Yippee, Chesney is adopted!!

Chesney has a passion for digging!

Give this little guy a bunny bed, a blanket, or even a bunny chair with a bucket on it and watch him burn up some energy. This munchkin is full of fun!
He zips around doing binkies, pauses briefly for a big flop, and then he’s back at it for more digging!

Drape a blanket over an x-pen and smile as impish Chesney sneaks behind it, popping his head out at one end, then scooting back to the opposite side to poke his nose out there…….only to repeat this adventure multiple times with gusto.

He enjoys stopping by where he’ll smoosch down endlessly for pets until you get weary. And this spunky little guy is ok with being scooped up for a snuggle.

Chesney doesn’t have any incisors, so that means he needs his veggies chopped up but otherwise can eat fine, and he can’t chew wires!!

Come and enjoy the wonderful world of Chesney :) Call 781-431-1211 to meet this sweet little guy!