“Dolce” in Italian means “sweet”. Well, this girl definitely lives up to her name.

She may be a tad shy when you first meet her, but if you give her a few moments to get accustomed to you, soon she will be at the front of her cage checking you out. Once in your arms, she snuggles in close and relaxes.

Dolce’s natural curiosity is a pleasure to observe. Fascinated by all things in her path, she stops to explore everything and everywhere. If she wanders by a toy, she will be inclined to investigate it by nosing it a bit, and then tossing it about. Next, she may encounter a box or a cushion and you can be sure this playful girl will be in it, on it and/or relocating it. Dolce is constantly on the go in search of fun and play!

If Dolce attempts to explore somewhere you would prefer her not to be, she is quite agreeable to being gently redirected, and will move on her way merrily. Her pleasant demeanor is one of her prominent attributes. She rarely gets skittish or uneasy and enjoys being lavished with attention.

It is a conundrum as to why this sweet bunny was abandoned to be left wandering as a stray. Please consider opening up your heart and home to this adorable brown bunny. She is yearning for her “forever loving home”.