Logan is a young lady bun with soft dark gray fur and a slender face. She was born in foster care in June 2012. Her parents were dumped in a cemetery to fend for themselves but were lucky to be rescued by HRN.


Logan would love to be free range, or at least have a room of her own, in her forever home. She was very glum when she lived in a cage prior to her spay. Now she has an ex-pen but is still subdued when confined day in, day out. Her playful and joyous personality really shows when she is out of her ex-pen. She does fantastic and fast binkies! Sometimes she is up for a little play chasing. She likes to explore, and she will jump on boxes and climb stairs.

Her litterbox habits are excellent. She has not shown inappropriate chewing in foster care. She likes willow balls, grass mats, hay twists, and paper to chew on. Her favorite chew toy is a wooden carrot with knobs sticking out of it. She also loves to hide and play under a small area rug.

(Can you spot the bunny in this photo? She is under the rug nibbling on a collard green!)


She really likes to feel cozy when she is resting: You will find her hiding in her cardboard tube or resting in her bed — a box with soft linens.


She is friendly. She comes right up to the pen’s edge when it’s mealtime or when she’s in the mood for a snack. She smooshes right down for petting. She would probably enjoy the company of another rabbit as she is curious but doesn’t feel threatened by the presence of another bunny.

She is tolerant to being picked up, but she gets really feisty when it’s time to clip her nails. Another grooming challenge is that she has dark nails. Her foster family can offer tips on how to handle nail clipping.

Her favorite veggies are: lettuce, bok choy, chicory, escarole, cilantro, thyme, rosemary. She also likes kale, parsley, and to a lesser extent, collard greens; these three veggies should be served occasionally and not at the same time. Her favorite treats are strawberry tops, apple slices, dried cranberries, carrots, and Oxbow timothy hay treats. Don’t bother to feed her spinach or dried banana. She will ignore those!

Logan is very sweet! Might she be the bunny for you? She lives with her foster family in Somerville. If you are considering adoption, please call the HRN hotline: 781-431-1211. She is all ears, waiting for your call!

Simi is a sweet young girl, born on 10/15/11 from one of the moms of the Lempster Rescue. She has a beautiful chinchilla gray coloring with short fur that is super soft. She can be very shy in a new setting but once settled in, her laid-back personality comes through.


She loves to eat! She is a very good eater and gobbles up everything on her plate. She does have preferences for leafy greens; what she likes the least, she saves for last LOL Her favorites are romaine, parlsey, kale, and mesclun mix. She has a sweet tooth and loves her treats- bananas, carrots, apples, blueberries, grapes, dried cranberries. She loves to beg for them. She’s hard to resist!

She loves her playtime when she is allowed more range to run around. She is curious yet cautious: She sniffs at everything and likes to explore, and thankfully she has not gotten into any mischief!

She loves attention! When she is out and about, she often hops over to her foster family to give them a gentle nudge at the ankles and then she happily squishes down for head strokes and check rubs. If you stop, she will gently nudge you for more. She might be the perfect TV-watching companion, as long as you don’t watch anything scary.



Being a large bunny (7 lbs), she does well with an ex-pen and she likes to have a cozy space where she can rest from the hustle and bustle of family life. She is very good about chewing appropriately when provided with ample toys like apple tree or willow twigs and cardboard, among other things. Her favorite is a little garden box with sisal and corn leaf “veggies” (her foster mom bought it at She also likes to tug at a bell that hangs on her crate door.

Simi tends to leave stray poops around her ex-pen, and on occasion she will pee on the ex-pen floor when spooked; otherwise her litterbox habits are very good. She likes her litterbox in a certain spot and will let you know if she doesn’t like where you put it! Sometimes she likes to use a second litterbox.

She would do well with school-age children as her current foster family includes an 8 year old. She enjoyed the company of her siblings when they were all together, and her gentle personality makes her a good bonding candidate.


Simi is one of many rabbits in the care of volunteers of the House Rabbit Network! If you are interested to adopt, please call the HRN hotline: (781) 431-1211.

UPDATE 9/4: Stella went to her forever home today!

UPDATE 8/31: Stella will be going to her forever home this holiday weekend. There, she will have two new friends, Sophie and TigerLily (TigerLily was also part of the Great Angora Rescue).

