I love playing chase with Ginny.

This last week, Suzanne and Barb had a chance to spread the message of bunny love on tv! It was a great segment (NECN – The Secret Life of Animals) with loads of information. Featured are Huey and Ginny (I am quite jealous of that massage Ginny is getting!)

Watch the video here!

3/22/09 – ADOPTED!!!

So here it is! I wasn’t as active as I usually am, but I kept bugging my foster mom to get a movie up of me.

UPDATE 2/19/09: So my foster mom wanted me to tell you a few more things about myself now that I’ve been with her for a bit. I’m not that fond of being held, but I ask you… what lagomorph is? We like all 4 paws on the ground. Dudes, I’ve also learned to jump her 3 foot high xpen and it’s awesome! Who knew my back thumpers were that powerful? Totally rad! I think she’s borrowing an even taller one from another foster mom, so let’s see just how high my thumps can take me now. This ought to be fun ;) Well basically she’s making me tell you this so you know that I’m a jumper. I’m a young bun, full of spunk and high energy. I think she’s a worry-wort myself, but that’s a woman for you. Geesh! Oh, and she promises to make my movie soon. I don’t know what’s taking her so long. Anyway, that’s all for now dudes.

NOTE: Due to Mousse’s extreme high energy, his adoptive home will need to be able to deal with him as if they were dealing with a 2 year child. Otherwise, we think he MIGHT be a handful for someone not that experienced with rabbits. Although the adopter who falls in love with him would probably be able overlook his “busy bunny” tendancies. We also don’t think he’d be the best rabbit for a home with young children. Everything is on his terms and he doesn’t sit still for long. He would do best as a free-range rabbit in one or more rooms, as he does not chew on anything he’s not supposed to (provided he has proper bunny chew toys) and he does not like being caged. His litter box habits are excellent.

2/12/09: Was’ up dudes and dudettes?! My name is Mousse and I just recently came into HRN foster care. I spent about a month or so outside in this frigid New England weather, eating what I could of the dead vegetation and hiding out under a porch and tree. Dudes, this weather is for the birds and if I had wings, I would’ve flown south after I got dumped outside by my former owner. Brrrr!!!! I might have a fur coat, but it’s no match for weather like this.

Am I a stud-muffin or what?!

Am I a stud-muffin or what?!

Anyway, a few kind humans rescued me and brought me into their home. Actually, they put out a cage for me and I hopped right in. I couldn’t wait to get out of the cold and I knew these people would help me. I just had that feeling. Little did I know though, I was taking shelter at the home of a german shepherd rescue (thank you Echo White GSD Rescue). But it wasn’t so bad at all. The humans were very nice and the dogs really didn’t scare me too much either. I’m a chill little dude-bun and the GSD rescue people really wished they could have kept me, but they knew that they had to contact a rabbit rescue because one of those dogs kept looking at me like I was lunch. Yikes! So here I am living the high-life until I get adopted! And you’d better adopt me quick. I groomed my foster mom the moment she held me and I knew I had already stole her heart! Do I know how to swoon the ladies or what?
Ahhhh... the life of a bun basking in the sun.

Ahhhh... the life of a bun basking in the sun.

I’m a pretty young dude-bun, definitely estimated to be under a year. Hey, I’m a bunny, I don’t remember when I was born, so the humans have to guesstimate! I love to bounce all around, do Bunny 500’s, binkies galore and then I totally chilllllll when I’m done. I’m great at “dead bunny flops” and the superbun pose. I also do rico-suave-looooove-dances around my foster mom and she just laughs at me and calls me her little Moussie-man. Doesn’t she know I’m courting her? Silly human. But I know she likes me too because she gives me these totally rad rabbit rubdowns and I just melt. My two front paws go out superbun style (SUPERBUNNNNNN) and I close my lids and soak in the rubs. Totally dude! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about. I love to explore anything and everything and I’m pretty hyper. Hey, young buns usually are! So I need a lot of playtime to stretch my thumpers please. During my explorations, I found out that there are two other resident bunnies that live here. Totally cool! They don’t like me though, so I just tell them to chill out. I’m just passing through until I find a home of my own.
I look good from this angle too!

I look good from this angle too!

