Clover is a very sweet rabbit. She came into my home last week, Saturday, December 4th.
I picked her up from MSPCA. She was originally adopted about 3 years ago through HRN with her mate Chloe. The day after Thanksgiving this family dumped her off at the MSPCA. The owner didn’t want her anymore. :-( Poor Clover, she lost her mate Chloe last year and now her family dumped her. My heart went out to this little soul.

When I got her home I set up an exercise pen and put in a puppy blanket as our basement floor is unfinished and I wanted a soft floor for her.

My basement is relatively warm but I wanted her to be comfortable. My husband was in the hospital so I wasn’t able to spend too much time with her for the first couple of days. I’m sure Clover knew this was a bunny home as I’m sure she could pick up the scents from my other rabbits. I gave Clover this little cat cushion pad and she took to it immediately. She enjoys it.

As you can see by the photos taken the first image she is just sitting down on the pad. Then after about 5 days being at my house she became so relaxed she just sprawled out on the cushion. :-)
She is very cute !!

Clover likes to do head binkies and body binkies. She gets excited to see me in the morning. Not sure if it’s because she’s hungry or she just wants to see me ;-) Clover has her favorite foods she loves parsley and radiccio.

That's not my tongue, that's radicchio!!

Clover has excellent litter box habits. Since she is used to having a mate, she would do well with another rabbit. I’m sure she probably misses her friend.

Clover is very curious. I was surprised to find her up on my bench and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of her.

She looks like she wants someone to pet and kiss her! Clover is very affectionate. It’s cute, sometimes I will see her licking her bed. She likes to groom herself. Here’s a great photo of her grooming herself after she had a few veggies.

Clover is so adorable. She just wants a family to love her.
Bye for now!!