When HRN took in some new foster bunnies recently, several were given names of New England Patriot players. As football fans, we thought the idea was fun, topical and might help create interest in these handsome bunnies.

What we did not expect was that when we got to meet Donte, how many parallels were apparent between him and his namesake, Donte Stallworth.

At first glance, Mr. Stallworth, by pro football standards, is rather unassuming in his physicality compared to other players. However, when you see him in action you then realize how he stands out from the crowd. Our boy Donte is like that as well. When you first encounter him, he will not seem like much, just a little white bunny with the cutest of chubby cheeks. As you begin to interact with him and see him out and about, that all changes.

Up close and personal, you get to see that loving, expressive face that will melt your heart. You will see his athleticism as he darts around here and there to check you out and the surrounding area. He will squeeze through obstacles as if they were a defensive secondary, he will hop and binky like he just scored the game winning touchdown, and when he decides to take it easy after play, he will sit there looking sharp much like Mr. Stallworth does in his fashionable postgame wardrobe.

There is one big difference between them though. Donte Stallworth is a seasoned veteran who is on an established team. HRN’s Donte is a free agent, who is looking for that opportunity to show off his talents to the right “coach”. How about taking a chance and putting Donte into your “starting line-up” at your house?