Our home is now giving new meaning to the word “dust bunny.”

It is strange, Eve just doesn’t shed too much, EXCEPT for this time of year. Her fur is very sleek and sheds a very little bit. We haven’t had huge problems with shedding, although, the people where I work probably think I am a weirdo because I often come in with rabbit hair all over my black pants! Of course, many of those people have cats and dogs, so I guess we can all laugh at each other.

Anyway, Eve IS shedding now, much more than usual, but I still think it is less than some other bunny owners will describe. However, our new bunny Dorian sheds more than Eve. He is much smaller, a dwarf, but his hair is fluffy, not sleek. So, now, most of the hair everywhere is white…and I know it is his! I think he sheds twice as much as Eve.

They don’t seem to be particularly bothered by shedding, although I try to keep Dorian’s hair under control as he is the one that sometimes has hair in his poop. Dorian doesn’t like to be groomed by me at all. He thinks the hair brush is some sort of threat. Eve, who needs less grooming, thinks the hair bush is friendly. She is an attention hog anyway, so she thinks I am petting her–with the hair brush!

I think we are pretty lucky with the shedding amounts here. My Mom visited last weekend and said their dog, Lena, a Siberian husky, is going through her spring shedding. Husky’s have two layers of hair. The undercoat is fluffy and soft, the overcoat is course. When Lena sheds, they often realize that she has SO MUCH more hair than they ever thought. The house consists of one big Lena dust bunny and they start talking about trying to make sweaters out of her hair.

I don’t know if you rabbit folks have huskys (and watch out of you do, huskys think bunnies are food) but be glad if you don’t have one and count your blessings. Rabbits are smaller than huskys!