YIPPEE! I’M IN BINKIE HEAVEN – I FOUND MY FOREVER LOVING HOME :) I’m a boy named Crystal. Bet you’re wondering how that happened, well let me start from the beginning. Back when I was a little one, I was sold to a pet store and someone there mistakenly decided I was a little girl – can you believe it! It gets worse: the people who purchased me from the pet store decided to name me “Crystal” because I was soooo pretty and sweet! I mean, here I am a Lionhead, you know, king of the bunnies and all, and I’m being called – CRYSTAL! At first, I had a bit of an identity crisis but after awhile I kinda liked the novelty of it – sort of like that song by Johnny Cash, “A Boy Named Sue”!

Unfortunately, my humans decided to have a human baby, so they gave their bunny baby (that would be me) away to the MSPCA – can you believe it! Here I was stuck at a shelter with lots of other animals I didn’t know, jilted by my first family, and people thinking I was a pretty girl because of my name – Yuk!

Then one day I got the news that I was going to be moving on to a place, which had only bunnies; I was feeling cautiously optimistic :)

Well, I called it right – this place has really nice humans, in fact, finally someone figured out I was a boy – can you believe it! I’ve decided to keep my name, being different suits me. BTW, did you see my video and what do you think of my photographs? Do you think I have that certain intangible – star power! On YouTube, my video got a five star rating……who knows where this could lead – fame, fortune, or a forever loving home! Hey, why not the whole shebang ;)

For the time being, I’m staying at House Rabbit Network, so why don’t you have your people, call my people to set something up! We could shoot the breeze over a salad in this swank little place that I know. My direct number, known as the hotline, is 781-431-1211.