Let us introduce you to Diesel, one of the thirty-four rabbits that HRN rescued in a law enforcement case in the town of Fitchburg, MA. He is curious and interested in his environment. Whether it is coming to greet you at his cage door, redecorating the contents of his cage or just playfully tossing his toys about, it is apparent that Diesel is an active boy!

Recently, while playing in the x-pen, he exhibited that boundless energy. Dashing around, Diesel nosed and chinned the many toys strewn about, however, the small blue stool he found to be particularly interesting: jumping on, around, and crawling in and out of, occupied his attention for quite awhile. From there he proceeded to zoom around using the toys and stool as a sort of obstacle course where he performed long graceful binkies and leg kicks along the route.

After continuing this whirlwind of activity, finally, he plopped down for a respite, although not for long. Happily, this sweet boy began “dancing” about the toys and stool, once again, then abruptly he took a turn around the stool and proceeded to do a gigantic flop landing on his side, with a glance back to see if we appreciated his athletic display. He, at that moment, had melted our hearts, and we responded with oodles of adoration for being sooooo cute!

We know that if you come meet this handsome, big white bunny, you will want to take him with you to his new forever loving home!