I was covering the HRN hotline a few weekends ago. One of the messages was from a woman who’s son found a domestic rabbit on some train tracks. The worst part was that bun obviously had something wrong with her eye. It was opaque and she couldn’t see from it. The woman brought the bun over my house until another foster home could take her in (I’m pretty busy with all the babies!).

Cheyenne stayed a few days in our house and melted my heart. She’s shy when you first go up to her with your hand to pet her, but once she realizes you’re ok, she lies right down and adores every minute. All she wants is to be loved. Here are a few pictures of her just chilling out on me. She literally flopped down on my chest with her leg hanging off. She’s just precious and so soft!!!.
She definately needs a diligent mom/dad to take care of her special needs, but whoever does adopt her won’t regret it.

~Erica, HRN fostermom and volunteer