I would like to have my own forever home with a nice dude or dudette or both! Doesn’t matter to me as long as you love me and give me a nice indoor home to kick back and relax in.
Take me home! Take me home! :)

Take me home! Take me home! :)

If you’d like to adopt me, you need to first call the Hotline at 781.431.1211 and a nice volunteer will get back to you. Oh yeah, my foster mom says she will take a video of me soon and then I can show you just awesome I really am. So keep a look-out for my movie debut.
Until then, peace out dudes!

4/11/09 UPDATE: ADOPTED! Oscar is happily binkying in the home of his forever loving family :)
4/2/09 update by, Barb, HRN volunteer!
Oscar is a love. The first thing I do when I go to Suzanne’s house before I clean cages is pick up Oscar and put him in my lap. I pat him for a good 1/2 hour. I was wooed by Oscar when Suzanne requested I have him be the feature spot for NECN’s Segment, “Adopt-A-Pet”, last December. He was so calm during the show that the interviewer, Art, thought he was falling asleep. Not many buns in a strange environment would be so relaxed!

After Oscar and I spend some quality time together, I set him up in an exercise pen while I clean litter boxes. I guess I spoil him as I really want him to have a happy home, and in the meantime, I give him the best I can offer. He enjoys playing in his pen and doing some mini-binkies. Then when I’m done cleaning cages, I begrudgingly place Oscar back in his cage. He plops down on the floor as if to say, “Thanks, that was fun!”

I wish someone would adopt Oscar. He is a real sweetheart! He has a beautiful coat, and warm, but sad eyes. (Maybe that’s my interpretation, as I really want him in a happy home)

I suppose I could bring him into my house, to foster, but I would probably be a “foster failure”. My husband who isn’t as fond of animals as I am – tolerates my 4 other rabbits and 1 guinea pig.

Oh, if only I could have an addition put on my house and a few other folks to help out with the buns . . . . .

If you had to use one word to describe Oscar’s personality, it would be “eager”.

He’s always alert and responsive to any stimulus nearby. If you speak to him, his ears go up and focus on you.

If you approach his cage, he raises up on his hind quarters hoping that you will reach in for a pet or scritch.

The interesting part is when you happen to be close by his cage and stop paying attention. If you are lucky, Oscar will go into “flop mode” to regain your attention; he actually did 4 big “dead bunny” flops in a row as we were engaged in conversation :)

He is definitely a bunny who would appreciate your attention! He is waiting for your call to the Hotline, 781-431-1211 :)

If House Rabbit Network was looking to start a “Bunny Olympics” gymnastics team, we think that Bert and Betty would be their respective team captains….

These two just LOVE their playtime. Once comfortable with their surroundings, all you need to do is stand back and watch. There goes Bert with an amazing bounce over a foot straight up in the air. Not to be outdone, Betty throws in one of her amazing 360 degree spins and then dashes off with a kick. These bunnies delight in binkying every which way. One is popping up while the other is gliding through the air; honestly, it’s a wonder they don’t have a mid-air collision. To watch them play so joyfully just plain makes you laugh out loud!

When Betty and Bert slow down a bit for a break, you can see they are very devoted to one another.

It is so sweet how they groom and snuggle close to one another. Their litter box habits are excellent, as well!

This adorable pair can be a bit shy but the good news is that their foster mom, Suzanne, has been working patiently with them, and they are now beginning to enjoy some pets. With some patience and lots of love, the right person or family will easily be able to make these bunnies feel safe and comfortable in their forever home.

Give the HRN hotline a call at 781-431-1211 today to set up a time to visit with Betty and Bert. They might just steal your heart!

UPDATE 4/11/09: ADOPTED! Mother and daughter are snuggling comfortably in the home of their forever loving family tonight :)
Brownie and Isabel are a friendly, sweet pair of bunnies that love to snuggle all the time. Even though they look nothing alike, they are mother and daughter. We rescued Isabel from a law enforcement case and she quickly had a litter of babies.

Brownie has always been attached to her mother. Being a young bun, she is very athletic and loves to dance, bounce, jump, twirl, and dash around! She comes right to the edge of the cage to check out everything that is going on!

