Ella has been in my home for a week now and has been a constant source of entertainment. She is the biggest bun I’ve ever really known (4 pounds was my max until now!) and I’m having a blast with her! She loves to play, especially pushing toys around. Her favorite so far is half a shoe box, which turns over and over. Here she is in it:

I love playing together pushing her toys around, almost a little tug-o-war. Here she is with her paper towel roll (sorry for the red eye!):

Within hours of coming into my home, Ella was calm and cool and wanted to explore. I opened her ex-pen and she was all over my kitchen and even over to the bathroom. The brave bun even tried to sniff out my dirty clothes!

No binkies yet, but a lot of assertive exploration. She’s definitely curious and seems to want to know about everything around her.

Here Ella found my other buns’ play castle (aka pile-of-shoeboxes) in the bathroom. She was very curious and immediately started chinning the corners.

Ella doesn’t really like being picked up, like most buns, but does fairly well despite this when it is necessary. Ella really likes pats on her head and sat for a whole hour relaxing next to me watching “Prison Break” this week. It was awesome to have a bun that would chill out with me and be comfortable next to someone she barely knew. Here she is flopped down relaxing:

Ella is a beautiful girl who would make a fine addition to any home. I really love how explorative she is- and she has yet to chew any of my stuff!! What a good girl. Maybe you can give her the forever home she is waiting for.

-Katie, HRN Member