UPDATE 8/19/08: Joey’s story has a very happy ending. After coming into HRN care, he received veterinary attention (including being neutered), lots of love and has now been adopted. Yahhhhh Joey!

As told by Kerry Quintiliani (employee at Edgewater Office Park):

I just wanted to let you know how the House Rabbit Network and employees from CBRE helped with a bunny rescue this past weekend. I don’t work with these groups and just met them, but just had to write to tell you this story.

As I left my job on Friday night, I noticed a floppy-eared white rabbit sitting next to my building. I had noticed wild rabbits in the area before, this one definitely stuck out as a
domestic bunny. While my sister and I tried to catch it, a gentleman leaving the building told us that a man had walked behind the building and dumped two domestic rabbits out of cages before running back to his car.

We got really close a couple of times but the bunny proved to be too quick. After a couple of hours, we left some carrots and celery out and planned to come back in the morning to try again. My sister found the House Rabbit Network online and sent them an email that night. Saturday morning, she received a call and email from Shannon, a HRN volunteer and bunny foster mom, who met us back at the office that morning to search again but no dice.

Shannon and a team of HRN volunteers met back to the office park at dusk on Saturday to continue searching. After looking around in the swamp and woods, a domestic brown bunny was found stuck in an air intake vent that was surrounded by cement and metal grates.
Look Closely: “Joey” sitting on a bucket in the concrete intake vent underground. This is the 3 inch opening mentioned below.

There was no way into this space except a three-inch gap that the bunny had fallen through. The bunny responded to food and water passed into the space and seemed to be healthy so a plan was made to find someone who could open up the grates so he could be rescued.

Security contacted a maintenance man who brought his tools down and went to work opening up the metal shields.


After hours of jig-sawing and prying, a hole big enough for a person to slide through opened up.

Then people slid in through the opening and grabbed the feisty bunny.

It was a long five hours, but totally worth it to rescue this sweet bunny (named “Joey). Joey will be taken to the vet for an exam and to be neutered and will be posted to the House Rabbit Network site when he’s ready for adoption.

It’s sad that the white bunny is still not accounted for, but I’ll keep my eyes open. It’s even sadder that these innocent bunnies were literally dumped out into the wild by a man who didn’t want them anymore. These two bunnies were most likely Easter gifts that grew up too fast and were given a death sentence since abandoned bunnies can’t adapt from domestic life. They are most often hunted and eaten by predators or, as was the fate of the brown bunny before he was rescued today, get trapped and end up starving to death – a very slow and painful way to die.

Special thanks to my sister Amy Ahern for finding and contacting the HRN for help; the HRN team of Shannon Cail, Tricia Hart, Tom McDonald, Suzanne Trayhan and Carol Youngclaus for volunteering to help rescue not just this bunny, but hundreds of bunnies in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut; to Jeff Baker from security, Joe Voto and Chris Caruso from CBRE, and Amy Felicani (who slid into the air shaft) for their willingness to help rescue a bunny on a bug-filled Saturday night. Thank you all for saving Joey!

Side Note: Joey was named after Joe Voto’s 6 year old son who told his dad that he had to leave dinner to go and save the bunny! “Joey” the bunny, is an approx. 3 lb., Jersey Wooley mix. Most likely a young “easter bunny” who was bought for children at Easter then released into the wild when the family and children lost interest.

Enjoy reading about Joey’s rescue in the Woburn Advocate: “Down The Rabit Hole” :

One of the coolest things about raising babies is seeing the transformation from babies to adolescents. The original litter that arrived from Winchendon was 3 weeks old now they are approaching 2 months. Some of the babies’ ears have started to “lop” which has made them even more adorable. We had heard that lops were born with “normal” ears that subsequently fell downwards, but now we are witnessing it first hand.

The babies at 3 weeks. Madison is 2nd from right. Penny is on the far right.

Half lop
Madison at 5 weeks. Her ears are half-way there.

Full Lop
Madison at 7 weeks – Sporting the full lop.

Penny Lop
Penny is adorable as a lop too.

-Andy, fosterdad.

Isabel, a mother of 6 from the Winchedon rescue, gave birth to three more buns a few days ago. All are doing well. white-baby.JPGblack-baby.JPGbrown-baby.JPGisabel-with-babies.JPG
~Erica, HRN fostermom

On April 10th, Springfield Humane Society in VT, took in 27 dwarf rabbits from an elderly man who quickly became overwhelmed with these multiplying critters (a story heard all too often, unfortunately – Rabbits NEED to be spayed and neutered). House Rabbit Network was contacted to see if we could help with the situation. By that weekend, we had pulled in 8 and a kind soul in NH pulled in 5 more for us until we can find room in our foster homes. With the recent rescues in Winchendon, MA, the ongoing rescue in Plymouth, MA and now this one, we really need adoptions and donations. If you can help in anyway, please contact us at or call our Hotline at 781.431.1211 or make a donation via Paypal on our website here:
All of our rabbits are litter box trained, spayed and neutered and socialized before adoption. Rabbits make wonderful indoor pets. If you’d like to read more about what owning a rabbit is like, please click here: Bunny Basics

On Sunday, March 31, we took in a litter of babies and two bonded females from an Animal Control situation in Winchendon. We’ve named the girls Isabel and Madeline (Maddy). Nobody is sure of the maternity ownership, but one thing is certain… both girls were nursing all 6 of the babies! The most likely scenario is that both Isabel and Maddy gave birth and their litters were mixed up in the whole crazy mess. They were also being fed nothing but bread and potatoes! The important thing is that they are safe now and getting healthier each day with a steady diet of hay and greens. The babies have a new lease on life now that they are in foster care and we’re ensuring that they are getting proper nutrition along with lots of love.