Isabel, on the other hand, is a gentle, graceful, calm bunny that appears to glide along as she moves. She enjoys being petted, in fact, she’ll smoosch right down for LOTS of pets :) Isabel is a beautiful girl with long, soft, fluffy fur that needs to be brushed on a regular basis. Both have excellent litter box habits.

Can we ‘boogie down” with you? Give us a call at 781-431-1211 and we’ll set something up :)

Update 4/5/09: Pipkin is now binkying with her ADOPTIVE family – congrats!
Update 1/18/09: Pipkin is the cutest little munchkin :) She is so much more comfortable with people! Once she’s up and snuggled into your arms, she’s content to enjoy your pets. She’s also REALLY happy to be down exploring and doing lots of vertical binkies!!

Update 10/01/2008: We want to thank Pipkin’s new foster Mom, Linnea,
for sharing some of her experiences with her new little girl with all of us!

It has been three weeks since I got Pippy and her personality is
really starting to show. As much as she loves to cuddle with me, she
still grunts when I pet her while she is in her cage. She never grunts
when she is playing outside of her cage and she has started doing the
happy bunny hop when she thinks I am not looking. What has become
pretty clear is that she likes boys more then girls. I can pass her along
to any guy that comes into my house and she will sit comfortably
on their lap without trying to run away. She never grunts at boys. I
have also discovered that she loves to be swaddled in a blanket like a
baby. I think it makes her feel safer. Hopefully she will find a
permanent home soon that will have more time to keep her entertained
outside of her cage.

More updates to come,
Linnea and Pippy

Update 9/21/2008: I have had Pippy for almost a week now and she is getting cuter and more comfortable every day.
Right now, she is cuddling on the couch in a fort of throw pillows that I set up.

She still grunts at me a little every morning when I first reach in to pet her, but I’m
starting to think that’s more of an announcement of status than anger or fear. She
definitely thinks that she is a little queen.

She loves to be taken out of her cage and hang out in the hallway or on the couch and
she has not tried to bite anyone once! She also has not scratched me at all, although
she does wiggle a lot and try to escape when u pick her up.

When she gets really comfortable, she will come right up to my hand to be pet forever.

Well that is the update for now!

9/16/2008: It has been about 24 hours since I brought Pipkin (Pippy) home and I think I am starting
to figure her out.

She has a cage here that is twice as big as her one at Suzanne’s so I know that she likes
that. She loves to grunt at me when I try to pet her but after reprimanding her she has
pretty much stopped altogether.

She really does not like treats. She doesn’t like herbs, carrots, or cranberries. But finally,
after some experimentation I figured out what she likes. She is a simple girl – a cheap
date – she likes weeds! From the backyard! Don’t worry, no pesticides, but it is very
interesting. She is not high maintenance at all.

She is okay with being held if she is being transported somewhere fun. But man can she
struggle! You really have to hold on tight to keep her from falling to the ground. She has
been calming down though.

I have a feeling the days with her are going to be two steps forward one step back but at
least that means progress. All my roommates love her and they think she is just so
adorable! She is really small and has tiny little ears. So far the thing she has been most
interested in is my computer. She likes the caps lock button.

More to come later!

Call our hotline number, 781-431-1211, and arrange your visit with Pipkin today!


Hi everybunny and human,

What’s wrong with you. I am still here looking for a home.
I am a very handsome and playful young bunny boy who would make a great addition to your family. Really?! I am awesome. You just have to love me.

Here you see me with Peter Rabbit. My only friends in foster care. Besides my foster mom. But she also has to take care of her own bunnies Marlo and Oliver. Marlo is very sick and takes lots of attention. Oliver doesn’t like me. He is jealous.


And look, I am taller than Peter. I am only 9 months, but a big boy already.


But Peter does not groom me. I have to do that myself. My foster mom also brushes my pretty long fur every day. I am a fuzzy boy.


Hey, here is a video of me and Peter. We get along quite well.

Please call if you’d like to meet me. You will not be disappointed.

Your Jackson


Hey ladies and gentlemen. Sure you have considered getting a dog as a ‘watchdog’. But – have you considered getting a ‘watchbun’ to patrol your house? I have made this video for you to evaluate my services:

thank you for your consideration. It would be my honor to assist you in your home security needs

Your bunfriend,


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