A lovely smokey grey coat of angora fur. A bit timid, yet so sweet in her in ways, she’ll melt your heart. Watching her curiously explore and learn about the things and world around her, will bring a tear to your eye. Learning to trust the gentle touch of a human hand is something she is finding she may actually like. This is Stella. Or as I like to call her, Stella my bella.
Stella was part of The Great Angora Rescue from Canada ( and came down to us during the second transport of angoras in June. Not only was she severely matted, she was also very sick with a large abscess that started from under her belly and extended up to both her shoulders. Surgery wasn’t an option since we weren’t sure if she was pregnant or not. After months of medication and TLC, she was finally healthy enough to be spayed (luckily, Stella was never pregnant, like so many of the other females during that transport). Or so we thought. Stella wasn’t out of the woods, just yet. In early August, Stella was rushed into Angell Memorial in Boston with a prolapsed uterus. Emergency surgery needed to be performed or we would have lost this beautiful girl.
After traveling more than 8 hours to her safe haven in the States, recovering from an extraordinary abscess and then a prolapsed uterus… she is truly a bunny that has shown us she is a fighter in her own right. Stella made it through emergency surgery and has since recovered beautifully and is now available for adoption. Knowing all that she’s gone through, her adopted family or humans must be very patient with her. She will need a home that is quiet, loving and willing to maintain her beautiful angora fur by brushing her and clipping her down (we can show you how or do it for you).
Stella is now in a foster home where she is getting individualized attention and we are working on her socialization as well. She is already coming out of her shell and I think it’s just a matter of time before she shows us just what an amazing bunny she is. At first she would cower and flinch at the mere touch of a hand. As soon as we entered the room, she would run into her quik-tube and hide. The first signs of her overcoming her fears happened yesterday. She started playing with her ball and wagon wheel toys and seemed to enjoy it! As I sat in the pen with her, I let her investigate me, slowly moving and speaking to her in a soft tone. Eventually she came over and licked my hand! The ultimate in bunny love! She then put her two front paws on my arm and stretched up to my face to sniff me. Yes, my heart melted. How could it not?! This is a HUGE step for a bunny like Stella who came from a life which we can only imagine, wasn’t the greatest.
As time progresses, I’m positive Stella is going to blossom into the wonderful bunny I can already see starting to emerge. If I didn’t already have two furries of my own, she would already be mine :)

7/19/10 UPDATE: Last week all six babies had their second furcuts. Oh boy was there fur!!! Some were very good at sitting for their trims, while others… not so much. But it was something that had to be done for their own comfort and well-being. They now look like little adults and will soon be separated by males and females. So far, they are still getting along, but the mounting just began last night and this is a sign of things to come. It will be a very sad day (I think mostly for their foster mom) when the siblings are separated, but it is a must… sighhhhh. The maleswill be neutered soon and then ready for adoption. The females will take a bit longer for their spays. TigerLily continues to be very strong willed and inquisitive, yet can be a sweetie when she wants to be. When she’s out of her pen running around she never sits still. She loves to explore and sniff and boink anything and everything. She is finally doing binkies and having a great time being a house bun!

7/12/10: Time sure flies when you’re a baby bunny and this is very true for the angora babies. They are now over 10 weeks old and no longer look like the tiny balls of fluff that could fit in my hand when I brought them home in May. TigerLily was spayed last week and she’s doing very well. I do think she is a bit lonely though and I sense, will make a great bonding candidate for her future “human slave’s” bunnies (TigerLily will be adopted and going to her forever home on 8/16). She is very inquisitive, loves to explore and uses her litter box 100%. She will make a wonderful free range bun, provided the electrical cords are protected!

The six babies, Yukon, Newfie, Eskimo, Klondike, Maple and Molson, are still very loving to each other and enjoy each other’s company. In about another month or so the boys will be neutered and ready for adoption. The girls won’t be ready for about another 2 months or so and I’m pretty sure two of them are already spoken for ;)












These are photos from our mommy’s last night with us… sniff…. sniff :( We will be okay since we have each other, but mommy might be a little scared. Although, she’s going back with our first foster mom, so we know she’s in great hands. She needs that one-on-one time with a human to show her that humans are nice. We are getting bigger and bigger with each passing day and our furcuts have already started growing out! We are getting puffier and puffier each day, and as you can see, we love making huge messes. Our foster mom puts the pellets in our bowls, we dig it out! We DO use our litter boxes but it’s much more fun to poop as we run. Hey, again, we’re babies still! Give us a break peeps! Our personalities are already starting to shine as well and each one of us has a very distinct character.












6/17/10 UPDATE: Oh boy peeps are we having fun! Today we made a huge mess for our foster mom to clean up and some of us even got dirty. Silly Molson had to have a chunk of fur cut off of him/her this morning because apparently s/he thought it would be fun to roll around in wet poop! There ya go Molson! Keep foster mom working hard! And, we have devised a plan for when she’s not looking… we’ve all taken to pushing the pen so we can go out and lay down on the hardwood floor (and poop on it of course). We’re really keeping her busy. But we’re still just babies and having the time of our lives! Wooohoooo!!! Now, I ask you, how in the world can you be mad at our little faces??? She can’t! :)


6/12/10 UPDATE: Hi again! Newfie here to give you the latest furry family update. I know you love us, so here are some more photos of me and my brothers and sisters and our wonderful mom. And today is our 6 week birthday! We’re celebrating by making a mess for our foster mom and doing binkies galore! Wooohoooo!!!


6/9/10: Hi everyone! My name is Newfie and I know you’ve been following my mommy’s story for a few weeks now.

This is me! This is me...Newfie!!!

This is me! This is me...Newfie!!!

Our mommy, TigerLily, was part of the large angora rabbit seizure case up in Canada and thankfully, we weren’t left behind. We made our way down to the U.S. on May 15th with many other angoras and from there was placed in a loving foster home.

