I’m blissfully happy for I’ve found my forever loving family :)
Hi, my name is Dahlia. If you have a minute, I’d like to tell you about a warm, loving bunny friend of mine. She is a handsome girl that was struggling to survive with lots of other buns in a neighborhood in Plymouth. Well the nice people at House Rabbit Network came, scooped them all up, and placed them in comfortable, safe foster homes.

Since my good friend needs extra room to sprawl out, (you know, as you lie on your tummy with your front and back legs stretched out, kinda like a Superman pose but we call it the “suuuper bunneee”) she’s fortunate to reside in an exercise pen in her foster home! And she’s fastidious with her housekeeping, very organized and tidy, and is proud that she has refined her litter habits to perfection; living free-range would suit my friend. She is grateful that she consistently is served delicious meals, regularly enjoys pedicures, and is appreciative of her playtime.

Now, here is a girl who likes to have fun and needs lots of space where she can play fetch! Yup, it’s hilarious to see her toss her toys and play rabbit fetch :) Having an inquisitive friendly nature, she loves to explore and interact with the family as well! And even though playing is right up there with her favorite things to do, finding a patch of sunshine, sprawling out for a nap, and listening to the TV in the background is pretty close behind for this calm, laidback bunny.

This life seems to suit her well, but she knows something is missing. She often hears the HRN volunteers talking about “forever loving homes”; she has seen some bunnies at her foster home leave with their own families. Doing the independent, single thing seems to have worked well up until now; however, maybe she just needs to meet that special “somebun” to change her mind, to snuggle up with at night….. Lately, my dear friend is feeling a bit lonely, as she waits patiently for a family to share their love and home with her.

Well, I have to confess, there really is no “friend” is this story. It is about me and my yearning to find someone to love me. I don’t want to spend another Valentine’s Day flying solo…..I want a family to cherish me!