is a recently neutered, very outgoing mini-lop. He’s going to make some family very happy. I’m sure he’s full of personality (a lot more than I got to see for the time that I spent with him) and will acquire the nick-name Mr. Personality.

Finnegan is a small, quiet, gentle little man that was very good for his nail trim. He enjoyed the attention and the head rubs. Because he’s kind of on the quiet side, he may get overlooked, but if you’re interested in an all-around good little bun, he’s your man!

I didn’t get to do a trim on Lancelot either. Most of the time he was snoozing in his litter box (it WAS nap time, how dare I intefere with that!). Occasionally he’d poke his head up and I’d pet him, but he’s was just as content to take a good bunny nap.

Payson is the spry little dwarf who’s high energy and outgoing personality is what many potential adopters look for. So why hasn’t he been adopted yet? We’re not sure. But we’re confident that the New Year will bring Payson a new family. Will it be you?

Charleston is a handsome, smaller dutch who is friendly and was at the edge of the cage whenever I passed on by. Of course when it came time for his nail trim, he was at the far side of the cage :) Little devil! But he too was a good little boy for his “tune-up”.

Now Duncan. Duncan was a very shy, large, hermit bun last time I was there. What a surprise to see him begging for pets and lovins’ this time! I was thrilled. He’s definitely blossoming, like I thought he would with time. He’s on the bigger side, but a bigger bun means more bun to love!

Harriet is another white, ruby-eyed lop bun. LOVES to be pet and I can’t stress that enough. This little lady would literally probably sit for hours to be petted. Didn’t mind getting her nails trimmed or being held either.

Harriet’s “downstairs neighbors” are Chloe and Clover. These two are huge hay eaters and were constantly in their litter box eating fresh hay. Because of that, I was only able to clip one of their nails (not sure which one is which). Which ever bun it was, she was perfectly fine. They are both pretty friendly buns.

“The Trio” is just an awesome family! Mom Darcy and her boys Alfalfa and Buckwheat are a bonded trio who are on the very small side. With time, Darcy is another bun who is coming out of her shell. As soon as I opened the cage door, all three came running over. If I didn’t already have my own two buns (THAT is my limit this time around!), these three would have been home with me in a heartbeat. Just an absolutley wonderful trio of bunnies. I can’t say enough about them.

Meadow is another dutch, grey and white. She’s kind of shy and doesn’t really like to be held, which was evident as she hopped out of my hands and was off! Once I caught up with her again, she was perfectly fine sitting for her nail trim. Pansy is Meadow’s daughter and “next door neighbor”, but they are not bonded. Pansy is more timid than her mom, but I think she (and Meadow) just needs that one-on-one time and she’ll be fine. Isn’t that what everybunny wants? Just a loving human to call their very own.

Electra is one of a kind and her picture doesn’t do her justice. She’s kind of a crazy little bun with crazy floppy ears, always at the edge of her cage. She actually started coming out at one point until I caught her. It wouldn’t have been so bad, but she’s not on ground level!

Sally is a larger and long bun with 2 dewlaps! So she’s got a built-in pillow…or two…what’s better than that?! Sally was a doll. Very polite and very good for her “tune-up”. She got the works today too. Nails, brushing, etc. A lady like her needs to look her best!

Tatum is a newer bun who will be available soon, once she’s spayed. She will surely be adopted very quickly, as she’s a cutie-petutie!!! Smaller, dwarf-sized bun with an agouti coloring and white markings. Her eyes draw you in to her cute little demeanor and looks.

Punky…poor Punky. Another bun that we just don’t understand why she hasn’t been adopted. The most beautiful blue eyes and silky white fur. A small little girl with lots of ‘tude, but was very cooperative for her nail trim.

Hailey is another one that could compete in the “cutie-petutie” department. That unique coloring and expressive lop-like ears would draw anyone in. She’s outgoing, constantly wanted to be petted and loved and was great for her “tune-up”.

