"I like to think of myself as low in maintenance and high in entertainment."

"I like to think of myself as low in maintenance and high in entertainment."

Our newest foster, Hopscotch insists on speaking for herself and I wouldn’t dream of preventing her from doing so. Here’s her pitch…

I’m an adorable lion head house rabbit, a very special breed that came into being in Belgium. This means I speak English with a Dutch accent.

Far from Belgium and anything Dutch, I ended up for sale as an 8-week old baby and was bought by a young boy who feared for my life at a New England fair. He could not keep me.

Since then, more than a year later, I have been moved around a lot and grown wary about being picked up and even touched, so I would do best in an experienced home. Experienced means you are seasoned in caring for a rabbit like me, have patience, and don’t expect me jump on your lap and shower you with kisses. At least not right away. Don’t get me wrong I want to trust you–I just need time. I’ve been with my new foster mom and dad for nearly three weeks now and already taking treats from their fingers—bits of banana and their slow movements have enticed me to do so. Banana also happens to be my favorite thing next to Stella Artois, Guylian’s Chocolate Seashells, and Ridley’s “The Liz,” a road bike. (My foster mom is budding in here saying never give any type of beer or chocolate to a ‘bunny.’ She also says she’s never seen a ‘bunny’ ride a bike no matter how fantastically engineered it is).

Most rabbits, even Belgian ones like me use a litter box and I’m quite tidy—I like to think of myself as low in maintenance and high in entertainment. I am “a petite” at just 3½ pounds, but I’m a spry girl and prefer being kept in a pen so I can run its perimeter as fast as my little feet will carry me and do binkies. What’s a binky, you ask? In the language of a lagomorph, it’s when rabbits become so overwhelmed in glee, we jump into the air and twist our head and body in opposing directions—to a first time observer, it looks like we’re having some kind of convulsion. In reality, it’s actually a conniption, a form of hysterical frenzy.

Talking about binkies, do you know that cats can bink too? My foster mom sometimes straightens out my pen so I have access to most of the first floor. The only bit of mischief I get into is sneaking up on and startling the cat that often shares my pen—she binks straight up into the air!

After a great while of exploring the place, I begin to feel tired and climb up on my cardboard box tunnel. Like the bun diva that I am, I survey the room feeling secure and confident until I grow so sleepy that my eyes close and I fall asleep sitting up. How I love to have room to exercise, feel safe and be cared for. And, I find, I have developed a certain affinity for cats.

Won’t you consider adopting me as one of your companions—developing a bond with me, have me trust you? I’m so much fun to have around, I just need a permanent loving home in which to blossom.

Please contact House Rabbit Network to inquire about adopting me, the little caramel-colored rabbit with a Dutch accent and a lion’s mane.

Consider fostering too!

In terms of cute we’ve got 2014 covered. 12 months of cute, cute, cute HRN Buns. Get your calendar today… In fact, get a couple, they make great Christmas gifts.

Calendar Link

HRN Calendar 2014

Logan is a young lady bun with soft dark gray fur and a slender face. She was born in foster care in June 2012. Her parents were dumped in a cemetery to fend for themselves but were lucky to be rescued by HRN.


Logan would love to be free range, or at least have a room of her own, in her forever home. She was very glum when she lived in a cage prior to her spay. Now she has an ex-pen but is still subdued when confined day in, day out. Her playful and joyous personality really shows when she is out of her ex-pen. She does fantastic and fast binkies! Sometimes she is up for a little play chasing. She likes to explore, and she will jump on boxes and climb stairs.

Her litterbox habits are excellent. She has not shown inappropriate chewing in foster care. She likes willow balls, grass mats, hay twists, and paper to chew on. Her favorite chew toy is a wooden carrot with knobs sticking out of it. She also loves to hide and play under a small area rug.

(Can you spot the bunny in this photo? She is under the rug nibbling on a collard green!)


She really likes to feel cozy when she is resting: You will find her hiding in her cardboard tube or resting in her bed — a box with soft linens.


She is friendly. She comes right up to the pen’s edge when it’s mealtime or when she’s in the mood for a snack. She smooshes right down for petting. She would probably enjoy the company of another rabbit as she is curious but doesn’t feel threatened by the presence of another bunny.

