Chestnut is a beautiful, active, serene bunny that’s remarkably good at communicating with humans. While she is a fairly large bunny, she doesn’t have the pudge typically associated with inactivity. She obviously enjoys time out of her cage when given the opportunity. Chestnut’s got a stunning cream & charcoal brindled Harlequin coat that photos can’t do any justice. You just have to sink your fingers into her inch and a half long, luxuriously layered fur to know that this is a bunny who knows how to take care of herself. She’s meticulous with her grooming habits and the cleanliness of her cage. While she’s willing to be held for short periods of time, she is a bit insecure about the process of being picked up.
On the other hand, she’ll happily sit beside you for a full bunny massage, grinding her teeth to show her pleasure. Chestnut likes to have space to stretch out in as well as toys and new curiosities on a regular basis to engage her active mind. She enjoys having a multi-level cage at her foster-home where she can retreat from interaction or present herself at the front of her cage for your attention and admiration.

Chestnut’s calm demeanor and laid back attitude are a great part of her charm. She’ll be happy to just kick back with you, or check out the latest toys you have to offer. Her easy-going nature makes her a pleasure to interact with and her clear communication style is unusual in a bunny of her size.