Katie and Libby are sisters who are oh-so-sweet. They weren’t as cooperative on their nail trims, but we got it done. They’re dainty little girls with nice personalities.

AND…..(drumroll please)…last but not least are Snowy and Jacob. This poor duo has been overlooked for 2 years now. They desperately need a home to call their own. Foster care is good and they are safe and loved, but they REALLY need a permanent home. Snowy is a himalayan bun and Jacob is a mix. Their picture on the “Pairs” page doesn’t do them justice and they need to be met in person to see just how sweet, special and devoted these two really are. They are snuggle bunnies too. When I was holding them, they both snuggled right in and soaked up the attention and love. PLEASE ADOPT SNOWY AND JACOB!

So there is the rundown of some of the adoptables. We’re hoping to make 2007 a bright, new year in a new home for each and every one of them. Will it be yours?

~Shannon: HRN Member/Volunteer

A few weeks ago I had the chance to spend a lot of time with some of the adoptables. Each day, I’d let 3 or 4 of the buns out so they could romp and play and binky their hearts out. Of course many of the binkies never quite made it off the ground because of the slippery floor. If they did make it off the ground, they’d twist and turn in mid-air, then come slipping and sliding to their landing. Too cute and funny to see!

Mabel, a white lop bun with ruby eyes, was always right there pleading with me with those beautiful eyes, to let her out. She was so friendly and just wanted to be pet 24/7.

Snowy and Jacob were a bit more reserved. They’re a bonded couple who are just looking for a quiet, loving home and human. Of course once they were out, they were binky-ing every where.

Sally is a bigger girl who uses her dewlap as a pillow when she rests. She’s a smoosh-bunny. She’ll hunker right down and soak up the pets, eyes closed, enjoying the attention.

Of course you can’t forget Payson. The spunky little bun who NEVER let me forget he was there! This little guy has lots of energy, bouncing around in his cage, but will win your heart with his cute dwarf face and crazy antics.

Now onto Hurley. He was my little man during the week. He loved any and all attention and did crazy acrobatics when he was out playing. Just an all aroung good natured bun.

Darcy and her two boys, Alfalfa and Buckwheat are little buns with lots of energy. Well Mom is a bit more reserved than her boys. I’m hoping that once she sees that us humans can indeed be kind, she’ll come out of her shell a bit more. The Boys love to explore and if you get right down on the floor with them, they’ll crawl all over you. Once they trust you, they enjoy a good pet. I also had the chance to foster them for about 5 days a few months ago. Just a great tiny trio!

Duncan is a big boy with a shy personality. But with love and devotion, he’s sure to blossom into a big love-bug.

Bogart is an all black rex who was a bit shy, but once out and about, binkied like no tomorrow. He’d smoosh on down for some rubs too! But who couldn’t resist rubbing that beautiful rex fur?

Desmond oh-so patiently waited his turn to come out. He’s a gentle guy who is a bit curious at everything going on. Once the cranberries came out though, he couldn’t wait for his treat.

Meadow and Pansy are mother and daughter. Unfortunately they had a fight and don’t get along any more so they are up for adoption as singles. Both are very warm little girls and they too were a bit shy at first. However, once the cranberries came out…they were all over me. They both enjoy pets.

Harriet is a bit of a piggy with her food. I couldn’t get the pellets in fast enough for her. She would sit for hours just soaking up the lovins’ from any one. She thoroughly enjoys her pets and always wants more, more, more!

Cheyenne, the little black rex, stole my heart. She is partially blind and has to be approached very slowly and on her good side, otherwise she gets a bit anxious and would lunge at my hand. But it’s just because she can’t see what is coming at her. Poor little girl. Another smoosh bunny is what she is though. Once the petting starts, she doesn’t want it to stop. She’ll melt right into the floor and will stay like that for hours, I swear. She just needs that special someone to give her a chance, that’s all.

Punky is an adorable little bun with beautiful blue eyes. Blue eyes?! Yup, that’s right. She’s a bit of a diva and she knows it. She’s got a lot of attitude for a teeny thing. But then again, what diva doesn’t?

