Ella (aka Ella Bella) becomes more wonderful every moment I spend with her. We had a very special moment last night when I saw her do her first binkies in my kitchen!!! How cute to see a big beautiful bun like her do such a happy dance! She is becoming more and more comfortable with me all the time and is clearly starting to love her pats! She loves them the most when my hands smell like pellets. She really nuzzles up into your hand then. Here she is doing a little grooming.

Ella really really really does love her pellets (and veggies) but it’s been hard to get her to eat a lot of hay. Her forever home will need to be sure to keep working on this with her and invest in a quality pellet.

Ella also loves having a hiding space. She’s taken to a piece of marble left in my apartment by the former residents. Here she is in it:


Ella’s calm personality would be great for a first time rabbit owner. She’s really easy to handle for nail clippings, which is a great trait to have! She also hasn’t chewed on any of my furniture yet and has good litter box habits! She doesn’t really like to be held but does really well sitting next to you. Also, she’s super adventurous, but not too wild, unlike my boys who go running and crashing around their ex-pen every morning at 6am. Here are some shots of her exploring:

And here she is trying to get into my bedroom, where my bunnies are:

Ella seems very curious about the “bunnies in the other room” but also seems to get upset when they get too close to each other. Still, she insists on trying to check them out almost every playtime. I suspect she would be an OK candidate for bonding but that she might have to “date” a few people first. I think she would also do very well as a single bun with lots of attention. And how can you say no to this adorable face???

Maybe you can be the forever home for this adventurous, independent, calm, beautiful bun named Ella!

HRN Foster Mom Katie