She is tolerant to being picked up, but she gets really feisty when it’s time to clip her nails. Another grooming challenge is that she has dark nails. Her foster family can offer tips on how to handle nail clipping.

Her favorite veggies are: lettuce, bok choy, chicory, escarole, cilantro, thyme, rosemary. She also likes kale, parsley, and to a lesser extent, collard greens; these three veggies should be served occasionally and not at the same time. Her favorite treats are strawberry tops, apple slices, dried cranberries, carrots, and Oxbow timothy hay treats. Don’t bother to feed her spinach or dried banana. She will ignore those!

Logan is very sweet! Might she be the bunny for you? She lives with her foster family in Somerville. If you are considering adoption, please call the HRN hotline: 781-431-1211. She is all ears, waiting for your call!

Hello from Skippy and Noodles!  We are a bonded pair.  We are HRN ‘sanctuary’ rabbits.  What exactly IS a sanctuary rabbit you might ask…..well….it is a rabbit with a health issue that will remain for the extent of that rabbit’s life….cancer, infections, head tilt….there are numerous reasons that a rabbit would be given the sanctuary status.  The members of HRN do not believe in euthanizing rabbits just because they have health issues.  As long as there is life, there is hope.  As a sanctuary rabbit, I am incredibly grateful for the volunteers and foster homes of HRN….if I had been in a ‘regular’ shelter, I would have been dispatched over the Rainbow Bridge a long time ago!

Let me introduce myself and my bond mate.  I am Skippy….a neutered Harlequin lop….my bestest friend in the entire world is Noodles, a gorgeous spayed Dutch….of course she has gotten a little chunky in the past year or so because she eats the food that my foster mom leaves for me, but I love her, no matter what shape she is in….round is, after all, a shape!  The reason that I am in sanctuary is because I have an abcess in my right ear….and I have had to have a couple of teeth pulled….if the abcess would continue draining that would be a good thing, but unfortunately, it closes up, and that is when my troubles start.  Noodles does her best, she is amazing at grooming me and taking care of me, but still this nasty thing persists!  I know that I am probably never going to get better, but I would love to have a forever home where I could live out the rest of my numbered days with Noodles and a family who loves me.  It takes a special sort of person to adopt an animal with a pre existing condition….but I just know that there is a family out there for me and Noodles!  Could you open your heart and home to the two of us….I promise you, you will gain far more than you give….


Noodles and Skippy

It’s hard to imagine that just about 6 months ago, TigerLily along with her 6 babies came into our rescue from Canada. TigerLily has since been adopted and is living the plush life with two friends (one being another angora from the Great Angora Rescue)! One of her kids, Maple, is now doing the same and has two friends as well!

Now… it’s Klondike, Molson, Yukon, Eskimo and Newfie’s turn!

Eskimo & Molson: These two outgoing sisters would make a fantastic addition to the right home. They are incredibly playful and curious and have no qualms about saying hello with a friendly nose bonk. Molson is very silly and particularly likes jumping on her foster mom’s back. She also has the best helicopter ears! Eskimo is the diva of the pair and loves posing for the camera with her beautiful, long eyelashes. This tightly bonded pair can often been seen grooming each other and would be best suited to a free-range or x-pen home because of their active lifestyle. Because of their beautiful angora fur, they also need a home that will be willing to put the time and effort in to keep their coats tame. You can read more about Eskimo, Molson and their siblings here:

Yukon & Newfie will bring a smile to anyone’s face. This playful pair is incredibly friendly and loves running around, getting into trouble. Newfie is the mischievous sister and is always looking for a way to escape the bunny room. She also loves water…she will fall asleep in her bowl sometimes! Yukon loves people and runs over to the edge of the pen for affection, preemptively smooshing down for pets. These two are very active youngsters and would do best in a home that kept them free-range or in an x-pen. Because of their beautiful angora fur, they need a home that will be willing to put the time and effort in to keep their coats tame. You can read more about Yukon, Newfie, and their siblings here:

