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UPDATE 4/11/09: ADOPTED! Tom & Jerry are happily snuggling in their forever loving home tonight :)
On Saturday, March 7th, HRN conducted an Education Day at the PETCO store in Peabody, MA from noon to 4 PM. HRN volunteer, Robin, and her daughter, Francie, rescheduled their day to help out at the HRN Ed table, so special thanks to them. Also, special thanks go out to foster parents, Melissa and Justin, for dropping off two very cute little boys, Tom & Jerry, which debuted in their first social event since being born in November.

The boys were a little skittish with the newness of the surroundings and all the noises that a busy pet store has going on, but by the end of the day, they were out and about exploring on a regular basis!

It was a very steady and, at times, very busy day. We ended up staying an hour longer than planned because of all the activity at our table. We passed out LOTS of literature, sold a calendar or two, answered a gazillion questions, and, hopefully, planted the” seeds” for a few adoptions.

One recurring theme we seem to run into at these Ed Days is people who stop by that are rabbit owners who have purchased from breeders. Usually, these bunny owners are woefully misinformed about how to feed and take care of their pets! Most of these people have been told that hay is not important as a food for their bunny, and some people have even been told that if they bring their bunny inside the house to live, that it will cause the rabbit to die! One such owner was practically crying tears of joy when we told her that her male rabbit did not have to spend the rest of his life living in a hutch inside her garage. She is planning to have him neutered, to litter box train him, and to bring him inside the house to live with her family. Once this transition is settled, she is also interested in finding a companion for her little boy! :)

Experiences like these are what make volunteering at the Ed Events so rewarding. At the end of the day, you may have helped improve the quality of life for a rabbit that otherwise may not have had that opportunity.

So, if you want to make a difference in a rabbit’s life, try volunteering for an Ed Event, you will be glad you did!

Tricia & Tom


Great news! I’ve been adopted – I’ve found my forever loving home :)

My bunny surrogate friend “bunny” and I had a wonderful day at Especially for Pets in Newton. I groomed my stuffed bunny friend all along, so everybody was sure I am desperately looking for a real bunny girl friend. I was wonderful with the dogs and people around. Not scared at all!
    Thank you,
       Fuzzball Jackson, March Bun-o-the-Month!




The House Rabbit Network is holding our annual spring Yankee Candle fund raiser. Yankee Candles make wonderful gifts and are even great for your own home! Please consider making a purchase. You must live in Eastern Massachusetts to purchase Yankee Candles for this fund raiser. All items are delivered to our organization, and with the heavy weight of candles, we cannot ship them. Payment is due when we receive your order. There are no handling charges or taxes. You may view their catalog online and email us at info@rabbitnetwork.org with ordering information. Someone will get back to you confirming your order and to arrange payment.
Please click on the image above to view the online catalog.

Yankee Candle offers a myriad of lovely products for sale: candles with Illuma-Lid toppers specifically designed to reduce the effects of drafts, allowing the candle to burn more efficiently; hand painted Butterfly Crackle glass candle accessories; a variety of attractive gift sets; vegetable & garden seed mats, for example “Gourmet Popcorn Seed Mat” and “Butterfly Garden Mat”; hanging strawberry, cherry tomato, and flower kits; odor eliminating room sprays, reed diffusers and car fresheners.

Do not forget Mother’s Day is on May 10th. So, why not plan ahead and have that 40% profit of those purchases go to a really great cause, one that we all feel passionate about…..THE BUNNIES!

Sale ends Friday March 13th

Delivery is approximately 4-6 weeks after the sale ends.

As some of you may recall, HRN had suspended doing education days at PETCO stores because they began selling rabbits. Well, PETCO finally realized the error of their ways and has changed their philosphy back to “adoption first”. This in itself was welcome news, but even better was that the Peabody PETCO assistant manager, Stacie, called us up to see if we would be interested in resuming our Ed Days with them. Stacie, as well as the store’s general manger, Scott, were extremely cooperative with us and even donated 60 lbs. of rabbit pellets to HRN. Scott also invited HRN to become a partner of the PETCO Foundation which entitles HRN to be a recipient of a portion of the proceeds generated through in-store fundraisers at his location.

So this past Saturday, February 21st, HRN volunteers Robin, Barbara, Tricia & Tom, with special help from Robin’s daughter Francie, held an education event from noon to 3:00 PM. Thanks to you all for donating your time!