All of the littluns lined up in a row the day they came home. They’re about 3 weeks old.

I love Sweet Meadow hay: it’s got little clovers in it. Though I’m still getting used to eating solid foods instead of mothers’ milk.

Here’s the whole gang enjoying hay.

Isabel and Maddy are loving their new digs, but are still a little shy.

Where do you think you’re going?

Hello there!

11/27/07 UPDATE: Mr. Magoo will be going to Hop A Long Hollow this week. Thanks to all who are participating in this transport. Again, if any other rescues can help, PLEASE let us know.

HRN is assisting a “kind hearted person” who took in 14 rabbits up in northern NH, otherwise they were slotted to be “culled”. Throughout the upcoming months we will pull them in, spay and neuter them and put them up for adoption. In the meantime, they are being cared for and socialized (although from what I hear they are pretty friendly already) by “their savior”. They range from lionheads, a lop, satins, siamese, etc. Thank you to Hop A Long Hollow in CT for taking one as well. If any other rescues/shelters can help, please email Below are photos of some of the rabbits.
Mr. Magoo

Because they’re waiting for a home with you!!! Won’t you adopt a “red, white & blue” bun? These big white bunnies are often overlooked time and time again due to their ruby red eyes. It’s such a shame too, as they are probably some of the most docile, loving , yet silly and charasmatic buns there are. Once you have a big white bun, you’ll wonder why you didn’t adopt one sooner.

This summer we are hoping to adopt out lots of our Big White Bunnies because they would love a home to call their own. Many of our “red, white & blue” buns are from the Fitchburg rescue.

Please take a look at who is available for adoption and then call our Hotline at 781-431-1211. Loving homes needed!!!

Mabel – 7 lbs, 2 years, Mini-lop
Mabel is a rabbit who always lets you know where you stand with her. IF you are in her way or she thinks you are “bothering” her, you may get a healthy bunny grunt and/or a lunge. Yet this same little girl will melt into a cuddly, furry puddle when you pet her, that is if she is in the mood for it! Yes, Mabel has “personality Plus”, and if you enjoy a little girl that can both challenge and charm you, she’s the one for you. Come see her and find out for yourself!
Pauline – 6 lbs, DOB 1-06, Florida White
Pauline is looking for that forever home to love her! She is a friendly bunny who is gentle. Pauline is one of the Fitchburg buns.
April – 7 lbs, DOB 8-06, New Zealand
April is a big, beautiful bunny. She is always looking around and loves to play. She enjoys her pets and quickly settles down for attention.
Dominic – 4.5 lbs, DOB: 3-06, Mix
Dominic is an absolute ball of laughs. He is very energetic and playful but wears himself out very quickly and collapses in his cage. He loves attention and loves to be pet and does not mind being held. He has beautiful white fur, pretty pink ears, and excellent litter box habits.
Felix – 6 lbs, DOB: 9-06, Florida White
Felix is a handsome white boy. He is curious and likes to sleep in his litter box.
Gracie – 4 lbs, DOB: 9-06, Florida White
Gracie is a spunky girl who likes to run and play. She loves snuggle sessions and quickly puts her head down for pats.
Naomi – 4 lbs, DOB: 9-06, Himalayan
Naomi is a pretty Himalayan rabbit, meaning she has a dark nose, ears and tail.
Polly – 6 lbs, DOB: 1-06, New Zealand
She is shy but sweet.
Sadie – 5 lbs, DOB: 6-06, New Zealand
Sadie has an eye infection which resulted in her needing to have that eye removed. Besides from that, she is a sweet, normal bun who likes her raisins and has good litter box habits!
Marla – 5 lbs, DOB 3-06, Dwarf Mix
Marla was a stray in Marlboro. She quickly smushes down for pets and really enjoys the attention. She is a nice, gentle, bunny. Very sweet.
Punky – 4 lbs, 1 year, Hotot/Dwarf
Punky is an energetic bunny who loves to shred cardboard. She enjoys attention, is playful and a bit demanding when it comes to her pellets. She has beautiful blue eyes.
Blake – 5 lbs, DOB: 12-06, Florida White
Blake is a gentle boy who is very timid. He would do best in a quiet home that will let him adjust to his new surroundings and let him get used to things. Blake is one of the Fitchburg bunnies.

As most of you know by now, we rescued a boat load of buns from a law enforcement case in Fitchburg. The larger rabbits have been sexed, separated and are in the process of getting spayed. Unfortunately we had a new litter born. 10 babies!! That is one huge litter. We posted a web page on the buns. Check it out and you can see pics! Sweet Binks, 3 Bunnies, Hop A Long Hollow and Solomon’s Island Rabbit Refuge have all assisted taking rabbits from us. (Thanks Guys!) Right now our biggest need is for adoptions. We need to find homes for the currently fixed Fitchburg buns, or even current buns which will make room for some of these Fitchburg buns as they get older and need to be separated from their litter mates.

Hi All-

HRN took part in a rescue of 32 rabbits from a law enforcement case in Fitchburg. The buns are currently all safe. They are being sexed and evaluated. Thanks to Sweet Binks and 3 Bunnies for taking some of the buns. We are looking for other rescue groups and people to assist with this rescue. Donations are needed too. We will be posting more in the next few days and hope to have a web page up by the end of the weekend. Adoptions needed!!!

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