And last but certainly not least, Klondike: Klondike is a incredibly sweet, shy boy who is just starting to come out of his shell. He will be a fantastic rabbit for someone who is willing to give him lots of love and exercise time. Once you earn his trust, he rewards you with the best binkies! He has great litter box habits and is particularly fond of hiding in piles of soft blankets. Because he’s a bit timid, he would likely do best in a quiet home. He has shown a keen interest in other rabbits and could be a wonderful bondmate. He has already stolen his foster parents’ hearts and will likely steal yours. Because of his beautiful angora fur, he needs a home that will be willing to put the time and effort in to keep his coat tame. You can read more about Klondike and siblings here:

If you are interested in Klondike or his sisters, please call us at 781.431.1211 or email us at info@rabbitnetwork.org. Pairs and Trios can NOT be separated and must be adopted together. Bonded buns are very much attached to each other and would grieve the loss of their mate.

Many of you know Tammy and Rubicat Pet Photography. Every year she donates to our annual Flatbread benefit night. It is one of our most popular prizes and she takes amazing pictures. Her web site is here: http://www.rubicat.com/

Tails is having a contest for best pet photographer, and Tammy needs our votes. Let’s help her win! Instructions are below.

Go to Tails’ website – http://www.tailsinc.com/
Scroll down the RIGHT column until you see “2010 Reader’s Choice Awards”
This will take you to SurveyMonkey.com, a secure site. Make sure you vote for the BOSTON Magazine, then write in “rubicat design and photography” for Best Pet Photographer.

And while you are in there you can vote for your favorite vet. :-) I won’t say who to vote for there as there are several good rabbit vets that our group uses but it would be neat to have a bunny vet win!

Hi everyone! Newfie here, once again, to tell you what’s been going on in our lives. We are growing healthier and stronger and will be 8 weeks old tomorrow. Happy birthday to us!

Mom is going to be moving out soon because I think she’s had enough of us. Although she still cuddles with us from time to time and we do love her and she loves us. But we know mom needs to get spayed and we heard a little secret…. Shhhhhh…. but we think she may have already found her forever home. YEAHHHH MOMMY!!!!

Anyway, right after we turned 7 weeks old, a major fur-tastrophe!!! Yup, that’s right, we got FURCUTS!!! What gives foster mom?! What the heck did you to us???


The sound of the clippers was a little scary for some of us, but our foster mom and our old foster mom (who our mom TigerLily will be going back to live with soon) calmed our fears and shaved us right down.


Even though we have air conditioning in our room, it did feel really good to get rid of all that fur. And oh boy was there a lot of it!


You wouldn’t think that six of us at only 7 weeks old could produce that much fur, but we did! We did pretty well for our first clipdowns. We’re so proud of ourselves :)


These pics are a few days after our furcuts, and we’ve already started growing out again! Our foster dad said we looked pretty funny, but that’s okay, we’re still just as handsome and beautiful as ever.


So, for those of you who are thinking of adopting us when the time is right, you MUST be able to groom us and maintain our beautiful fur. We are not happy when we get matts and our fur gets very long and all tangled up. It’s no fun for us long-haired buns :) Angora fur is actually 6 times warmer than sheeps wool. Yes, yes it is. So we must be kept cool, especially in the summer.


~Newfie & The Crew

Delilah is a very special rabbit . She is liiter box trained . She has transformed from a very scared withdrawn rabbit to quite a social creature. She has been learning clicker training and is an excellent student. She does “come” “stand” ” kiss” and will touch a ball and touch a target stick.She enjoys my 3 grandchildren and has finally felt safe enough with humans to let her personality show. She enjoys one on one time and likes to lay in bed with me ralaxing before we turn off the lights. She would make an excellent companion for someone .

Delilah at school

Delilah at school

Spring is here let's go for a walk

Spring is here let's go for a walk

One on one time

One on one time

Update:  Thanks for your interest in me everyone! I finally went to my forever home and am so looking forward to all the love and playtime!

Toby is a super bun that’s come a long way since her time here with me. Don’t let her name fool you, Toby is indeed a lady bun. Her adorable half grown-in shaved belly from her spay is proof of that! Not to mention her slightly diva attitude.