Isn't my mom beautiful?

Isn't my mom beautiful?

We are now just about 5.5 weeks old and are thriving, growing furrier and furrier with each passing day.

This is Yukon :)

This is Yukon :)

It’s me and my siblings: Yukon, Maple, Molson, Klondike and Eskimo. And of course our mom TigerLily! We can’t forget about her! We love her with all our itty bitty hearts. Although, I think that now that we are mobile and are everywhere, we can drive her a bit crazy.

My sibling Molson.

My sibling Molson.

Our foster mom lets her out to play in the room without us while we’re stuck in the expen. No fair! Okay, okay, so she lets us out too, especially when she’s cleaning our area. We certainly do make a mess, but we’re just babies! We’re just having fun!

My dear Maple :) Ohhhh Maple you crazy little bun with those ears!

My dear Maple :) Ohhhh Maple you crazy little bun with those ears!

Anyway, I overheard that you humans are showing a lot of interest in us. Well that is just great and we understand because we are just so gosh darn cute!!! But we will not be available for adoption until we are old enough to be spayed and neutered. Lord knows, we don’t want another explosion of baby bunnies!!!

Klondike! Sit still so she can take our picture! Geesh!

Klondike! Sit still so she can take our picture! Geesh!

And we need to be spayed and neutered for health and behavior reasons as well. For boys that means about 3 months old or so and for the girls, about 5 months old. Our mommy won’t be available until after she’s done nursing us and she’s spayed as well. And of course all of us are going to need a human slave that is going to be willing to keep up with our long fuzzy fur. We will need daily and weekly grooming sessions so we don’t get matted.

Apparently Eskimo wasn't too cooperative with picture taking either.

Apparently Eskimo wasn't too cooperative with picture taking either.

For now, you can follow us on the blog and then once we are available for adoption, you will see us on the regular site: under Bachelors and Bachelorettes and maybe even Pairs if a few of us manage to stay bonded. I hope so! We do love each other. Until then however, please understand that HRN does not “hold” or “reserve” bunnies for any reason.

That’s all for now humans! Gotta get back to raising ruckus with my brothers and sisters! Talk soon.


UPDATE 6/12/10: One of the first buns of the first Great Angora Rescue transport on 5/15 has been adopted! You’re going to have a wonderful life Saucy!!! You deserve it after all you’ve been through.

There will be an entire article in the Fall 2010 Rabbit Tracks newsletter on this, but for now, the Great Angora Rescue is complete! Thank you to: CottonTail Rabbit Rescue, Hop Along Hollow, Southeastern PA-DE House Rabbit Society, Luv-N-Bunns, For Bunny Sake, My Hope’s In You, Les Lapins Rescue, Animal Welfare Society of ME, Cocheco Animal Rescue, Life Long Tails, Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue, NorthStream Wildlife Rehabilitation, and Hop Along Hollow, as well as all the volunteers who helped organize, transport, clip down the buns and everything else! Bunny people truly do ROCK! Photos from the June 5th transport:

Moonie went to do some publicity and education at Especially For Pets in Wayland over the weekend. He had quite a few admirers — especially the women! It was a busy day at the store ($5 nail clipping day) and he was a bold champ. He had perfect litter habits, stared down 100lb+ dogs, and ran laps through his cardboard tube.

Here he is — kind of tuckered out at the end of the day:
Moonie does Wayland

he really was quite exhausted when he got home!

more snoozing

The next night, after a hard day of doing the bunny 500, racing through the tube, and binkying up a storm – here his is *again* – sleeping on my hubby’s lap – watching tv.
tv snooze

more tv snooze


Hoppel is one of the Buffalo Rescue buns. He has warmed up so much and is so happy to be in a loving environment, that he just can’t contain himself. Not only does he keep himself thoroughly entertained, but he has impeccable litter-box habits, and he settles right down for pets. Do you have room in your home for all of Hoppel’s love?
Here is a sneak-peak of his binkying ways…

-Andy, fosterdad.

I am going to tell you why people should adopt – or at the very least – get involved.

Moonie Boy

I am going to get a bit serious here. When you adopt from a rescue (like HRN) or a shelter – it saves the life of a bunny. This issue is avoided / ignored / unknown by many people. If you are at this blog – then you are probably aware of this important fact. Every time a bunny is bred for sale, a shelter rabbit dies. There is only so much space and demand. It is sad- but it is why I do everything I can to help the discarded bunnies of this world.

For every domesticated animal – there exist rescues and transport networks. These have the goal of moving animals in high risk situations to safety. I recently read a book that I highly recommend (it is an easy read and you can plow through it in afternoon) :
Fifteen Legs: When all that stands between death and freedom is a ride by Bonnie Silva.
It was given to me by another rescue friend in the ‘bunderground railroad‘. Yes, there is a ‘bunderground railroad’. My friend is in the book – as one of the stories. I’ve now been part of 3 transports and it is a beautiful thing.

So let me tell you about the latest one that I was part of…

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