Scarlet was recently adopted as a bunny friend for a bunny named Marshmallow.
So far, things are going well. She’s not only bonding with her new bun friend Marshmallow, but also Isabella and Anthony, members of her new human family.
This is from Scarlet’s new owner, Lisa: “I got some great pictures tonight that I wanted to share with you. Scarlet loves Anthony and Isabella. She is so funny. She is also taking a shine to Marshmallow. I wish he would give her some kisses back, but hopefully that will come in good time.”
Fingers crossed that bonding continues and Scarlet really has found her forever home!

He loves to snuggle!

He loves to snuggle! He will jump up on the couch after he's tired of exploring and plop down next to you for pets. Or if there are multiple people on the couch, he will hop from person to person. Watch out, if you don't pay attention to him he will nudge you!

UPDATE! 2009-09-24:


I have been fostering Wes for several months now . Wes is about 1.5 years old, and is a neutered dwarf mix with a lovely soft black coat tinged with brown. I was told he fathered over 30 baby bunnies before he came to HRN. Wes has the best of both bunny worlds, because he is very lively and curious but also loves to snuggle. When I let him out of his ex-pen, he will happily explore my living room and kitchen and sometimes will race around and binkie until he is tired out (he is hilarious to watch!). He likes to play, and will toss his head and binkie for joy if you chase him. His favorite spot is on the sofa. He will often hop up  for an hour at a time and smush down for pats right next to you. He enjoys watching tv, too! He tolerates being held and picked up, although like all bunnies this is not his favorite thing. His one vice is that he gently nips when you don’t pay attention to him,  and he loves to “fight” with unoccupied shoes. He is accustomed to a relatively noisy house and tv, and has been socialized with many people. Recently he has started grooming his favorite people- such a sweet boy! He is very well litterbox trained, and will hop back into his pen to go potty rather than go in the living room or kitchen. I think Wes would also be a good bonding candidate for a mature, spayed female rabbit. He’s a good boy who would make a wonderful, outgoing pet for almost anyone willing to give him the love and attention he craves and deserves!  I hope you will come take a look at him, he is located in Somerville, MA.

Thanks for reading!

UPDATE: 2010-01-05

Wes is an exceptionally friendly and outgoing young rabbit who loves human companionship and has the softest fur! He is a very good boy who doesn’t mind being picked up and has excellent litterbox habits. He is completely healthy and has been fixed. His favorite activity is jumping up on the couch and begging for pets. After he has done his fair share of exploring, he will snuggle with you for hours while you watch the tv. He is very entertaining to watch and very curious, and he even follows me around the house! Sometimes I think he thinks he’s a dog! He is starting to come when called, and he has also started to groom me! He has virtually no bad habits, besides the fact that he is very interested in the trash can and if it is left uncovered he will grab items out of it or even jump in it. But, he is a quick learner and has learned to avoid certain areas of the house, such as near the tv (although he should still be supervised when out and cords should be made as inaccessible as possible). He loves his greens and pellets and gets very excited when it is mealtime, binkying and racing around his ex-pen.

Wes is located in Somerville, MA close to Mass Ave. He is the only bunny in his foster home, but don’t let that deter you from visiting him! He is a true gem of a rabbit and an excellent pet. Everybody who meets him loves him! If you spend time with him he very quickly bonds to you and adjusts to his new surroundings quickly. I can’t emphasize enough that this is a very special rabbit. I hope you will come over and meet this lovely sweet boy!

Bamboo lounging in his cage.

Bamboo lounging in his cage.

My husband and I have been fostering Bamboo for a short time now, and we’re really enjoying having him around.  In a lot of ways, he’s the ideal house bunny.  He started out very timid, but as he’s gotten to know us he’s really come out of his shell.  He’s a curious little guy, and loves to explore the kitchen and living room.  He absolutely loves playing with his favorite toy, which is just a standard brown paper grocery bag.  He seems to think it’s some sort of playhouse.

Playing with his favorite toy.

Playing with his favorite toy.

Exploring his exercise pen.

Exploring his exercise pen.

When he’s done doing a bunch of crazy binkies, he squats right down for pets and won’t move until you do.  He doesn’t mind being held, in fact sometimes he seems to enjoy it.

Bamboo loves his pets.

Bamboo loves his pets.

He also loves his veggies, eats plenty of hay, and has good litter box habits.  He’s having fun with us, but needs someone to love him full time.  Won’t you take this cute little blue eyed boy home with you?


12/21/2009: 2010 HRN Calendars are SOLD OUT!!! Thanks to all for making the calendar sales a huge success!

House Rabbit Network’s 2010 Calendar is now available! Watch our rabbits all year long with your own copy of the 2010 HRN calendar for just $10 each! Professional printing, saddlestitched, glossy pages. You will love to have HRN bunnies hanging on your wall all year long! Pick one up in person at an HRN event or order online. (Shipping cost: $3 first calendar, each additional add another dollar)
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Bunji is finally ready to be adopted out!