We also brought along HRN bunny Robin, who was one of the eight bunnies rescued last year when they were dumped out of a car on I-495. Robin did a wonderful job representing HRN as well, but even better, she was adopted. She has found her forever loving home!


The store traffic was steady and we were kept busy all afternoon spreading the word about HRN and its mission. We handed out lots of literature, collected a few donations, sold a calendar, and even had a few serious inquiries (we hope) about future adoptions. Several people asked about the compatabilty of rabbits with their other pets and we gave them copies of HRN articles on the subject and stressed that rabbits are usually pretty flexible with other animals, but as always, a few supervised bonding sessions is the only true way to find out if the different animals can get along.

PETCO also had cat and dog rescue groups in store that day and it seemed to work to all the groups’ benefit, although we like to think that our table got the most interest, LOL :-)

All in all, it was a productive day, and we look forward to returning to the Peabody PETCO again in the near future (date TBD).

This month, we celebrate rescued rabbits everywhere. If you’re thinking of adopting, please contact us at 781.431.1211, and one of our Hotline Volunteers would be happy to speak to you! You can also email us at info@rabbitnetwork.org.

If you’ve already adopted a furry, then please download this flyer, print it out and hang it around your town:
Every little thing that we can do, even by simply hanging a flyer, will help us, help the rabbits in the care of the House Rabbit Network!

Moonie went to do some publicity and education at Especially For Pets in Wayland over the weekend. He had quite a few admirers — especially the women! It was a busy day at the store ($5 nail clipping day) and he was a bold champ. He had perfect litter habits, stared down 100lb+ dogs, and ran laps through his cardboard tube.

Here he is — kind of tuckered out at the end of the day:
Moonie does Wayland

he really was quite exhausted when he got home!

more snoozing

The next night, after a hard day of doing the bunny 500, racing through the tube, and binkying up a storm – here his is *again* – sleeping on my hubby’s lap – watching tv.
tv snooze

more tv snooze

3rd Annual HRN Benefit at FLATBREAD!
Tuesday, October 21st from 4 PM to 9 PM
Flatbread is a unique restaurant that promotes organic farming and the community. Tuesday nights are Benefit Nights where Flatbread donates $3.50 from every large flatbread and $1.75 from a small flatbread to a local charity. HRN is honored to be the chosen charity for October 21st.

Please keep the date open and come join your friends for dinner that night at Flatbread! HRN members will be there the entire night. Hang out, eat and chat with your fellow rabbit friends. We will have a Chinese Auction with prizes too! If your schedule is tight, you can also purchase a flatbread to go, and HRN will still benefit!

Check out their menu. For vegetarians, Flatbread has many options, including a vegan flatbread or an organic salad. Check out Flatbread’s website for more information about this local and generous company.

Where is Flatbread?

213 Burlington Rd, on the Bedford/Burlington line. That is the corner of rte 62 and Network Drive. Easily accessible from both routes 3 and 128/95. It is across the street from Mitre and about a mile from the Burlington Mall.
From Rt 3N exit at Rt 62 Bedford and go right off the ramp on Rt 62 (Burlington Road). Go two lights and turn right into our parking lot.

From Rt 3S (from Lowell), exit at Rt 62 Bedford and go left off the ramp on Rt 62 (Burlington Road). Go three lights and turn right into our parking lot.

From Rt 128 exit onto Rt 3 North (Lowell, Nashua) and take the first exit (Rt 62 Bedford). Go right off the ramp, east on Rt 62 (Burlington Road). Go two lights and turn right into our parking lot on the corner of Network Drive.

For more information, Contact HRN at 781-431-1211 or Flatbread Bedford at 781-275-8200

Help us spread the word!
Download this full size flyer and hang it up at your office, grocery stores, vet offices or any other public bulletin board! We also have convenient smaller flyers that are great for handing out!

Pick a Prize Auction Prizes!!
Keep Checking Back! This list will be continually updated as prizes come in.

Ticket Prices:

1 ticket for $1
7 tickets for $5
30 tickets for $20
Auction will be held at 8:30pm! You do not need to be present to win, however you will need to pick up any prizes within 30 days from the Wilmington-Woburn-Bedford area.

I am going to tell you why people should adopt – or at the very least – get involved.