Toby started as a very shy girl when she first got here, but over the weeks her personality has definitely blossomed and is showing its potential. She’s very explorative, and to my shagrin, is not put off by the linoleum in my kitchen. She loves out time is always at her cage door hoping to get out.


My favorite thing about Toby is her food habits. I’ve never seen a bun SO EXCITED for food. She goes berserk every time! She also has an adorable habit where she mysteriously refuses to eat most of her food out of the dish. As soon as it’s full, she starts picking it up and tossing it over to dump the food out and eat it from the cage floor! So cute! (Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zan_Lk9IZno) Loves her hay, greens, treats – everything! One thing to note is that she can get a bit overly excited sometimes and has been a bit nippy trying to get at food literally as it’s coming in. It’s an easy thing to work with, but may not make her the best bun for a home with small children. Oh and if you smell like food, keep your fingers away or she will go for a hesitant nibble (confession: I kind of enjoy this!).


Like most buns, Toby is not so good with being picked up and definitely prefers all four on the floor. Like I said, she used to be fairly shy, but is doing excellently at coming out of her shell. With a little more work and patience from her forever home, I have high hopes that she’ll continue to grow. She enjoys being petted now, but mostly on her own schedule. Don’t worry, it’s easy to tell when she’s ready to go.


Toby had struggled with her litter box habits in the beginning, but with a larger box, she’s become nearly perfect! I only find an occasional turd outside the box! I just wish her habits would rub off on my boys!


Does Toby sound like she might be a good fit in your home? If so, why don’t you give the hotline a call at 781-431-1211 and read up on our adoption policies and bunny basics! She’s a fun girl and would love to find her forever soon!


Update: Amy is adoption pending!!!! Can’t wait for her to get to her forever home! What a lucky family to get such a beautiful gal!

Banana-nana (the buns are getting excited at me just typing banana) fo famey….  We all know the song so I’ll stop now :)  Introducing…. AMY!!!!!


Amy is a gorgeous snowshoe lop that has been with me for a while now. Her beautiful coat is quite unique and everyone who sees her can’t help but comment on how pretty she is!

Amy is still a pretty shy girl, but is slowly coming out of her shell. Amy came to HRN after she was found abandoned with several other buns on the side of a road with no food or water, left to fend for themselves trapped in a cage. Understandably, she’s still a little weary of people. But she is slowly getting more comfortable being handled. With a little patience, I believe she’ll continue to grow and get more comfortable.


One thing that’s been helping a lot (that would be super easy for her forever family to continue doing) is giving her out time in an ex-pen that’s attached to her cage. Usually play time here is in a different room. But lately I’ve been setting up the expen next to her cage with the door open and her free to travel in and out of her cage. The change in her playtime behavior has been incredible!  She always seemed to like playtime, but was hesitant in her exploring. Now, she sprints around in the ex-pen and does some super binkies. I even caught her binkying in her cage last week! The next steps are to slowly increase her play area bit by bit until she gets comfortable with each space.


Little did I know when I picked her up, but Amy is also a magician! Amy’s cage has 2 levels (the upper being a small shelf). Now this shelf isn’t tied down, but fits pretty darn snugly into the cage. I even have a hard time trying to get it in/out.  Well not Amy! That little magician has found some way to knock it down every day, even without opposable thumbs! How she does it, I have no idea. But she had to go on “shelf time-out” so that she wouldn’t accidentally block herself off from food or water during the day :)  I’m sure she would be thrilled to have a bigger cage or expen to live in.


Amy still is a shy girl though and will continue to need patience and love from her forever home. She would do best with an experienced, quieter home with an area that she can call her own and continue to grow confident and comfort in. One thing that makes it easy – she has great litter box habits and has been a pleasure to foster in this respect!


Like with other shy buns, another great option for Amy might be to bond her with another rabbit. This can be a great way to help her come out of her shell.


Does Amy sound like she might be a good fit in your home? If so, why don’t you give the hotline a call at 781-431-1211 and read up on our adoption policies and bunny basics! She’s a sweet girl and would love to find her forever home soon!

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