UPDATE: Danica has FINALLY gone to her forever home!

Danica is a little spitfire that has been with me for a few weeks now.  She’s a gorgeous himi-dwarf mix with beautiful ruby eyes (despite her fostermom’s bad photography!), and her fur is so soft!


Danica has quite the personality and it’s not hard to tell what she likes and what she doesn’t. Danica has a bit of cage aggression still and may not be a good fit for a home with small children. She really lets you know what she’s thinking with some vocals and body language. She’s been making great improvements as she’s become more at home, and it’s pretty easy to work around with a little planning once you get to know each other. And even better, as soon as she’s out, it instantly vanishes and a real sweetheart emerges who will win your heart in seconds.


Danica LOVES getting nose rubs and exercise time. She thoroughly monopolizes my living room, doing bunny-500’s and binkies galore. She’s always super eager to come out to play. Every morning when she gets fed she tries her darnedest to run out of that cage.  She can’t get enough playtime!


And when she’s out, it’s not just about her- she loves coming to visit you too! In between sprints, she jumps up onto my lap to check out what I’m doing. As soon as you touch her head, that nose shoots up for rubs and she presses into you with surprising force. She will not leave until she gets her fill of rubs!


Danica is a great bun who has come so far in just a few weeks. She talks to you and lets you know what she wants, loves her playtime but also seeks out attention from anyone who will give it. Does Danica sound like she might be the bun for you? Would she be a good fit for your house? If so, give the hotline a call!