Moonie Boy

I am going to get a bit serious here. When you adopt from a rescue (like HRN) or a shelter – it saves the life of a bunny. This issue is avoided / ignored / unknown by many people. If you are at this blog – then you are probably aware of this important fact. Every time a bunny is bred for sale, a shelter rabbit dies. There is only so much space and demand. It is sad- but it is why I do everything I can to help the discarded bunnies of this world.

For every domesticated animal – there exist rescues and transport networks. These have the goal of moving animals in high risk situations to safety. I recently read a book that I highly recommend (it is an easy read and you can plow through it in afternoon) :
Fifteen Legs: When all that stands between death and freedom is a ride by Bonnie Silva.
It was given to me by another rescue friend in the ‘bunderground railroad‘. Yes, there is a ‘bunderground railroad’. My friend is in the book – as one of the stories. I’ve now been part of 3 transports and it is a beautiful thing.

So let me tell you about the latest one that I was part of…

UPDATE 8/19/08: Joey’s story has a very happy ending. After coming into HRN care, he received veterinary attention (including being neutered), lots of love and has now been adopted. Yahhhhh Joey!

As told by Kerry Quintiliani (employee at Edgewater Office Park):

I just wanted to let you know how the House Rabbit Network and employees from CBRE helped with a bunny rescue this past weekend. I don’t work with these groups and just met them, but just had to write to tell you this story.

As I left my job on Friday night, I noticed a floppy-eared white rabbit sitting next to my building. I had noticed wild rabbits in the area before, this one definitely stuck out as a
domestic bunny. While my sister and I tried to catch it, a gentleman leaving the building told us that a man had walked behind the building and dumped two domestic rabbits out of cages before running back to his car.

We got really close a couple of times but the bunny proved to be too quick. After a couple of hours, we left some carrots and celery out and planned to come back in the morning to try again. My sister found the House Rabbit Network online and sent them an email that night. Saturday morning, she received a call and email from Shannon, a HRN volunteer and bunny foster mom, who met us back at the office that morning to search again but no dice.

Shannon and a team of HRN volunteers met back to the office park at dusk on Saturday to continue searching. After looking around in the swamp and woods, a domestic brown bunny was found stuck in an air intake vent that was surrounded by cement and metal grates.
Look Closely: “Joey” sitting on a bucket in the concrete intake vent underground. This is the 3 inch opening mentioned below.

There was no way into this space except a three-inch gap that the bunny had fallen through. The bunny responded to food and water passed into the space and seemed to be healthy so a plan was made to find someone who could open up the grates so he could be rescued.

Security contacted a maintenance man who brought his tools down and went to work opening up the metal shields.


After hours of jig-sawing and prying, a hole big enough for a person to slide through opened up.

Then people slid in through the opening and grabbed the feisty bunny.

It was a long five hours, but totally worth it to rescue this sweet bunny (named “Joey). Joey will be taken to the vet for an exam and to be neutered and will be posted to the House Rabbit Network site when he’s ready for adoption.

It’s sad that the white bunny is still not accounted for, but I’ll keep my eyes open. It’s even sadder that these innocent bunnies were literally dumped out into the wild by a man who didn’t want them anymore. These two bunnies were most likely Easter gifts that grew up too fast and were given a death sentence since abandoned bunnies can’t adapt from domestic life. They are most often hunted and eaten by predators or, as was the fate of the brown bunny before he was rescued today, get trapped and end up starving to death – a very slow and painful way to die.

Special thanks to my sister Amy Ahern for finding and contacting the HRN for help; the HRN team of Shannon Cail, Tricia Hart, Tom McDonald, Suzanne Trayhan and Carol Youngclaus for volunteering to help rescue not just this bunny, but hundreds of bunnies in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut; to Jeff Baker from security, Joe Voto and Chris Caruso from CBRE, and Amy Felicani (who slid into the air shaft) for their willingness to help rescue a bunny on a bug-filled Saturday night. Thank you all for saving Joey!

Side Note: Joey was named after Joe Voto’s 6 year old son who told his dad that he had to leave dinner to go and save the bunny! “Joey” the bunny, is an approx. 3 lb., Jersey Wooley mix. Most likely a young “easter bunny” who was bought for children at Easter then released into the wild when the family and children lost interest.

Enjoy reading about Joey’s rescue in the Woburn Advocate: “Down The Rabit Hole” : http://www.wickedlocal.com/wilmington/news/x2043505582/Down-the-rabbit-hole

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