Katie and Libby are a smaller pair of adorably, sweet sisters. They were always patient, always kind and love each other. They also loved any and all attention.

Of course after a week with all of these cuties (and a few more that I know I’m forgetting), I wish I had a lot more room to adopt each and every one of them. Somewhere, their “forever homes” are out there, I know they are. The right person or family will come along and each one of them will be adopted, I know they will.

Shannon ~ HRN Member/Volunteer

When Dakota’s babies were young they all lived together. However, as they started to mature not only did the males and females needed to be separated to prevent pregnancies, but the males needed to be separated from each other until they were neutered because they were becoming too aggressive.


Due to a shortage of living space, two of the males needed to live together. Juju and Reeses were the only 2 male bunnies that got along with each other. Since then they have become inseperable. It is quite clear that they were meant for each other. They are always by each others side just hanging out, or jumping around during playtime. Reeses is so curious that when I put the camera in he stuck his face up to sniff it.

-Andrew: HRN Fosterdad-

Last weekend my husband and I visited Lorna at her foster home in North Central MA. Believe me, if I was looking to adopt a bunny or two, I would find it well worth the drive (about 12 miles west of 495).

She has a great group of adoptable bunnies, and we were hoping to learn a little bit more about them and to get some good pictures, to improve their chances of being adopted.

The first bunny we met was Babita. She had just arrived in HRN foster care recently, but she is a friendly, relaxed bunny that doesn’t mind being held. I suspect she might actually be a “schmoosh” bunny but time will tell. She loves to be patted and she is quite active and inquisitive as well. Truth be told, I almost took this bunny home myself….

The next bunny was China. China is a treasure. She enjoys pats and was also fine with being held. She is absolutely beautiful, and rather gentle. China has been in foster care for some time now. I think it is definitely time for a forever home for this sweet girl.

Then we met Marlo. Marlo is fairly small, gorgeous bunny who loves pets but has a feisty side too. It’s a dwarf girl’s prerogative to be a bit of a diva, isn’t it? That said, she had just arrived at Lorna’s the night before, so she was still in the process of settling in. She is so photogenic that we almost finished our memory card just on her. Marlo is adorable.

Breezy is a beautiful rex bunny with that velvet fur. She is very sweet and was calm during her photo shoot. She has a definite presence, and you can’t help watching her check things out. It would be pretty easy to fall in love with this bunny!

Missy and Chloe are a pair of gentle, rather small, rex girls. They are very active and it was hard to get a good shot of the both of them. They are clearly devoted to each other. They are in need of a little extra TLC, as they came from a neglectful situation, so rabbit-savvy adopters would be appreciated by these lovely girls.

The final bunny we met was the beautiful Rudy- 11 lbs of grey chinchilla loveliness. Rudy is a sensitive soul, but she just melts in the hands of her foster mom, Lorna. Their bond was undeniable. In fact, as an update- after our visit, Lorna decided to adopt Rudy herself. Rudy has a forever home and a mom who truly loves her! You have to love a happy ending!

Now if we could arrange a few more happy endings!

-HRN Member: Kathy-


After work yesterday I paid a visit to the SPCA to pick up 4 bunnies for Suzanne. Currently, the main SPCA branch is a bit overloaded with buns (or at least they were till I came in) and they needed to send these 4 off to foster so they’d have enough room for everybunny else. The folks at the SPCA were really great, they gave me all the records they had for each bunny, donated carriers to HRN, and one of their staff had even bought a bag of organic veggies to send along!

While the buns weren’t thrilled with the hour of driving, they were certainly pleased to be let out of the carriers when we arrived at Suzanne’s place. The littlest bun, Kiki (re-named Acorn by Suzanne, Matt, and I), was breathing so fast when we took him out of his carrier. He really didn’t like the drive at all and was so scared of all the new smells and sounds. I held him for a few minutes to calm him down before introducing him to his new cage.


