Donny is one of the bunnies from the Fitchburg rescue. Though just seven months old, this handsome young buck is filling out nicely. While he is a mixed breed, his extraordinary markings are reminiscent of a Himalayan, yet his build is athletic like a New Zealand. And that white spot on his nose, well that’s like the cherry on a sundae, the perfect complement to the entire package!

The next great thing is that Donny has a personality and temperament that match his good looks. He was easy to pick up, and you can tell he is strong when you get him in your arms. He was a cuddle boy once he was sure he was secure there.

Once out and about our boy was off to check out EVERYTHING! He zoomed about here there and everywhere, yet still came by for an occasional pet or snuggle. He is one sociable guy!

Our boy is definitely sports oriented as you can see by some of his pictures. Want to shoot some free throws, play some touch football or shoot a game of 8-Ball? Donny’s got game!

The one thing Donny doesn’t have is a “forever loving home”. How about being a “sport” yourself and making Donny a full time member of your household?