I’ve fostered Bunji for a few months now and I feel like she’s already part of the family.  She is extremely energetic and friendly.  Some bunnies are notoriously shy towards humans but Bunji is the complete opposite.  She craves attention from us, especially hugs and kisses.

Though currently she’s a single, I believe she would make for a wonderful mate with another bunny – preferably one that’s equally as energetic and loving towards humans.

With the recent stray captures and of course bunnies coming in from surrounding shelters, we are in desperate need of foster homes or even temporary foster homes! If you can open your home up to a furry for a short period of time, we’d love to talk to you. We are located in the MA/NH and now VT area. If you’re in any of these areas, please email or call us!
info@rabbitnetwork.org or 781.431.1211

The bunnies NEED YOU! And what’s better than helping a fuzzball during the holidays?

UPDATE 12/2/09: Walnut has been Adopted!!!

Two of our newest foster buns are Walnut and Clovis.

Clovis was surrendered to an area veterinarian when his family decided that they no longer had time for him… after 8 years!!! How sad! But being 8 years old has not slowed him down. He’s a neutered bun that has good litter box habits and loves to be petted endlessly. He’ll smush right down once you start and he’ll stay there for as long as your hand keeps on going. He can be a bit cage possessive, which is why we think an exercise pen would be the best set-up for Clovis. He really just wants a human or two to love him. He deserves it after all these years.

Walnut was found wandering in the back yard of veterinary tech’s home. She was able to catch him without a problem. Walnut is a younger bun (neutered), estimated to be about 1-2 years old and a total love! His beautiful brownish-tan coloring is oh-so-soft too. He’s pretty laid back, affectionate and has great box habits. Walnut too, is just looking for a human to love him and provide him with a wonderful indoor home, like every bun deserves.

If you are interested in either bun, please call the Hotline at 781.431.1211. We’d love to hear from you!

Henrietta came into HRN care in September of 2006. She was finally adopted out to a nice family in 2007. They have kept in touch with us and absolutely love Henrietta to pieces. And you can see by the photos just how spoiled she is! Nice plush carpet to relax on and big NIC Condo to sprawl out in. If only every bunny had this life! As Henrietta’s mom tells us, “…yes she gets gifts at Christmas too. My daughter has an 11′ x 17′ room and that side is Henreitta’s!!!!” As I said, spoiled as can be. And HRN couldn’t be happier for her!

Sept. 29, 2009: Sometimes adopters will keep in touch with us and when they do, we couldn’t be happier. The newest update on Leo & Alex just came in and they have part of their own blog! These 2 furballs couldn’t have landed in a better home and I couldn’t be more excited for them, being their former foster mom!
and: http://emilysculinaryadventures.blogspot.com/2009/09/bunnies.html

May 2, 2009: After a good while in HRN foster care, Leo & Alex were finally adopted by a wonderful human. Alex is Rico now and Leo goes by Pedro :) The bunnies are pretty darn happy these days. I’m able to leave the cage open all of the time now and can (mostly) trust them to behave themselves. Rico sometimes does a little binky when he sees me come into the room in the mornings, which is ridiculously cute. He is totally my buddy now. They are both just wonderful rabbits. They make me laugh out loud at least once every day with their antics, and I’m so very glad to have them. Attached are a couple pictures of the cuteness in case you’d like to see how they’re doing…

Previous post on Fergie: Fergie: Feed me and I will love you

My family and I have been bunnysitting Fergie while her foster mom is away
on business. While she is skittish, she has gotten comfortable with us in
the three weeks she has been here. It is nice to see her lie down with her
legs kicked back, relaxing by the side of her cage. (Her first day- she
wouldn’t come out of the cage at all, not even for a heaping bunch of yummy

We have her cage and pen in the kitchen so she experiences the hustle and
bustle of family life. We talk to her whenever we are in the kitchen, and
she is getting used to the sounds of the dishwasher and cooking…. My
husband had to vacuum the other day, and thankfully she did not ricochet
around the room in fright. She does freak out when we come home from grocery
shopping: a big human carrying big bundles must look very weird to her!

When we are home, we give her limited free-range of the kitchen and hallway;
she will explore tentatively and then heads over to one of her favorite
spots. She likes to dig and chew at newspapers but thankfully has not shown
an interest in anything else!

Fergie has developed a nice rapport with my 5 1/2-year old daughter. When my
daughter approaches the pen and holds out her hand, Fergie hops over and
sniffs for treats. Fergie enjoys my daughter’s pats, which delights my
daughter: “She loves me, Mommy!” It is really cute when Fergie puts her head
down as I approach her to give her many forehead rubs; just the other day,
she lay totally flat, basking in the attention. I do believe I saw her do a
“half binky” recently, but then she saw me and stood stock still!

Fergie is hoping for that special someone (or special family) who has much
patience and gentle love to offer. Please call the HRN hotline if you would
like to meet her.

Thanks to Jean for the update on little Fergie’s emotional growth! Jean is bunsitting and providing therapy for our shy girl.

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