Dominic is a darling little guy! He was really shy at first, but he has truly blossomed in his foster home. These days, he comes right up to the edge of the pen to greet us, and he enjoys being petted.

He is very curious, often standing on his hind legs to check out anything and everything!

He is a bundle of energy and a good jumper. He figured out how to go up and down the stairs very quickly. My daughter wrote these observations about Dominic’s first excursion:

Here he is, at one of his favorite spots- the top of the stairs- looking wistfully at the rooms he is not allowed in!

He enjoys his outside-the-pen time so much: When he wants to go out, he rattles the pen with his teeth, and once he’s out, he does great binkies to show his joy! He would love to be a free range bunny, and to his credit, he does very well with his litterbox. Being the small fellow that he is, he can squeeze into narrow spaces, so be sure to bunny-proof your home!

Dominic is dreaming of a loving home that can provide him with a lifetime of happy adventures! For adoption information, contact 781-431-1211 or