Eli and his companion, Sonia, were surrendered to HRN because their owner was moving – how sad! Wait, I am not finished….then, Sonia, without provocation took a bite out of Eli’s chest which resulted in stitches and a trial separation – how sad! Wait, I am not finished….after an extended healing period Sonia filed for divorce and is now in her forever loving home while Eli pines for his forever loving home – how sad!

Having met Eli, I can tell you that Sonia must have been nuts because Eli is a gentle soul with a lovely personality. Moreover, he has stellar litterbox habits, I mean, what more can one ask for! Usually, when the buns play in the x-pen they “mark” a bit, since one is coming in after another, even though there is a an available litterbox for them. Not Eli, he is immaculate – no bee bees anywhere except for the litterbox.

Evidence again of Sonia’s questionable mental state, Eli is romantic and attentive. Now, you tell me, what female does not yearn for a guy like that! When in my company, he crawled on my legs up to my lap then put his front paws up on me to give me a “whisker kiss”. Ok, so I swooned! Off he went doing his bunny thing: straight-up binky with a 90-degree turn, head tosses, leg kicks, up high on his back legs to observe the upper regions of the area – impressive! However, the best part was that he remembered I was there, and sauntered on back for a little snuggling – are you females taking this in? Eli smoosched down close “purring” as I stroked his chin and ears, clearly, enjoying the attention, quite a sociable gent.

So, if you think a playful, attentive and cuddly bunny like Eli might be a match for you, call us to arrange a tête-à-tête with Eli soon.