Special thanks to fostermom, Janet, for her contributions to Chernobyl’s blog :)

Hi, my name is Chernobyl. I live in West Unity, NH and I am hoping someday for my forever home. I came from some breeders who were going to have my friends and I culled in just two more days. We were going to be eaten or killed for our beautiful fur, they said. It seemed like it was a normal thing for them to do this to us at the end of each year. We were over 6 months old now and who wants old show rabbits anyway? I didn’t really feel like we were old at though. It was early November and most of us were in a shed. We were bred to be show rabbits. Some of us were in cages outdoors and we were going to be the first to go since we didn’t make the best show bunnies. Thankfully, my foster parent took all 14 of us with the help of a rescue league in NH. A few of us had gotten sick and needed antibiotics. Fortunately, we all survived and some of us have been adopted to forever homes.

I have had a wonderful life here so far. Last summer I got to go outdoors and play on the grass in a huge fenced in area with some of my friends. The sun felt so nice and it was wonderful to eat grass, clover, and dandelions. My foster Mom would keep us safe by sitting with us in the lawn chair. Sometimes the cats and dogs would be with us too. I even went on a 2-month vacation to another nice ladies house. My foster Mom would love to keep me, I’m sure, since she loves me so much but she has 15 of us still in her house and it is very hard for her to give us all enough attention. In the morning, I am starving so much – I need my pellets right away!!!! When my foster Mom comes in to feed us, I show her how hungry I am by stretching to the top of my cage and biting on the bars. I close my eyes as I chew on the bars and hold on to the top of the cage with my front paws. All I can think of is my pellets, carrots, and lettuce!!! I don’t know how this happens, but I usually fall backwards. That’s ok; I just get up and do it all over again. Lucky me, I always have hay in my cage but I never had it before I came to live here. My breeders told my foster Mom that hay isn’t good to give rabbits. DUH? What about my teeth? They need hay to grind them down!!! And although I do eat some hay, I prefer my pellets.

I really like evening time after supper when I can run around a little outside of my cage. Wait! I think I hear something in the hall. Oh good, it’s time now! Here she comes. She opened my door and off I go. I’m running down the hall to try to get to the kitchen now. Look Out Cat! Woops! The cat jumped right over me. Oh, Oh! Here comes that controlling Sheltie Dog! Oh good, she just walked past me. Now I need to jump through this gate and get into the kitchen! Free at Last! Hmmm…. Something is blocking the door to the entryway. It wasn’t here before. Maybe I’ll walk over it. Oh Dear, it moved. Yikes, it’s another dog – a golden retriever mix! I guess it didn’t mind me trying to climb over it but I think I’ll stop while I’m ahead! I’ll just play in the kitchen for a while. I like when my foster Mom calls my name. I usually go looking for her right away. I even go back down the hall to my room and jump back into my cage for her. So my life is pretty good here for now but I would really love to get my forever home someday.

Please say you will adopt me. I’ll be waiting for your call. The number is 781-431-1211!