The other 3 buns were a pair of English Spotted, mother Chloe and her daughter, Clover, and a very pretty Agouti-colored 1 year old girl named Babita.

(This is me holding Clover)

Clover and Chloe seemed to make themselves right at home, hopping out of their carrier and exploring a bit before we herded them into their cage. Once in their cage, they snuffled around a bit and then calmly snuggled up together in their litterbox full of hay. Its obvious that these girls are easy-going and friendly.

Babita, who’s paperwork claimed that she was a bit skittish, seemed to be alarmed when first introduced to her new surroundings. (Or maybe it was just the fact that her neighbors Harpo and Zeppo were busy making a racket.) She thumped an alert a couple times and zipped around the cage a bit before settling down in a corner with her feet tucked in. By the time I picked her up to take her adoption portrait, she had calmed down and was happy to pose for the camera.

Morning is pellet time in my house and many of the foster buns *love* their pellets. When I go downstairs Travis instantly gets excited! He bops his head back and forth and twitches his body. It is terribly cute. Then he inquisitively looks over at me- where are my pellets??

For some reason this reminds me of Snoopy when he sings and dances “It’s Supper time, oh yes it’s supper time!” So I start singing: “It’s pellet time, Oh yes it’s pellet time, and when pellet time comes it’s the happiest time of the day.” Of course anyone who knows me knows that I can’t sing to save my life and I don’t have an ounce of musical ability. Luckily the buns are so focused on breakfast that I don’t think they hear me.


I reach into Maxine and Travis’ pen and place pellets into their dish. They both start happily eating. Maxine and Travis are a really nice pair of foster bunnies. Travis is very playful and a lot of fun to watch. He is always checking things out and doing binkies. Maxine is far more reserved, but she is a doll. She loves to be petted and will lay still for cuddles into your hand gets tired. All she wants is to be loved!

I sure hope we find a home for these guys. They are less adoptable and the odds are against them. In case you are wondering why, there are three reasons. First- they are 4 years old and many people won’t adopt pairs that age. Second, they are larger rabbits. Most people prefer smaller buns. Third- Travis has pink eyes. So many people will never consider adopting a rabbit with pink eyes. Personally, I think pink eyes are pretty!

-Suzanne:HRN Founder-

Yesterday was the yard sale in Brighton, MA. Petco agreed to let us use their parking lot. What a great location. We were busy from before 9am until 4pm. We raised a good amount of money for the buns!
Maysoon, Sarah, Suzanne

Some people didn’t even buy anything and gave us money for our cause. Joanne and her husband adopted Bubbles last year from Cheryl. They saw our ad in their community newspaper and had to come and support us. They said that they are abosultely adoring Bubbles.

Special thanks to Jessica, Suzanne, Maysoon, Robin, Andy, Sarah, and Chris (Jessica’s friend with the truck – couldn’t have done it without him).
Erica and Jessica

Also, Liz and Matt did a wonderful job at the ed day. What a beautiful table they set up. Zeus, Spot, and Tumble stayed the whole time and were so great. The three were so social and only went in their litter box. I was such a proud foster mom :-)
Liz and Matt ed day

The yard sale and ed day was an absolute success. We couldn’t have done it without all the donations and hard work from the volunteers. Thank you!

~Erica HRN Volunteer

Last night we thought we’d bring the 6 foster rabbits (Nushi, Spot, Zeus, Tumble, Minnie, and Rose) into the living room for a little play time. Boy were they excited. Tumble and Zeus were the binky masters of the evening. Even occasionally slamming into each other in mid air. After a little while we thought we’d give them some newspaper to play with. Zeus was in absolute heaven.

Zeus and Spot together as always

All the buns got into the act, throwing shreds of newspaper into the air.

All the buns attacking the newspaper

When all newspaper was obliterated, Spot threw himself onto his back against the entertainment center (I wish I had a picture of that!). But then he settled into a nice happy feet position.

Tired Spot

These guys are so much fun, it’s hard to put into words, but I hope you got a glimspe of my wonderful fostering life.
~Erica – HRN Member

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