We conducted Ed Days for the past two Saturdays here on the North
Shore, the first being at PetSmart in Danvers, the second was at PetCo
in Topsfield. Customer traffic was a little erratic but our table
drew substantial interest, as usual, our black Mini-Lop, Nigel, was
the magnet. At the second Ed Day at PetCo in Topsfield, his bonded
partner, Sugar, made her Ed Day debut, and although she was a bit shy,
her attentive boy, Nigel, got her through it quite well!

We distributed lots of literature, many were eager to learn about what
a great resource that HRN is for rabbit information! Although the
numbers of people contributing financially were not any greater than
usual, those that did contribute seemed to be giving more (`tis the
season, we guess).

The biggest common thread we noticed at these two events, as well as
others we have done in the past, is how ignorant and/or misinformed
most people are about rabbits and their care. The good thing is that
99% of those people who stop to speak with us are VERY appreciative to
get the proper information from HRN, and even if they are not rabbit
owners, they are very willing and enthusiastic to pass the information
on to someone they know who is a rabbit owner!!

As an example, a woman stopped at the table this past Saturday to tell
us that her daughter had been given a rabbit as a gift two years ago,
but was told not to bring the rabbit into the house to live,
because if she did, it would die! You see, she was told it was an
“outside bunny”! She seemed troubled that the bun’s water and lettuce
kept freezing but the person who gave her the bunny was a breeder, so
she thought that he must know what he was talking about! UGH!!! She
was relieved to learn that “Snowball” could be brought into the house
and could be litter boxed trained, as well; she left us that day with
lots of info to improve the well-being of “Snowball”. YEAH!!

It is evident from our own experience that Ed Days can improve the
lives of many domestic rabbits. The more exposure we can get by
having HRN volunteers doing Ed Days, the more rabbits we can help have
a better quality of life. It is up to us to make a difference!

We have our final Ed Day of 2006 scheduled for this Saturday at the
PetCo in Saugus, on Route 1 northbound, from noon to 3 pm. Please
feel free to drop by to say hello if you are in the area!

Tricia & Tom