Hello! Hello! My name is Eskie.

Eskie, move over, let me introduce myself….my name is MoMo!

MoMo, do you ALWAYS have to take the spotlight? Everyone ALWAYS comments on how beautiful you are. How gorgeous your ears are. What a spectacular color you are…..Do you have any idea how annoying that can be??? Especially if you are the agouti colored (read boring) sister who has one ear up and one ear down!

Fine, Eskie, YOU tell people about us! I am just going to jump up into the chair and look out the window, and enjoy the Spring weather. You are so much better at dealing with the mundane……I will just sit here in a sunbeam and be beautiful….it is, after all, what I do best!

Well, now that we have that figured out, let me introduce us. We are Eskie, and MoMo. Sisters. Born to Tiger Lily (RIP) who came to HRN with last Summer’s Great Angora Rescue from a hording situation in Canada. We are two girls from a litter of six. Our brothers Maple and Klondike have found their forever homes. MoMo and I live in a multispecies foster home, our sisters are in an all rabbit foster home outside of Boston.

Our names are ‘officially’ Eskimo and Molson…..you know, keeping with that whole Canada ‘thing’…..but our foster mom thought that those names weren’t ‘girly’ enough, so we became Eskie and MoMo.eskiemomo6

We just turned a year old May 1st, so we are still learning how to become interactive members of a family. We are free range bunnies who only spend time in our bed when it is night time, or when Mom leaves the house. We HATE being in our bed! We much prefer to be chillin’ under the table or chair. We have impeccable manners and wouldn’t think of messing outside of our litter box. MoMo and I LOVE our diet! We get unlimited hay, and a whole GARDEN of fruits and vegetables and herbs. We actually don’t get pellets, which is fine with us. Not ALL bunnies do! Our foster mom is something called a ‘gardener’ so she goes outside and brings in herbs and pear branches and grape vines. This morning for breakfast we had a Spring salad mix, baby bell peppers, pineapple, strawberries, and celery. For dinner we are going to have more salad mix, some kolorabi, a few carrots, a few grapes, and some Romaine.

Our foster dad is wonderful. He is pretty new to dealing with bunnies, but he has found the way to our hearts. Every morning, when he comes downstairs to go to work, he sits on the step and gives us each a banana chip…..then he skritches our ears. We LOVE our foster dad!

Because we are Angora rabbits we need daily grooming. All of that nasty fur could cause something called ‘wool block’ if we were allowed to ingest our fur during grooming. Apparently wool block is a bad thing, and can be really bad for bunnies……so our foster mom brushes us every day. We are getting used to the brushing….it really isn’t so bad….and mom tells us how beautiful we are! Then……she uses our fur to make something called yarn…..more on that later…..it is time for dinner!!!

Love, Eskie (and MoMo)