Cheyenne is a gorgeous black mini-rex rabbit. She is so sweet and
will let you pet her until your hands get tired. We always knew she was blind in he right eye. When she first arrived we had her vet checked and found out that she also had the start of cataracts in her left (good) eye. We didn’t know if they would stay that way, or if they would good worse. In the mean time we looked for a home for Cheyenne, and hoped that we would find one for her while she still had some eyesight. Sadly, her left eye got worse and this week we knew for sure she was blind. As if things weren’t bad enough, when Dr Kruse examined her this week we also found molar spurs. She will be going in to have those filed down next week. We are currently looking for a sanctuary home for her. (We may have found a sanctuary situation for her with 3 Bunnies, but are still looking at other options). Amazingly, Cheyenne is still an incredibly sweet bunny. All I have to do is say the word “pets” to her, and she instantly puts her head down and enjoys all the attention she can get.